How to Get More People to Follow You on Twitter

Like FaceBook, the leads generating potential of Twitter is also undeniable. Twitter enables businesses to interact with the target audience and then with a smart and effective call to action target them by presenting the offering in front of them. However, in order to do it all, there is a need for a substantial number of people who follow your profile.

An increased number of followers is of grave importance pertaining to leads generation, as it firstly provides you authority and secondly gives you a greater audience to target compared to a profile with a limited number of followers. Let me share with you a few tips that will help you in getting more people to follow you on Twitter.


Use Your Face:

The first thing that will definitely increase the number of people following you is your face. Regardless of whether it is your business or personal account, the fact is that a face in the display picture adds more authenticity to your account and gives your business a human side. Therefore, by using your picture, you give a message to people that you want to interact with.

Bio Should Be Attractive:

Another important thing to do in order to increase the number of followers is to have an attractive bio. Besides the fact that having a bio is necessary for your profile to appear in the search result, the bio makes your profile attractive and the people who wish to follow you can know the reason why they are following you. Therefore, try including your product names, the taglines or your personal interests in the profile in order to make it attractive for the users viewing it.

About Page:

The kind of introduction which you can write in your profile is minimum and has very few characters, whereas, there is an about page as well which you can customize according to your liking and introduce yourself in a proper way on that page. People who are thinking of following you will go directly at this page to know more about you in order to follow you. Therefore, make use of this custom about page and be informative and descriptive as possible.

Promote The Profile:

In addition to making your profile as attractive as possible, you need to make it visible also. In this regard, you need to promote your Twitter profile on other social networks, use the URL in your email signature and website to ensure that people know about your profile and they go there to follow you. Therefore, make the profile visible and let people know that your profile exists.

How to Get More People to Follow You on Twitter

Valuable Content:

Another thing which you need to do in order to attract more people to follow you is to share valuable content. This activity of your single-handedly supersedes all the other activities as it is the content that makes other people follow you. Therefore, when sharing content, make sure that it is relevant to your target audience and offers a kind of unique value to the audience. Once you start sharing such kind of content, the ultimate result is people following your profile with minimal effort.

Be Frequent But Don’t Overdo It:

There are two types of extremes when it comes to Twitter users, and because of these extremes, they aren’t able to gain any followers. This extreme is of frequency; some of the people on Twitter are not frequent at all and randomly and occasionally share content, whereas there are other users who bombard their followers with content. Thus, both these types of users aren’t able to gain any followers. The key to countering such a situation is neither overdoing neither sharing nor being absent for days, rather share valuable content frequently with your followers.


When people are going to view your profile, they are going to see the kind of relationship you have with your existing followers and the major indicator of which will be the frequency with which you respond to the tweets of your followers. Therefore, get into the habit of replying to the tweets of others so that others consider following you.

Now it’s Your Turn!

How many followers do you have on twitter? How frequent are you on the platform? How do you make people follow you? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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28 responses to “How to Get More People to Follow You on Twitter”

  1. Karen says:

    As being fairly new to twitter and trying to get the hang of it, this post was very helpful. Thanks!

  2. Jeanne Melanson says:

    Hey, Nate. Twitter is something I use, but never spend any time on reading other posts. Ever. So I tend not to pay too attention to it. I do post regularly though, and do get visitors from there, so apparently someone reads the posts! lol Have you seen the new layout? It looks like Facebook now. Kind of nice, actually. See ya!

  3. Thanks for writing a blueprint on Twitter Nate. Because of this blogpost more people will know how to use Twitter to generate more leads and they will realize when they USE it why it does work!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  4. This is a new challenge for me. My Alexa is below 8k but I have like 22 twitter followers. Do they really drive traffic to a blog?

  5. Priya says:

    This is a useful post. I’ve not explored much with twitter though I connected my twitter with facebook page which automatically twitters the post.

  6. Shruti J says:

    Same is the case with me! Have been thinking of exploring twitter a bit but never got an inspiration to do that… Seems like I have to start twittering now on!!! Very useful post <3

  7. Samir says:

    Wonderful tips, You’ve shared really cool methods for getting more followers.


  8. Lori says:

    I’ve only recently started to realize the real benefits of an active twitter profile and am starting to love it all the more now that I’ve become more active! Thanks for these tips!

  9. Lisa Prince says:

    I find it difficult to get past my 1100 now , i have two accounts and one is more popular than the other , i find interacting helps lots

  10. Jackie says:

    Very helpful article. I recently have been learning how to use Twitter to it’s full capacity to drive traffic to my site. This will help. thanks

  11. Scott says:

    All good tips, and I’m guilty of not using my face on Twitter. May have to update that.

  12. Hi Nate,
    Good information. I have to admit, I do use Twitter but I know I am not using it to its full potential. I keep working at it though.

    Thanks for your information. Have a great day. Monna

  13. I post to Twitter but certainly not often enough. Nobody wants to follow someone who never tweets, therefore it’s important to remain consistently active on twitter. You should have a minimum of one post per day and ideally two posts per day to maximize your visibility in the Twitterverse. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Liz says:

    I know that it pays to be interesting, transparent and provocative. Share intimate news about your life. If you can spin a good story, you might get readers addicted to the daily dramas of your everyday life.

  15. Jan Orsula says:

    Hello Nate, well written and informative article, thanks for sharing.

    Yesterday I hit 44,000 followers.. I posting around 4-7 tweets per day, but with this number of following I will suggest to post more times..

  16. What about hash tags? I see a ton of Twitter bios that are hash tagged. I imagine it helps the profile turn up in search engines, but is that method really a good look? It seems off-brand to me.

  17. Misty Spears says:

    Great tips Nate. I really need to get into the habit using Twitter more in my niche sites. I have a bad habit of simply retweeting my own articles, I need to start spreading the love more.

  18. Samantha says:

    Awesome tips! I will be implementing them

  19. Has Twitter helped your business? I am worried that I will be considered a spammer if I tweet too much or post too much. I guess I have the benefit of not selling something so I hopefully and viewed as not spam.

  20. Diane Bester says:

    Wow, Nate! I feel so humbled, seriously! I never gave twitter a second thought, what less knowing all those tips and why you should be doing them! I have to give twitter some serious time and get it up to speed and keep it that way. BTW, I shared your blog on my twitter! 🙂

  21. Kelli says:

    Hey Nate
    You give a lot of good advice here. Like other forms of social media, simply blasting a link and hoping people will click on it is definitely not enough to make any headway.

  22. Mary Austin says:

    Nate, you have reminded me of my neglect where Twitter is concerned. Good information and it has spurred me to take a look at the factors you mention. In truth, I have made no effort at all to get followers so I will have to rectify that.

  23. marilyn cada says:

    Hello. I am using JustRT allowing me to schedule my retweets and earn credits. But like you said, we should not overdo anything so i just use JUst RT twice or thrice a week so that my followers will not get annoyed

  24. Sue Bride says:

    Thanks for these useful tips on increasing your Twitter followers. I find it harder to strike up conversations on Twitter than other social networks but I am also guilty of not replying to enough tweets myself.

    It is so easy to auto-post links and not visit Twitter. I only actually go in there about once a week.

  25. Thank you ,Nate
    I do post in twitter and have some followers,
    I just saw the page has a new look .
    Maybe I should pay more attention to it
    and make it better .

  26. I use Twitter most days, but my posts are not consistent. I am also weak on interaction. So I know where I need to improve. 🙂

  27. Hi Nate,
    Thanks for this post.. I have to say that I have been one of those people that the whole thing about Twitter flys over my head – just not sure what to do with it LOL! So informative and helpful… thank you!

  28. This tips are effective if applied, my followers were low but i tried this and it improved.

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