How to Crush Self-Doubt and Increase Confidence

Most of us spend too much time giving power to our doubts. That little voice in our heads tells us that we can’t do it. We’re never going to make our sales goals. We’re never going to be good enough and that we’re going to fail.

It can be enough to make you give it up. Why bother trying at all? Your inner voice is the one that taunts you whenever you set a new goal. It will tell you that you can’t do it. The voice will taunt you when you have a difficult business assignment ahead. It will beat you and strike you down as you struggle to rise above it.

If we give in to our self-doubts, we can fail. And it can be a vicious cycle that can keep striking us down. Isn’t it great that we do occasionally succeed? Now you have some fodder for being able to get out of this situation.

Everyone knows that you can’t let self-doubt hold you back, but it’s sneaky. It will rise up and strike at the most inopportune moments. It sneaks past your barriers, until one day you’re crying before you have to make your twenty-minute sales presentation.

Self-doubt can also be a creature that is greedy. It wants to gobble up all of your confidence. It will strip logic and reason away from your mind. It will take happiness from your heart. In its wake, it will leave you with fear and insecurity.

You’ll need to begin by taking note of how you react to things. Where do your insecurities come from? Then, you must take steps to address your fears.

Unfortunately, you already had enough of that. So, you try and think positively. But that doesn’t work so great either. What’s even worse is that the more you fight your self-doubt, the harder it can strike back at you.

Why Is It Important to Crush Self-Doubt and Increase Confidence?

Many people may wonder why they need to bother crushing their self-doubt and increasing their confidence? They’re selling a regular number of units. They can sit back, relax, and do the same tasks each day. What an easy job! That’s fine if you don’t mind having a stagnant and boring job. Plus, remember that nothing lasts forever. There could be another guy around the corner who’s going to steal all your clients from you because he has a better product. Soon, you could be left with nothing.

You must always up to your game so you are constantly thinking up new ways to sell. Some may work, some may not. The goal is to crush that self-doubt and find better ways of doing business.

Do you remember when you were a child and you loved to paint or draw? Everyone loved your pictures, yet likely you heard over and over again how it was such a great hobby, but you’d never be able to make money doing it. This can be one of the worst things to say to a child, as they learn early on that their dreams and goals can be crushed.

This can keep your inner child from attempting anything, right into adulthood. You’ll soon develop fears that everyone will hate anything you make. You’ll be afraid of failing because you learned this at an early age.

These fears begin in the subconscious. And it can, unfortunately, spread throughout your entire life. You’ll start questioning your knowledge and abilities in everything you do.

The one ray of hope is that you want it to stop. Who doesn’t, right? However, beating out the self-doubt is only going to tame it at that moment. It will do nothing at rebuilding your confidence.

You must believe in yourself. You must face your self-doubt. And you must be willing to take care of it.

The good news is that it’s possible to take a few steps and learn to gain understanding and self-knowledge so that you can actually use this self-doubt to your advantage. Because it’s never going away.

Here are 6 steps to crushing self-doubt and gaining back that confidence you desire, so you can succeed in your current or new business venture.


1. Discover your doubts.

What exactly are you doubting about your goals? Do you think you’ll never be able to sell your new product because it’s too expensive? Perhaps you believe you lack the skills to do so. You’ll need to learn how to recognize when your inner voice is feeding you negative comments.

Once you begin to hear your inner voice take a turn for the negative, you need to deal with it. This is the time when you start telling yourself that you can’t do it, or you don’t know how to do it. Perhaps you’re making somewhat if excuses. It’s in these moments that a red flag needs to go up.

Now that you’ve identified when your inner voice is being detrimental to your goals, you must learn how to deal with it. You can do this by turning it around a bit. Instead of saying “I can’t do THIS”, say “I can’t do THIS yet, but I am working on it”.

If your inner voice is telling you that you’re going to fail, you can tell it that if you do, you’ll just try it again.

You can transform your negative thoughts into an opportunity for growth. Now you’re giving yourself a chance to succeed in your next venture.

2. Don’t listen to toxic people.

The unfortunate thing about toxic people is that there are too many of them out there. They are the naysayers. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. They think that everything is impossible. They’ll shoot down ideas and soon you’ll be hopeless and on the couch with your cup of ramen noodles and watching soaps all day long.

What’s happened to them is that they’ve lost their energy. But, you still have yours. Why are you listening to them anyway?

You must surround yourself with a supportive team that is passionate about the products they are selling, and the company that they are working for. These people need to inspire you and bring out your best qualities.

Just where are you going to find these people? Well, not all of them have to be business associates. Some of them can be family or friends. You can read inspirational books. Or, you can read blogs. These are the things that will lift you up when you’re feeling down. You’ll be able to see the bright part of life instead of being fuelled by these negative people’s darkest fears and doubts.

3. Celebrate your successes.

Do you remember your successes? Everyone has them. You can think way back if you’re discouraged. You graduated high school and college. You earned your first paycheck, got your first raise or promotion. You made your first sale.

This task may be difficult because you’ll be wading through a whole lot of failures to find the successes. You may wish to grab a notebook and start writing down your successes.

You can even enlist the help of a close friend to list out some great things that you have done. They may offer you a whole new perspective on things. Perhaps they saw you develop your confidence, or become more positive. It can be anything related to success, whether big or small.

It can be refreshing to see your successes written down on paper. Hold onto your list, and you can keep adding to it throughout the week. Chances are you’ll have an ah-ha moment and start remembering more of your accomplishments.

Anytime you find yourself getting lost, or need some inspiration, take out your list and have a look at it. It will help you to get back on the road again.

4. Love and trust yourself.

It can be a valuable lesson to love and trust yourself. It may seem at times that you are your own worst enemy instead of being your best friend. After all, best friends are positive and build you up. It’s enemies that tear you apart.

You must learn to treat yourself better. Remember that you not only have to live with yourself every day, but you must live with yourself for the rest of your life. Do you want to beat yourself down every day of your life? Would you mentally abuse your family or your loved ones? Nope. So, why do it to yourself?

Also, if your friends are suffering through life, you would help them through it. So, if you’re suffering too, you should help yourself through it.

Yes, it may seem like a drag having to get up early every morning, and then carry yourself into work. It doesn’t matter if you telecommute or have a two hour commute to another city, you need to be nicer to yourself.

It’s imperative that you are kind to yourself. Always remember that you are more capable and worthy than you generally give yourself the credit for. It’s time to love and trust yourself, just like your inner circle of supporters does.

5. If you don’t succeed, try and try again.

You’ll never truly be able to banish self-doubt. It will always rear its ugly head. But you can get better at learning how to deal with it. It’s something that you will become better at, as you cross another goal off your list.

Self-doubt will strike at every point when you leave your comfort zone. And it will certainly be there when you decide that you’re going to do something amazing, such as make double the money in your business that month or sell several units of the premium model in your company’s product line.

Self-doubt is completely natural. It is something that you don’t have to fear, and you can also give up resentment on it. These doubts in your mind are only your own thoughts. These doubts will not affect the outcome of your future.

Remember all the other successes that you have achieved. In these moments you learned to conquer your self-doubts, and even used them to your advantage. Remember that you can do that over and over again.

Yes, self-doubt can protect you from jumping off a bridge or doing some sort of dangerous physical activity. It’s there to let you know that something may go wrong. But remember that if you never try, you could be losing out on an opportunity to better your life.

6. Act the part. It can be beneficial to act the part of a successful businessperson.

Your body language can demonstrate the confidence that you may not be feeling inside. But no one else has to know that. You can also dress the part. Be immaculate with your suits and appearance. If you look good, this will translate over into your emotions.

You can also learn to speak assertively. And it may sound cliche to say that you should think and act positively, but your words may change how you feel inside. Remember to act positively, and this may be reflected in your thoughts.

Always be prepared to take action. You aren’t going to accomplish any business goals if you sit on the couch. And always be prepared, in case a client asks you an important question or asks to see a product. This is also all part of the preparation. You can impress your client by having that other product in your vehicle, or with your amazing knowledge.

In closing…

Learning to crush self-doubt and increase confidence may take a bit of work on your part. It’s not something you’ll be able to magically change overnight. Begin by following the steps above, and soon you’ll find that you are not only brainstorming better, but you’ll be more inspired to tackle the difficult parts of your business life.

Soon, you could be on the way to success, all because you decided you had to do something about your negative thoughts.

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