How To Earn $1,000 Per Day With Google Maps

Have you noticed that Google recently changed the way it shows search results?

Google has started to feature Google Maps results as well as regular search results. Often, these Google Maps results appear above the organic search results.

Over 150 million people use Google Maps in the U.S. alone. The second most-used mapping app is Waze, at just 1/6 the usage which is around 25 million). Google Maps marketing simply as a must for your local customers. 

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Let’s keep it real. People aren’t looking in the yellow pages anymore for local business recommendations. For example, when homeowners are looking for a plumber, they will put their search terms into Google to find them, which is why it’s so important for plumbers to have an online presence.

For any local business, the biggest challenge is getting found. Word of mouth may drive business but it’s being found in local search that really makes a big difference. The best way to do just that is to get listed on Google Maps, which is Google’s own dashboard for managing a local business’s information.

As the internet has rapidly replaced the yellow pages for finding local business information, it is more important than ever to have an online presence. An informative, attractive website can attract new customers.

In this video, I am going to share with you how you can be on the opposite side and make money leveraging the local businesses that are already on Google Maps.

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