MLM Recruiting: How To Become a World-Class MLM Recruiter

Anyone who has jumped into MLM understands knows that becoming a leader is the number one key to success.

MLM is based around the principle of generating true to life residual income. Without a sustainable downline that you can rely on.

One that achieves incredible results with you having to do very little. You will not enjoy the lifestyle that you were hoping to.

How to become a world-class MLM recruiter

You’ve been lied to

People have been led to believe that becoming a world-class builder is hard. That it will take forever. That it’s only possible for people who have the gift of gab or a natural salesman.

Understand people need to hear about your opportunity

This is the biggest distinction that you need to fully understand and grasp before you’ll be able to become the master MLM Network Marketer you were destined to be.

Too many people listen to only the trainings that they’ve received from their up line, reciting all of the scripts word for word and never really searching for the critical hot buttons for each and every one of their prospects – the natural emotional hot buttons that will convert them to your MLM Network Marketing opportunity (and turn them into MLM superstars) in the blink of an eye.

Really dig deep into the psyche of the people that you are trying to convince to join your MLM venture rather than just hit them with the same old, same old standardized pitch and you’ll see your results fly through the roof.

How to become a world-class MLM recruiter

Always – ALWAYS – sell them on the idea of freedom

Though there are any number of reasons why someone wants to join and MLM experience in a business venture, the truth of the matter is that the overriding goal for almost everyone who finally jumps on board is to create the kind of financial freedom and lifestyle freedom that they have felt always get them.

Just by focusing on the freedom that they’d be able to create for themselves the moment that they start in your MLM network business that allows you to tap directly into one of the biggest emotional hot buttons (just like we talked about above), even you a tremendous amount of influence over them.

You need to be “interested” in your prospect instead of “interesting”

MLM pitches and MLM recruiters need to focus entirely on the prospect and ignore the benefits that you will receive entirely

Finally, the last thing that you’ll ever want to do is talk about how them joining up with your MLM venture will benefit you in particular. People could care less about almost anyone else in this world (even if they wouldn’t readily admit) and are only truly interested in how they come out on top. If you focus on yourself, your company, or anything other than their immediate needs your closing rate will drop off dramatically.

Now it’s your turn!

I would love to hear your feedback and what you are doing to become an MLM World-class leader in your MLM Network Marketing company.  I look forward to reading them!

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14 responses to “MLM Recruiting: How To Become a World-Class MLM Recruiter”

  1. Love the last point..

    People don’t really care how it helps you. They only care about themselves and ask WIIFM (What’s in it for me).

    The more you can show your prospect that they have much more to gain, the higher the likelihood that they will be interested to have a second look at your business opportunity.

    I believe that MLM scripts can be a killer at times because people begin to memorize them word-for-word and this makes them sound very unnatural.

    It makes them focus on coming up with the “right words” to say, that they forget about listening to their prospects, or creating a genuine relationship.

    I’ve found the best thing to do is to understand the CONCEPTS taught behind the scripts and apply them. You don’t have to ask questions with words in a specific order, you have to understand the underlying principles that make these questions work.

    With that, you will be able to develop your own style and people will begin to become attracted to you.

    I believe it is also important to read signals from people that they may give away when you are in a dialogue with them. If you go rambling on and your prospect is bored.

    Guess what? You’ve turned them off and it is most likely that they want to get off that chair and walk away from you.

    Darren Spruyt

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Darren!

      I agree with you that it’s the concepts that need to be understood. The scripts, the ‘how-to’, or the secret sauce to generating leads, they are all important… but that’s not to take away from the concepts because ultimately, being able to figure out and listening to what the prospect desires are. Solving their problems, how can you make their life better… that is what matters the most and everything else falls into place. As always, thanks for the comments!

  2. Matt Insardi says:

    Always remeber what your selling and why YOU signed up in the first place… did you really sign up because of the “juice” or was it the freedom and the idea of a better life?

    • Nate Leung says:

      Exactly. Or better yet, did you sign up because of the money that will get you the big mansions, or the fancy cars? Things that should be considered before joining an opportunity. Thanks for the input Matt!

  3. Jon Patrick says:

    It sounds so simple, but in practice it’s sometimes difficult. People are always looking for that ‘silver bullet’ or the “right” thing to say.
    When it’s just as you say: focus on them. Ask questions, show how your opportunity can help them achieve their goals.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Jon,

      You are right. Many are looking for that ‘silver bullet’ or that secret course that will finally end the woes of how to master the art of XYZ. If people just focused on building relationships, everything will fall into place. Thanks for the input Jon!

  4. Awesome value here Nate!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. I think being natural is amongst the most important attributes. As Daniel mentioned earlier, being unnatural is a major turn off and, if people don’t know you, they will be looking for the quickest exit they can find!

    Another thing that has helped me is coming to the realisation that 95% of people you talk to will not be interested – at least not right now. It may be because the time isn’t right, or because they’re focused on something else, or because they’re just not the entrepreneurial type.

    But grasping that realisation and adopting a ‘take it or leave it’ stance when talking to people is a powerful way of maintaining your own motivation as well as sending a powerful message to prospects.



    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Martin!

      Couldn’t agree with you more on that! Being unnatural also makes the situation awkward as well. They will be looking for the quickest exit possible if that happens! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Adam Payne says:

    More good stuff, Nate. Couldn’t agree more…be interested in as opposed to interesting.

    The ability to listen is key in business.

    • Nate Leung says:

      If more people could master “listening” they would be making more money. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Melissa Whitemore says:

    Many people struggle with recruiting. Even myself at one point in time. Give value, offer something that your prospect can benefit from and your business will grow beyond your wildest dreams! Loved the article!

  8. Jeanet says:

    Thank you for the great pointers. Many times I have an issue starting a conversation. People say, just start a conversation & ask the person what they do. Any advice on that?

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Jeanet,

      That certainly works. If you want to be indirect, and not ask any personal questions, comment on the weather or something of substance around you that you and the other person can relate to. Then start to work on getting to the question about their profession.

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