How To Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business – Part 3

In the previous two posts of the series of branding yourself by humanizing the business, I discussed three major methods with you that have proven to be successful when it comes to humanizing a business. This post is the final post of the series and I’ll give you three more ways with which you can humanize your business effectively and make it a success.

The three methods discussed in this post have to do more with your approach than with the technique you have to deploy or the platform you have to use for humanizing your business. The three approaches are discussed below.

How to Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business - Part 3

Be Yourself:

The foremost important thing that has to be the foundation of the approach towards humanizing your business is being real. Trust me it is easier said than done and even most of the people have no idea about how to be real. Business people don’t know how to be real and they create an artificial persona for their business and consider it the closest thing to being real and think that the customers would catch the bait, hence they consider the brand humanized. Using fake profiles, having fake fans is not humanizing your business, rather you need to be true to yourself and present to your audience what you are. Believe me when I say that the customers aren’t as naïve as you think, rather they know when something is artificially fabricated and when something is genuinely human. Therefore, instead of feeding fake information to the customers and the target audience, try being real so that the customers are able to relate with you and the relation between you and them becomes stronger.

Be Vulnerable:

It might come to you as a shock, but when it comes to humanizing your business, being vulnerable does you good. I am aware of the fact and in total agreement with you that the one thing a business always wants it to reduce the vulnerability and be certain about things. But, when speaking of humanizing, the one thing that all humans have in common is that at one point or another in life we all are vulnerable. Therefore, being vulnerable is human quality and it will definitely help you in humanizing your business. Hence, then next time you share something on your social media profile don’t pose yourself as something perfect and out of this world, rather show the trivial mistakes you have made or something that has gone wrong in your life so that the target audience is able to relate with you and think that you are as human as they are.

Be Honest and Build Rapport

Be Transparent:

The third thing that you need to incorporate in your approach of humanizing the business is being transparent. If you wish to show the human side of your business to the customers, then you will need to be transparent and share with the customers the goods and bads you go through. Although showing bad does not mean that you show them every little bad thing that has happened to you or that you have done, rather you need to show them that much bad which tells them that you are human like them as well and the factor of committing error is also present in you as it is in them. Therefore, share your happiness and a little sorrow with the target audience and they will consider you human like them.

Now it’s Your Turn!

I’ve completed the series of how to brand you and your business. What do you think about it? Have I pointed out the right things that are required for humanizing the business? Do you have any experiences to share?  Please drop your feedback in the comments section below and I look forward to reading them!

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23 responses to “How To Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business – Part 3”

  1. Hey Nate,

    If you apply these tips with your people, especially on social media, then I believe that not only will a lot of people relate to you, but also it will bring you closer to them. Especially if you’re growing a team like you would do in MLM…If they see that you are also imperfect and yet are successful, then this also gives them confidence that they can be successful too! Thanks for the share!

  2. Frank Joseph says:

    You are so right, I am always transparent with everything i do and it has really help me to grow my brand.

    thank you for taking the time to share this tips with us.

  3. I think your series in humanizing has enlighten and insured me. I thing that transparent is business builds trust and shows others one has heart. Thanks for sharing its be very interesting.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Walk your talk. Transparency is big Nate. People need the truth. Tell it through your life story to resonate with your audience. I am big on sharing all details of wins and losses to be clear with my audience. Thanks bro!

  5. Post Pinions says:

    I like the transparent aspect. Thats how I am will all of my clients, it helps build better trust.

  6. Krystle says:

    Great 3 part series. These tips were very helpful and of course simple to do. Thanks Nate

  7. I like being transparent in my business, it learning how to success the honest way with integrity. Now many of us have character flaws that influence honesty in business and it pulls us down the line where we move from honesty to dishonesty. It is just a thought of mine. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Esha says:

    I like the point you have made about being transparent… I’ve come off as a faker lol but I’ve learned that it hurt my business.

  9. Misty Spears says:

    I recently read a great book called Crush It! and it talks a lot about the fact that in your business, the thing that will really set you apart from other businesses is you. I think it’s really important to not become “too business” and remember that you are still a person and people who do business with you will want to do business with you because of you and not just someone in the industry. Great series Nate!

  10. Sophie Bowns says:

    Another great set of tips here Nate 🙂

  11. Because I’m not a business person I can’t talk for business owners. I would be careful about the “being vulnerable”. I think the businessperson would need to show the error is an asset rather than “I’m human just like you” – just as someone looking for a job has to show a weakness as a strength if the subject comes up in a job interview.

  12. Bonnie Gean says:

    I love being transparent and have quite the collection of “Things You Don’t Know About Me” posts on the blog to share as much personal information as I can.

    It endears your audience to you! Can’t beat it!

  13. Edie Dykeman says:

    My two biggest challenges when I began online work was to be myself and transparent – two very tough issues for me. This was a very informative series.

  14. Doctors having faced multiple deaths and the families in pain, sometimes that wall is truly to protect the heart and developed after multiple pains to the heart.

    It is of course, better to be real, vulnerable and transparent.

  15. Humanizing yourself and being real does your business more good than harm.

  16. Liz says:

    Being yourself is so important. For me it’s tough to share about the health stuff I’ve struggled with or overcame but working on it by filming videos and posting them up. I know that they make a big difference for the ladies that watch them.

  17. Cindy Eidahl says:

    Great content! I have been reading about this same thing and listening to Marshall Sylver talk about it on his radio show and in his videos. Transparency is the hardest and most important one for me as it is hard to open yourself like a book. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Fantastic valuable post Nate!!! Branding is so important for success online and offline!! Thanks so much for sharing your valuable tips!!! Kudos to you!!

  19. Matt Ritchey says:

    Amazingly powerful insights brother! Being real, vulnerable and transparent has transformed my life. I hope this message connects with all that read it because it will definitely have a positive impact on their life!

  20. Adrian S says:

    People respond to who you are even more than to what you offer. Be yourself – the best version of yourself!

  21. Nate, love this post (I’m going to go back and read the other posts in the series). I couldn’t agree more. Being vulnerable and transparent…aka REAL…is a MUST for long term business sustainability. I agree it can be difficult to do depending on our backgrounds.

    I find that the more real I am with my blog posts; sharing personal details, and admitting that I make mistakes just like everyone else, increases my trust factor. Since people want to do business with those they like, know and trust, being real is critical if we are to achieve true success in sharing our gifts with the world.

  22. Vivian Bernardo says:

    Excellent strategies. Being authentic and vulnerable helps to enhance the connection with your readers. And something I heard at a recent workshop that totally resonates with me is “transparency is the new currency.”

  23. Absolutely love this post, Nate!! Thank you so much for these great tips! Transparency is difficult for me in my line of work. I sometimes feel that I have to be this embodiment of perfect health. Yet, there are times that even Juicing with Julie comes down with a cold or the flu. Or, once in a rare while, I just feel like eating a slice of pizza! I worry sometimes that my fans have me on such a hi-health pedestal, that I will let them down if I show them this side of me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, Nate!

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