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How To Build Your Enagic Business Online – The Best Ways To Get Free Organic Traffic

To show you how to become successful online while building a business like Enagic online. I want to help you by giving you the tools to help you jumpstart your business with free organic traffic.


The goal of having a successful business online is to automate your business. Creating leverage in your business is key. Some people don’t have the cash for their ad budget. With this free organic traffic, you’ll be able to get the money to put back into your business. If you keep consistent with this, while you have your business going, you’ll be hustling twice as hard. The people that you have a deep enough connection with are the ones that you’ll want to work with.


How To Build Your Enagic Business Online


The Importance Of Your Mindset


• The hardest part is to build confidence in yourself

• You must value learning ABOVE ALL ELSE

• Be coachable and surrender your EGO

• Be OBSESSED with the business

• People follow leaders who have the confidence to get them there

• Self-improve every day

• Have 80% Consistency, 10% Determination and 10% Motivation/Inspiration

• Enagic gives you the building and the elevator to get to the top. We are creating stairs to help you get there. This will give you a solid foundation of how to be successful.

• Set your goals and figure out your WHY (Follow the PLP training)

• Make sure you are in a mastermind of 3-6 people who hold

• Each other accountable and push each other to new limits


How To Create Free Organic Traffic For Your Enagic business – There Are 2 Ways Of Making Money Online


Enagic Business Opportunity - Kangen Water Machine


Through Free Organic Traffic


• Facebook groups

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Tumbler

• Reddit

• Craig’s List

• Angies List

• YouTube


“A wise man has money on his mind, but NOT in his heart


How To Connect With Leads With Your Leads


Nate Leung Fanpage


• Create a new vision board profile that is a positive and professional profile excluding friends, family, and all negativity

• Make sure that you have a nice profile picture of yourself

• Your cover photo should be something about lifestyle, traveling or a motivational quote

• Your profile is your APPEARANCE, you need to look good so that people will want to work with you.


How To Create Free Organic Traffic The First Thing That You Need To Know Is Who To Target


• The gold nuggets are the ones that are already online

• 90% that work online have not been successful


How To Create Free Organic Traffic Things You Need To Know


• You can have up to 5000 friends on facebook

• You can have up to 1000 friend requests sent out that have not been accepted

• You can ONLY message 30 people per day who are not your friends

• You must delete the outgoing friend requests every 2 days




• Post anything about Enagic in any other facebook group because you will get booted from that group

• Do not burn bridges because you never know who will reach back out to you

• Do not friend anyone that is not from United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia


“People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it. If you talk about what you BELIEVE, you will attract those who BELIEVE what you BELIEVE!”


How To Connect With Your Leads – There Are Three Ways To Do This


1. Figure out who your target is


• YOU attract who YOU are

• YOU are YOUR target audience

• Build your vision around your target audience


2. Reach out to people in those groups if you are new and trying to establish a foundation.


• Doing a voice message increases the probability of them with staining interest and not sounding like a robot

• Voice message them with something like


Hey (NAME), how are you? Thanks for the friend request. I saw that you are an online entrepreneur. I just wanted to see what full time opportunity you are a part of?


3. Create value on Facebook or social media by branding yourself


Nate Leung Value Based Post


• Post 1-2 things per day that are motivational, inspirational and provide value and create curiosity and engagement

• Create a GoLive (on your personal page/in the groups)

• Always position yourself as a leader in your posts

• Be creative – it doesn’t always have to be about online marketing


Once You Establish A Conversation With A Potential Teammate, Connect With Them Buy Using This Process Of 5 Steps.




1. Connecting


• Getting to know someone on a personal level.

• Ask them questions about their businesses, families, and lives.

• Remember the person that asks the questions controls the conversation.


2. Finding Out Their Needs And Goals


• Strategically ask them open-ended questions

• This connects to their emotions to free up their needs & goals whether they are financial, systemic, or futuristic.


3. Coming Up With A Plan To Bridge The Gap


• Take a person in their situation and get them to where they want to be

• Show them the vision of Enagic at the same time


4. Taking Action


• Getting them into Enagic

• If they can afford it, come up with ways for them to come up with the money. (ie. cutting habits like drinking and smoking)

• We are all entrepreneurs; we don’t come up with excuses! We find and create solutions!


5. Feedback: If They Say No.


• Kindly ask what turned them off to the idea and where you can improve your strategy.

• Always remember to never burn bridges

• You don’t know who is going to reach back out to you again later for help or advice.


Enagic Business Opportunity - Kangen Water Machine


I hope these tips and strategies help you out a bit.  It takes a little work but in the end, it's all well worth the effort.  Just remember when you have a purpose of helping people reach their goals whether it's life or finance, you will always reap the rewards in return by helping that person.


Always make it about them, than yourself and you will have an income for life.  If you are reading this and are looking to join Enagic, please click here.  On the other side, we will help you get started and also reveal more high-level training inside the back office.


Please be sure to sure and share this post if you found value and if there is anything I can to do help, feel free to reach out to me!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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