How To Break Away from the Trap Of The “Middle Class”

When you’re young, aspiring to be in the middle class sounds perfect—you’ll make enough cash to buy a house and car, so you don’t have to ever worry about money again. Wrong. There are many lies that have been told to us by the government.

For one thing, the middle class is more like yesterday’s lower class. There are about 74% of Americans who are currently living from paycheck to paycheck. This means that many people are $200 away from homelessness, with rising debt levels, and barely able to make ends meet.

Fortunately, there is a way to break away from this trap. You can be like the thousands of other people around the world who have achieved financial independence. You can learn how to take control of your finances, and leave rocks for your family to lean on.

There are also some shortcuts so that your learning curve is decreased. You want to give your family the freedom and security they deserve right now, instead of waiting for it to happen many years down the road.

How to Break Away from the Trap of the “Middle Class”

Middle-Class Trap One: Work Hard but Not Get Ahead

There used to be the old adage that if you worked hard, you’d move forward. This was during your parents’ or your grandparents’ time back in the 20th century. They moved forward, bought cards, and houses. Those who didn’t work so hard lived in an apartment and took the bus, which wasn’t such a bad life either. But today, you can work hard… and still, end up in the street!

You may even remember your parents taking you to the car dealership to buy a car. Did you think as a child that one day you would own a car? But it can be surprising to realize that a car can be out of reach of the average middle-class person today. There are no guarantees that you’ll ever be able to afford one in your lifetime. You may simply not be able to save up enough money to buy one or even qualify for a loan to get one.

These problems have all resulted in a generation of people who work hard outside the home, but they fail to get ahead as their parents have.

Americans seem to love the idea that working hard will get you ahead. You’ll build up a better life by simply working harder. Unfortunately, this is not the case, unless you were born into a wealthy family, or have some unusual talents.

Middle-Class Trap Two: College or University Education Does Not Guarantee a Job

Back in the 80s you could slap down a few hundred dollars and graduate with a degree, then get a great job. But today, you could spend $40,000 a year to get your degree, yet have no guarantees of a job. There are many adult children still living in their parents’ homes because they can’t find a better job than minimum wage.

Even today’s adults, who have spent a ton of money on the college or university education that their parents never had, can’t find jobs. Their parents never had this education, yet they found great jobs.

Some people go to college but they don’t survive. It’s tough out there. There is so much to learn nowadays. The schools don’t care anymore if you succeed, or not, they just take your tuition.

Education can certainly be the determining factor whether you are going to be successful or not but certainly has no guarantees.


Middle-Class Trap Three: Economic Statistics Are Stacked Against You

Times have certainly changed. Parents and grandparents never predicted what has happened. Everyone wants to be positive about life, yet the economic statistics can be stacked against you. Generation Xers who managed to hold onto their jobs may be making over $80,000 a year, with a full pension, health care coverage, and a nice savings account, while the average millennial is working an $11 an hour job, better than minimum wage, but not a lot that’s going to help you get ahead.

Most people in this age bracket also have minimal health benefits and hope they never get sick. This certainly was not the lifestyle that your parents wanted for you. But it certainly is what reflects the current state of the American economy today.

Middle-Class Trap Four: Financial Mobility is Declining

Financial mobility has been declining with each generation. Today, it’s a lot more difficult to work your way into a higher income level than the one which you were born into. They say that a son’s adult income level can be half dictated by what his father is making. This percentage is in line with what others are making in Europe too.

This results in stagnation. Apparently 40% of children who are born in the lowest or the highest income levels will stay there. While this is good news for the rich, as they’ll get to stay up there, unfortunately, the long-term poor will be stuck below. Even twenty years ago you’d seem some shifting of positions but that doesn’t seem true nowadays.

But apparently not the same holds true for Americans born into the middle class. This demographic will bounce up and down. That means they’re less likely to stay in the middle class. From 1996 to 2006, the middle class was 25% less likely to stay where they were.

Americans Are Feeling the Change

The decline of the middle class is certainly being noticed by Americans. Over 3/4 of adult Americans acknowledge that it’s harder to get ahead than it was even ten years ago. You certainly can’t pull the wool over people’s heads when they compare bills against their paychecks.

And credit card statistics and debt levels can be staggering too. Often people will be footing the bill for their college years for the rest of their lives, then add a car loan and a mortgage on top of that. It’s simple to see why so many middle-class Americans are worried, and for good reason. In fact, they may even have more worries than the poverty class does.

Likely most people hadn’t expected to feel unease when they reached the middle class. Surely that’s something that only the lower class feel?

The Government Won’t Take Care of You

If you don’t look out for yourself nobody else will. It’s a myth that the government will look after you. You may have thought you had your good corporate job for life, only to learn that isn’t true.

Did you know that most Americans have less than $1000 in their bank accounts? The middle class is dead. There are no jobs. Most jobs are in software or shipped overseas.

Currently, 18 million students at 5000 colleges are borrowing $40,000 per year. They’ll be paying this off for the rest of their lives. Our society drills into our heads from an early age that you will be poor, along with a lot of other stuff: Work hard, pay your taxes, get good grades, put money into your retirement account, and after all this is done, you’ll be just fine.

Did you know that 60% of people aged 18 to 65 aren’t even working, according to Porter Stansberry of Stansberry & Associates? That’s quite shocking. Even the rich work, building up their businesses.

Are You Ready to Escape the Dead End?

Are you ready to cut out the long learning curve to learn how to run your own business? Perhaps you don’t have the time or the money to go to college for four to eight years, nor do you want to accumulate all of that debt. Likely you don’t want to count on the government or your boss to give you a raise or income.

The costs of everything are rising. Food and gas are going up. Even prices on luxury items such as plane fares have increased by 4% just over the past year.

Do you want to move out of your tiny old home and buy a new one? Is your old vehicle ready to drop and you need to buy a new one? Perhaps you want to stop working 50 hours a week and head off to trips around the world?

Does the middle class even exist anymore, and where do you fit?

Are You Tired of the Middle-Class Trap?

Are you ready to cut out the long learning curve and get started? Perhaps you don’t have a lot of cash to invest, but that’s all right because you don’t need thousands to invest in some get the rich quick scheme.

During 2013, there were a record number of new millionaires in the USA. Unfortunately, there were also a record number of people who dropped out of the middle class to poverty.

The solution is within your grasp. You have to do this for yourself. The government isn’t going to do it, your children can’t help you, and if your parents are still alive, they aren’t going to do it either.

You may hear all the propaganda in the government press releases. They’ll fix this and this and you have a better life. Right. Things are a lot worse out there than anyone will admit. And you don’t even need an economics degree from Harvard School of Business to understand what’s really happening.

Are You Ready for the Solution?

The solution is actually fairly simple and it’s to start your own home-based business. All you need is a laptop computer and a cellphone. You can pick up a cheap laptop at any electronics shop for $150, and you don’t even need an expensive smartphone, any cheap cell phone that dials, has voicemail, and text is enough to get you started.

There are already hundreds of thousands of people who have started their own home-based online businesses out of their homes. Online businesses don’t require a fancy storefront or inventory to run.

Perhaps you’ve even dreamed about starting your own home-based business in the past. The only person who can make this real is you. You can turn it into reality.

An online business also allows you to run it in your own time, so you can still continue working your crappy day job. Then as your income increases from your new business venture, you’ll be able to quit your crappy job and focus 100% on your new online venture.

Remember that the only person who can make these things happen is you. It can be easy to get up in the morning and go into work. You receive your paycheck and then do it all over again, day after day.

Remember that if you change nothing in your life, that nothing will change. If you want a better lifestyle, which will give you more cash on hand to spend with your family, then you are the only one who will make it happen.

Did you know that online business is valued at over $165 billion? You could be earning a significant amount of that share. You could even be one of the new millionaires around the corner.


Get Started Now

If you’re waiting for the best time to start a small home-based internet business, now is the time. And don’t forget that as you earn cash in your home-based business, you can also use that money to earn even more capital.

Your internet business will require minimal capital to get started. Are you ready to break away from the middle class? Now is the time to do your research to choose the best home-based business for you.

It’ll be great a year from now to take a Monday off if you want, and have enough cash on hand to buy a house and car, and take a vacation, all without having to worry about going into debt. Remember that change begins with you. Are you taking that first step to wealth right now?

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