How To Gain More Confidence In Your Business

What is business about? Some would say it’s about money, good accounting, talent, or business sense. In reality, it’s all about confidence. Why? Just think about it – a good business is a reflection of good business practice, and the one thing all successful business people have in common is this: They are confident in their ability to succeed, weather the storm when necessary, and come out on the other side fresh, clean, and ready to go, regardless as to how challenging it might have been in the middle of it.

How to gain more confidence in your MLM business

Start With Yourself

In light of the fact that a good business is a reflection of a good business person, it’s important for you to develop yourself. Now, I know this sounds like the same Law of Attraction, New-Age stuff that you hear of all the time and know will never work, but it’s still important to take this seriously. You need to start behaving like you believe in yourself. By that, we mean you need to start setting aside time to work, and work hard; adhere to that schedule; and, when things get tough, keep on pushing. This all sounds pretty standard, but you’d be surprised how few do it. If you want to be successful, though, it’s necessary that you do, so get to it.

Make Good Connections

It’s easy to lose faith in your business and yourself when your connections are failing themselves. So, be sure to surround yourself with successful, driven, hard-working people. This goes for your life in general – work out with the strongest in the gym, for instance – but specifically, for your MLM business. Go to conventions, meet the big players, connect with people on your level who are doing the same thing as you, and make sure to keep in touch and build real relationships with those people. It sounds like something that’ll make you feel better but make no difference practically, but in reality, it can change everything.

5 Simple Ways to Find People to Talk to About Your MLM Business

Tell Your Friends and Family

Many people are skeptical about MLM’s capacity to make you rich. There, I said it. It’s, unfortunately, the truth, and there’s no beating around the bush. The fact of the matter is, MLM done right will make you wealthy. If your friends and family don’t believe that, it’s discouraging, but not damning. All you need to do is sit them down, let them know how much this means to you, and ask for their support, even if they don’t believe it’s going anywhere. This way, you’ll have your friends and family behind you, no matter what you do, and eventually, they’ll see just how successful you can be with this. When things get rough, it’s important to have support, and your friends and family are the best sources of that support. Once you have that, you’ll have all the confidence you’ll need to run your MLM business successfully.

Now, it’s your turn!

What are some of the things that you have done to gain more confidence in your business?  Please share your feedback below in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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12 responses to “How To Gain More Confidence In Your Business”

  1. Hey Nate,

    When it comes to business, confidence is everything. When it’s backed by support, especially from your friends and family, then it’s all the better. That energy helps keeps you pushing forward.

    For a long time I didn’t know how important it was to make good connections. When you connect with people that are like-minded, there’s like synergy that’s develop. It’s almost like being in a jam session where everyone is on point.

    Great topic Nate! Keep them coming!

  2. Andrea says:

    I think that when you truly believe in what you do confidence will come though in your emotion.

  3. Hi Nate,

    Very true. Just talking with other people who are doing the same as you triggers thoughts and ideas that you’re less likely to come up with on your own – two heads are better than one..!

    And, just occasionally, you may give that person you’ve regarded as a ‘Guru’ a new idea that they get excited about – now that’s when your confidence really starts to build..!



    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Martin!

      Yes, I agree two heads are better than one! Share ideas, mastermind, confidence does build! Thanks for the comments!

  4. Arleen says:

    Nate- I never really thought about that your business practice is based on your confidence. I do not do MLM because it applies to all businesses. My confidence gets a boost when someone leaves a great testimonial. I say to myself, wow I must be doing something right. At the end of the day the business is about yourself and what you contribute so it all about confidence. Very interesting and I enjoyed seeing looking at a successful business from a different angle

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Arleen,

      Confidence doesn’t just apply to just MLM, and like you said applies to all areas of business. It also applies to your personal life too. There are four areas typically humans thrive on to get what they want out of life. Confidence is the main one, because if you don’t have confidence, you can’t make money. If you don’t have confidence you can’t set goals. Both you and I can agree that confidence is everything. Thank you Arleen for your comments! 🙂

  5. Rick Tracy says:

    Hey Nate,

    My first time visiting and what you said in this article confirmed everything that I’ve been feeling for a long time. Definitely made my day. Thank you for the information!

    Rick Tracy

  6. pam schmidt says:

    I have found the daily audio and auto suggestion exercises are very beneficial!

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