How To Build Your Enagic Business Utilizing Live Events

First of all, you can share a live online event just like you do any other link, the only difference is, the event will take place in the future rather than them being able to watch it right away. Here are some reasons why that’s powerful.

#1: It’s done in a live environment, so the presentation and stories come across much more ‘real’ compared to a recorded video.

#2: The person you share with has to wait to get the information, so there are some anticipation and excitement built up.

#3: It gives you the opportunity to get your prospects in front of the leadership team so they can see who they’re working with.

#4: It gives you a simple way to followup with people once the event is over because you can find out if they watched it and answer any questions they have.


Once it’s time for the event to start, we send emails and text messages to any of your leads that registered for the event to remind them it’s about to start and get them back to the website. As soon as the event starts, the page will reload and show the live event video so anyone who comes to the link after that will go straight to the live event.

During the live event, there are going to be 2 buttons below the video. One that says ‘Get Started Now’ that will take them straight to the order process so they can order their water machine and join the team. This is for anyone who has all the information they need and is ready to get started right now. The other button says ‘Get More Info’ and it will take them to the sales page with the 1-hour video and the 4 videos below it explaining the product and business.

There will also be a button they can click underneath the 2 orange buttons that says ‘Need Help? Click Here To Contact Us’ and that will have the contact information from your account on it in case they have any questions, so make sure you have your best information saved inside the settings so you can answer questions and close more sales from those people who are interested.

Once the live event is finished, our page will automatically have the replay of the live event on it and you will be able to share that replay link with people forever. Then shortly after we will have a new link and promo materials on the calendar inside the back office for the next live event so you always have a replay available from the last live event and a new live event to share.

The key to making these events the most effective is always going to be follow up. It doesn’t matter if someone likes your post, becomes a lead, watches the event, or becomes a prospect, no matter what they do, you should be personally connecting with people every step of the way because that means they’re interested in your offer at that exact moment, which means it’s the perfect time for you to contact them. I promise you, the more times you contact someone and build a relationship with them as they’re going through the process, the more sales and money you’re going to make long-term, so just do it.

These live online events can create more momentum in your business than you could ever imagine. You literally have the top leaders in the industry helping to present the products and business to your prospects and close them for you.

There is nothing more powerful than leveraging the live events we’re organizing for you on a weekly basis and it’s going to be the driving force behind us creating more 6A’s than anyone in this company ever has.

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  1. sonkohassan says:

    I love the art of turning the event attendant into leads. thank you for sharing with us this.

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