MLM Sponsoring: How To Be Persuasive In Your MLM Business

There are a lot of things that go into developing a strong, consistently profitable business. Think fast: Name three. Chances are, you came up with something like large amounts of capital, good accounting, and a solid business plan. This is all true, but at the end of the day, what matters most if you’re a salesperson of any sort is your ability to be persuasive. This is particularly relevant in MLM, or multilevel marketing, because you have to share the vision and the dream, or else you’ll make no money. Here are three simple ways to be significantly more persuasive in your MLM business.


Develop Trust and Create a Slippery Slide

Most MLM marketers revert to hard-sell techniques that rarely rake in much attention. They throw ads at people, make all sorts of promises as to how wonderful their products and opportunities are, and try to turn no into yes with nothing but brute force.

Well, guess how often that works.

Never. Instead, what you need to do is build trust in your prospective customer. This means you have to get them to agree with you consistently. How do you do this? The first step is to get them nodding in agreement. You can do this with any variety of techniques – ask them obvious questions that they have to agree to, tell them obvious facts that they’ll nod their heads in response to, etc. – and then you have to start getting them to do this with information pertinent to your MLM business. Ask them if it would be nice to have a product that does what yours does, or if it would be awesome to make a whole ton of money from home after setting up an MLM business. Any normal person would say yes in response to both of these things. This tactic of getting consistent yes answers from a person is called the slippery slide – once they’re on it, they’ll get used to agreeing, and saying no will be uncomfortable.

This is when you need to throw out your pitch. Once they trust you and have been pushed down the slide, they’ll want to say yes, even if they don’t actually want your product or opportunity. This doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily say yes – just that they’ll be less likely to say no.



Testimonials are another powerful way to get people to buy from you. You’re the salesperson, so of course, you only have positive things to say about your product. Your customers are not bound by any obligations to approve, though, so if your new potential customers see that your past buyers have thoroughly enjoyed your product, they’ll be more inclined to buy it. Testimonials should be placed on your website, near the top of your sales page and around the buy button. This has a subtle psychological effect that gets people to buy almost without thinking. Now you know – get out there and take advantage of these ways to be more persuasive.

It’s Your Turn!

What do methods do you use to be more persuasive in your overall approach?  Do you have a method that is better than the other?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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28 responses to “MLM Sponsoring: How To Be Persuasive In Your MLM Business”

  1. Allyson says:

    I didn’t know that psychological trick of placing testimonials by the ‘buy’ button. That’s cool! Thanks for the tips. I agree with you:trust is the number one priority in selling.

  2. Carmen says:

    I like testimonials – I go after one from each client.

  3. Melissa says:

    This is great info. I really like the slippery slide. I am going to use that this weekend. Thanks

    • Nate Leung says:

      Great! Take what you learn, and apply! Thank you for stopping by with your feedback!

  4. Hi Nate
    great post. To build trust and rapport, I like to use these words – “Well, you know how……..”
    When you use these words at the beginning of a sentence, you take control of your prospect’s mind!!:-
    Nod and smile when you say “well you know how…” because the person you’re talking to will nod and smile back at you plus it talks directly to their sub-conscious mind. Their sub-conscious mind will basically say to them, well, if I already know this, then whatever you say next, I will believe you!
    Works every time!!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Martin,

      Yes, that is a form of NLP, getting people to agree with you and get them to agree it’s their idea. Your goal is to get them to think that it’s their idea. Appreciate the feedback Martin!

  5. Testimonials are worth their weight in gold!!!

  6. I completely agree! Testimonials are so valuable and important as well as build confidence an trust. Great info!

  7. Zina Solomon says:

    Great article. I always learn something new when I come to your site. Thank you Nate. 🙂

  8. The Slippery Slide. That’s a good one. Getting them to nod yes so many times that a “no” will feel uncomfortable to them. This is one of those Slight of hand techniques that actually work. Asking great questions which ties into their wants and your offers will definitely beat out those old skool hard sales. Why? Because you’re asking empowering questions your prospects want to say yes too! This is definitely a great technique. Thanks for sharing Nate!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Yes, that “slippery slide” is an effective technique. The overall goal is to get a no to a yes. Asking questions, understanding your prospects, wants, needs and desires is always important. The overall goal is to assist in the decision making process. Thanks for your comments Sherman!

  9. PJ Moore says:

    Love this post Nate. You always share very insightful information and techniques with us. Love the slippery slide technique!

  10. Lyn Morris says:

    Persuasion is the act of getting a sentient being other than yourself to adopt a particular belief or pursue a particular action. Once I learned that, I been able to apply that to my business. Great article Nate!

  11. Hi Nate,

    Neat stuff man! I love the slippery slide analogy.

    This is an ethical way to use a Jedi Mind Trick on someone. Influence people to agree all the way up to your pitch, and they will be less likely to disagree. Hey in truth, what is a sale, or a buy, but an agreement, right?

    Persuade people by offering something too good to refuse because you have built up their emotions to a frenzied pitch. I think of some monstrous companies like Apple. Each advertisement and each product works people up, heightens their emotions, so when a new product comes out, easy pickens time.

    Same deal for a masterful mlm coach. Raise ’em to a fever pitch, influence them to join then follow up by working hard to make both of your dreams come true.

    Awesome share Nate, thanks buddy!


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Ryan!

      Yes, persuasive is very much like “Jedi Mind Tricks”. You learn the tricks of the trade from Yoda, you can persuade many people in hence help a lot of people get what they want out of life. I’ve always looked at persuasion as a good thing when used properly for the greater good. Appreciate the comments Ryan!

  12. Nice post Nate
    On my sales career what always worked was understanding my customer, i had to qualify him asking simple questions to find out the real needs. When he released that i was interesting

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Jose,

      It’s always nice to see a new visitor.

      Yes, asking the right questions to find out the customer’s desire is a great way of getting past the stuff that doesn’t matter and really understand if what you have to offer can help. Thank you for the comments Jose!

  13. Liz says:

    Trust is so important when building your biz! People can see right through slimy pitches and people who just care about making money. Thanks for teaching us some wisdom!

  14. Leah Lambart says:

    I love the tips for asking questions they’ll agree to. Get them to agree with you, get some agreement and soften the sell.

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