How To Become A Top Earner With Enagic – Secrets On How To Build A Large Organization (Updated 2024)

Enagic offers a wonderful direct selling opportunity for people who have the drive to succeed. Successful business people sell the Kangen water ionizer system to customers around the world who are in need of healthy drinking water. Enagic’s water ionizer systems are high-quality products that were designed and manufactured in Japan.

Enagic is one of the top direct selling companies. Joining the Enagic family means that you’ll be provided with some great support from fellow distributors. Your sponsor wants to help you succeed.

When you join Enagic you’ll learn about the water ionizer products, how healthy pure water is essential for the health of the human body, and how you can effectively sell this great water ionizer to those you feel will benefit.


It’s possible to become a top earner with Enagic. It begins with finding leads and following up. The fortune is in the follow-up.

What Successful Distributors Are Doing

Successful Enagic distributors follow a set number of processes to help them sell. These procedures have been tested by other distributors, and have provided them with greater chances for success.

While your journey may involve a slightly different process. Different sales techniques work for different people. You’ll want to adapt this list of six processes at the start of your training and learning experience. Learn how the pros do it, and then adapt them for your own usage.

Successful distributors are willing to share their successful sales practices with you, as one of their main aims is helping you to succeed too. Yes, this is because your sponsor also benefits from the sales you earn, but also because you’re part of a team and they wish to see you succeed in your business endeavors.

A team also gives you a chance to have a source of information, and someone to ask for advice when you get stuck. You’re not alone when you’ve decided to sell the Kangen water ionizer systems with Enagic.

After you see how effective you can be at distributing Kangen water ionizer systems to your paying customers, you can expand your reach and try some of the other promotional techniques.

But it’s important to start with sales techniques that have been proven and tested by your team lead first. You’ll want to look to them for further information and to ask them questions as needed.

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1. Share the Kangen Water with Others

When you’re hunting around for sales leads you’ll want to start by sharing the Kangen water with others. While this doesn’t involve actually carrying a thermos of water around—unless you want to—it does involve having your printed or electronic sales materials handy, just in case someone is interested in further information. You can promote it through word-of-mouth, on the telephone, online, or at conferences and conventions.

Your sales materials will be provided by Enagic so you don’t need to worry about creating your own. If you think up an idea, that’s great, but you can save time by using what your team lead is using.

You can also set up a blog and website where you may gain some sales simply because you have a great online presence. The great thing about a website is that’s it’s permanent, so you set it up once, do a few updates every now and then, and then it does the work for you.

There are other ways to share Kangen water with others. You can do this through a social media platform. You can place posts on Facebook about the benefits of Kangen water, or how you’re saving so much money as you no longer have to buy your family dozens of bottles of water each week.

You can also talk about how great your Kangen water tastes, and how it is much healthier than simply drinking water out of the tap. If you work a second job or are hanging out with friends, you can also tell them about Kangen water.

You can share the water through other techniques too. Chances are that you’ll think up a few more effective sales techniques on your own.

The key is to share your knowledge with others. That will provide an opening which could lead to a sale.

2. Share the Information.

Remember that while it’s great making your first sale, you’ve got to keep going. It can take a great amount of effort to make your next five sales. In this step, you’ll be sharing the information.

Sharing the information will be about Enagic and it’s benefits. That means that you will not only be selling the Kangen water ionizer systems but you’ll also be selling the business opportunity.

Your second focus for sales is finding team members to get on board. This is because, for every team member recruit you have, you’ll also benefit when they sell Kangen water ionizer systems to their customers. You’ll gain a percentage of their sales too.

Don’t neglect this part of the Enagic marketing process as there can be some great benefits to being your own boss, and being the team lead for a successful group of recruits. Eventually, you’ll realize your goals of being financially independent and not having to worry so much earning income.

3. Provide Live Demonstrations to Potential Customers

You may sell some Kangen water machines through a local demo or through your warm market. But many times you may have to sell a water ionizer system. This means that people will be curious about what makes the Kangen water ionizer system better than others. Why should they buy it when there are five other types on the market today?

While there is truth in this objection, the Kangen water ionizer system has been designed and made in Japan. Japan makes some of the world’s best consumer products and electronics. Many people simply don’t want another “made in China” product, and that is likely where the competitor has manufactured theirs.

Once you’ve sold them on the quality of Kangen water you’ll need to demonstrate it to them. Demonstrations are important. Not only will they get to see how it works and how to operate the buttons and different settings, but they’ll also get to taste the difference for themselves.

You may be wondering how you’ll be demonstrating this product. You can do it any way that makes sense to you. It may involve inviting people to your home office to demonstrate it. You may wish to set up a booth at a trade show, conference, or convention. You can bring it to people’s homes, or bring it to businesses who may be in the market for one. Whatever you’re comfortable doing.

The key is to find ways to demonstrate your product, as that can lead to sales.

4. Follow-Up on Sales Leads

Another point you’ll want to always keep in mind is that you should be following-up on sales leads. This is important, as people often see great products advertised, or online, or in stores, but need time to ponder on the sale. But don’t let them then forget about it.

It’s important to follow up with them to see if they’re ready to purchase. If they are, then you’ve just earned your commission. If they’re not, you need to figure out why. Perhaps they have questions. Perhaps that system is not right for them and they need one of Kangen’s smaller or larger water ionizer systems.

Many people may simply wait for you to make contact. If you don’t, they may get annoyed and not follow up on their own. Customers can have their own idiosyncrasies. Don’t forget that you need to provide some excellent customer service. Call when you say you’re going to call. Show up for your appointments on time. Have a professional appearance and always be friendly and never salesy.

Each day provides some time to follow up on your sales leads.

5. Duplicate Successful Performance

There’s nothing like that great feeling of selling another Kangen water ionizer system. You’re exciting for the customer as they’re excited to have fresh clean drinking water, and you’re excited for yourself as you have some funds coming in. You may also be celebrating success when you have some new business recruits coming on board.

You should be tracking your progress each day. This is because when you celebrate your success, you want to duplicate your successful performances for the next day. And how do you do that? But doing research into how you achieved those sales. It may be from checking your notes to see what sales techniques you used. You may have to check your schedule to see what you did that day.

Did you find your successful sales leads through the internet or did you find them over the telephone, or out in public?

Once you’ve been doing this for a while, a pattern should emerge. You’ll be able to note your sales strengths and your sales weaknesses. Every team member is unique. What works for you may not work for another. Make note of what you did, and duplicate your successful performance.

6. Start Having Fun!

What’s the point of taking on any new business venture if you’re not going to have fun at it? Enagic wants its distributors to have fun! So, if you left your crappy office job because you weren’t having fun there, now it’s time to start having fun with Enagic!

You may be wondering how you can do this. By now you’ve established your home office. In your office, you can place a bunch of fun items on your desk. Raid the kids’ toy box if you must. Adults can play with toys too. Set up some Lego on your desk, or give yourself permission to take a fifteen-minute gaming break.

If you have a booth at a trade show, conference, or convention, don’t be boring. Offer some giveaways. Allow your potential customers to play a game at your booth. The roulette wheel always encourages crowds. The prizes needn’t be big either. People are happy about winning a free branded pen or stuffie.

When you’re chatting with customers on the telephone, tell them a fun but clean joke. Likely there are many other ways that you can lend some fun to your day when selling water ionizer systems.

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Need More Information?

Enagic can provide a great opportunity for men and women who are excited about selling a great product—the Kangen water ionizer system. As a potential recruit, you may have a lot of questions. This is why I’m here to guide you through the process.

I can tell you a bit more about the company, and help you to decide if this is the right business opportunity for you. It’s recommended that you purchase one or two of the Kangen water ionizer systems for yourself, after all, you’ll want to have at least one product to demonstrate. It’s a whole lot more difficult to sell a product only on paper. Better, buy two, so you can keep one at home, and have one in the car to take out on the road with you.

I can tell you that you’ll have fun with this exciting opportunity, and you’ll become part of a team of people who care about each other. This may be a new concept to you if you come from a stressful corporate environment. You’ll appreciate being a part of a successful team of people whose one goal is to drive the success of others. I hope that I can welcome you aboard!

Let’s lock arms and work together!  You may click here for more information!  Looking forward to seeing you at the top!

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