How To Build An Engaged Personal Brand Online In 2024

The reason why you want to build a brand online is you want to stick out from the crowd.

You want the attention and the traffic on your offer.

What’s important here is that you don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

So, how do you do this?

You do this by creating trust

This is what I call the know, like and trust factor. You do this by creating content and providing value on a regular basis.

You want to be the authority and the expert in your industry or niche. By doing this, you are solving a problem for your audience. A problem that is keeping them up at night where they don’t know where else to look.

Create value by creating content

You create value by creating content on your social media platforms. Such as your blog, YouTube channel, and other social media websites you use. on your website, on your blog, on your YouTube channel.

The goal is that you want to build an e-mail list. An e-mail list is a collection of people in your niche that are looking to get their questions answered. This strategy is free traffic that you own and control.

You’re going to have an ocean of people that are going to be landing on your content. What you want to do is you only want to have to select a few who you’re offering.

This is a filtering process that will take them through from point A to point B. Hence, leading them to the end goal.


You want to use an automated messenger bot. They will subscribe to your daily messages.

What’s great about Facebook and using a messaging bot is that it gets a ton of open rates.

Why open rates are important?

Because it means that the person subscribed to your bot or your list is very engaged. The key here is to engage as much as possible. These are the types of people that are more than likely to buy from you.

The open rate for messenger is as high as 80%. That means that the people in your audience are opening up Facebook every single day.

On Facebook, there are 2 billion people and there are 1.2 billion active daily users.


What you want to do is you want to lead them to an email list. To collect an email, you need a capture page. When you’re on Instagram, there are no clickable links within your post. There is a clickable link within your bio. It will lead to a link, that will lead to a capture page. That way, you can build and collect the lead’s information.

When you’re building your email list, you’re creating a lead magnet for your audience.

It can be could be an audiobook or a free e-book in PDF. It’s whatever you want to give them, that will help them solve their problem.


You’re going to be also doing the same thing by getting them to subscribe to your email list. In the description box of YouTube, you can type in a link that the viewer can click on. That link will take them to a capture page. The way to go with this is that you want to build your list and leverage platforms like Facebook, and Instagram.

Like the other platforms I’ve mentioned, you want to build your list organically. This way, you can serve your audience and have raving fans that will buy what you are offering.

The three steps to building an email list

These steps are important for building your brand online.

1) Building relationships

By doing so, you’re creating the like, know and trust factor. The subscribers will come from cold traffic. They don’t know who you are, they never heard of you. So it’s kind of like when you meet someone for the very first time. Over time, you will develop a warmer relationship with these people.

2) Engage

By engaging is when they look at your content and they respond to what you have shared. It could be through private messages or we can call these DMs, also comments on your content.

When you post content, your audience will have an opportunity to leave a comment for you. This way, they know that you are a real person and not someone that is out to get them or out to sell them.

Over the long term, when the audience has a problem, they will come to you. You can engage them on a more personal and private level. Also, dive deep into the conversation and see what problem they need to be solved.

3) Build trust through content and delivering value

Building trust through your content and value is how you’re going to build your brand online. You’ll also be able to stick out from the crowd. By doing this, you’re going to be a lot of sales. You’re going to have a ton of raving fans who are going to buy anything that you offer. This is why I put a lot of emphases when it comes to building a brand online.

So many people are doing this wrong. Spamming people, putting links all over the place, sliding into people’s DM is not the way to go. You have to take a holistic and organic approach when it comes to building your brand online. This is going to take time. Over time, more people are going to hear from you and you’re going to get a lot of referrals from the people that you serve.

Inside this video, I explain more in detail about how to build an engaging brand online. Building a brand online is not talked about enough in our industry and I share why in the video.

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22 responses to “How To Build An Engaged Personal Brand Online In 2024”

  1. Chad says:

    These are amazing tips! I need to focus more on building my personal brand.

  2. Searcy says:

    Trust is so important in building your online brand. Often I see influencers highlighting products that don’t fit their brand or target demo. It often makes me unfollow.

    • Nate Leung says:

      It’s unfortunate that they do it for the money and not for a good cause. That can only go so far before it burns out. It’s not sustainable long term. So, I don’t blame you for unfollowing!

  3. catherine santiago jose says:

    Beautiful and helpful tips, these are the things that need to know by my blogger friend and I will share this with her. Thank you!

  4. Sarah Emery says:

    Thank you for these are great tips to building an engaged audience for a personal brand.

  5. Rikki Ridgeway says:

    Building a strong personal brand is vital for anyone who is looking to make a successful business method.

  6. Krista says:

    As someone who is new to the art of blogging and building up my online content, I really appreciate the time you took to teach us some of the basics. Part of the struggle is figuring out where to start, and you really lay it out well!

  7. Laura Gonchar says:

    Building a personal brand takes time and patience and the knowing.
    Thank you, Nate, for incredible tips and reminders.

  8. Lani Lyutz says:

    It may seem that internet is kind of saturated already but when you think of it and from your tips, there’s still enough space and ways to stand out and shine.

  9. Catherine says:

    Lots of informational insight here especially into FB and IG! I use those apps the most so I’ll definitely be looking into how to optimize my engagement on those platforms.

  10. Maysz says:

    All of these tips are really helped a lot and for me, Social media is a powerful thing to engage personal brand online great post!

  11. Fuzionmag says:

    Your tips are so amazing..! Thanks for sharing, my friend whose new to blogging will love this.

  12. ELIZABETH O says:

    I am looking for a tips like this. This is so great and so helpful resources. I am surely be guided by this. Thanks for sharing your bright idea!

  13. AMY says:

    These tips really boost my idea how to improve my personal brand. This is so helpful. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful idea!

  14. Marysa says:

    There are so many things that go into blogging and brands and connecting with people. Thanks for the tips!

  15. Ceci Rey says:

    These were great tips! I especially liked the suggestion about using the messenger on Facebook. I will have to use that. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Garf says:

    These are great tips. Thanks for sharing. I want to learn more about building my personal brand online.

  17. Diana says:

    You’ve got to put the testing in to find what works and what doesn’t and it’s when you do that, that’s what you going to see the results and you’re going to reap the rewards of putting everything on automation and automating leads and sales coming into your business.

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