How To Align Yourself With a Winning MLM Network Marketing Company Like Enagic

Many people thrive on MLM—Multi-Level Marketing companies but may have difficulties choosing their next business venture. Obviously, they want to join a company with a great product, but somehow selling makeup or hand lotion isn’t going to make you rich. You also want the support of a sales team, as you’ll not only be compensated for your own sales, but for the sales of the people that you recruit.

MLM is a lot like a game to most people, and many thrive in this environment, but the stakes can be high. The harder they work, the faster you can move up the ranks and earn more cash. But how will you choose the right company?

How to align yourself with a winning network marketing company

Here are 9 thoughts you should take into consideration, as you journey towards financial success.

1. Choose a Solid, Growth-Oriented Company.

There are many business opportunities waiting for you, but do you want to risk it with your neighbor who has a great scheme, but no business experience? Push those new ventures aside, and narrow down your choices to only solid, growth-oriented companies.

This means working with a company that has been in business for at least a few years. It will be one with a proven track record. You’ll be able to read about their progression from idea, to business start-up, and beyond. Ideally, their teams will be earning millions of dollars in sales.

You’ll also need to look toward the companies that are still growing. These are the ones that haven’t hit that ceiling yet. They continue to train and encourage new salespeople to join them. These companies offer incentives and training to new people who are ready to succeed.

2. Sell Fantastic Products with Incredible Benefits.

Choose a company that already has an established list of products. It’s a bit difficult, actually impossible, to earn any cash on a new business start-up that hasn’t even manufactured their products yet. It can be tempting to start from scratch, yet for this reason, the MLM company can give you a head start, as you’ll only be selling products that are already on the market today.

For example, Enagic has their Kangen water filtration systems that are sold to consumers. These water filtration systems are some of the best on the market today, and they have earned a good name in the marketplace. For consumers seeking a water filtration system for their home, they’re already halfway sold to this system. All you have to do is find these potential customers, and the product almost sells itself.

Other benefits to seeking in a company include bonuses and commissions. If you have your own team you’ll also gain your own bonuses and commissions from their own sales. There may also be some other company benefits offered too, such as training, or discounts.

When you can believe in the fantastic products you’re selling, you’ll achieve greater success as you’ll generate excitement in the eyes of your potential customers.

3. Get Leaders That Will Work with You.

When you’re starting a new venture you need to know that you have the support that you require when times get tough. Sure, you’ve bought that great Kangen water filtration system and are ready to demonstrate how great it is. But where do you find the leads? How do you close the sale? How do you provide ongoing support to your current customers so that they’ll think of you the next time they need another water system?

You want to choose a great MLM marketing company that has leaders that will work with you. Your leader will help you with training, and they’ll create an action plan to help you on the road to your first sale.

The best leader will also check in with their crew on a regular basis. In the beginning, it may be several times a day, if required. Great leaders will inspire you to continue on, even on your worst days. If you’ve ever had difficulties with management at past companies, perhaps you need to find better ones. For example, all of the leaders at Enagic are there to help every member of their team succeed. One day, you too will be a leader. There is no better feeling than knowing that you’ve made someone’s day just a little bit brighter.

4. Gain a Great Track Record of Group Success.

When you’re selling products you need to know how you’re doing. You may be able to count the number of units sold, but you also need to know how you’re doing on paper. Your leader will be able to track your success so that you have an actual track record.

A leader of a sales team will also keep a track record of every member of their team. This is so you know where you stand. You can use it as a basis for next month’s efforts. Once a year has passed, you can see your best months. You’ll be able to analyze why sales performed better one month. Was it due to the holiday season? Perhaps everyone was back to school and wanted a product to keep them healthy. Or, maybe sales were down in January because everyone was broke after the holidays.

You’ll be able to view your last month’s performance and see if you need to up your game for the next month. There is always room for improvement. Even the highest players at a corporation are always striving to do better.

5. Utilize a Proven Marketing System.

When you’re checking out your options for different MLM companies, most likely you’ll want to know what kind of marketing systems the key players are using. Are they utilizing a proven marketing system or are they left floating in the boat?

When you begin you don’t want to be wasting your time making phone calls if most of your team is earning their sales through social media. While you may have your individual resources to add to the team, and perhaps you can make a few sales through the telephone, you want your new MLM to be upfront and share their proven marketing systems with you.

This also saves a lot of effort on your end. Remember the earlier example of deciding whether to sell for a brand new and virtually unknown business? Why would you want to do all that work to figure out a selling program, when you can join a reputable and well-established MLM marketing company with a proven marketing system?

Sure, sales aren’t guaranteed with even a marketing system. But your team leader will assist in training and help you to work through the steps. They’re there for those times when you get stuck. Perhaps you’re bad at demonstrations, or you don’t know how to ask for the sale. The fail-safes will be worked into the marketing system to help you close that sale.

6. Use Cutting Edge Systems and Resources.

When you’re selling products, for example, a Kangen water filtration system, you want to know that you’re utilizing cutting-edge resources in your sales. Perhaps you’ll be directly demonstrating your product to people at conventions or salesrooms. It’s good to know that you have some great products. This can also be applied to resources.

Resources may be in reference to sales materials that you’re handing out to customers. These resources may list medical facts and official studies that back up the benefits of the products being sold.

Resources may also be training materials that are available online for your own use. They can consist of documents, videos, and audio files. Grouped together, they may comprise one course with a specific purpose, such as to teach you how a product works.

Resources may also be applicable to your team leaders and other team players who possess a large amount of combined knowledge. These people may share their knowledge within a forum, or post their own versions of training materials online.

7. Have a Dynamic Referral Program.

A referral program can be set in many different ways, but it should offer a reward in exchange for 1. A referral, and 2. A referral who purchases. The referral program should be well-established and not something that is thought up at the spur of the moment.

A dynamic referral program lends credibility to your business. Your potential or future customers will be excited that they could earn a reward. Perhaps it will be for a product discount, or for a free t-shirt. Either way, it will encourage them to participate.

Referral programs can be advertised on your blog or website, and you can also post the details on your social media pages. You can also use word-of-mouth, so be certain if you’re chatting with people over the telephone, or in person, to mention the details.

The referral program should also be constantly evolving. For example, if a customer refers you to one of their friends, and their friends buy a product, your first customer gets a gift. But if they refer three of their friends, and each of them buys a product, your first customer can get a substantial reward.

A referral program may also attract a new salesperson to your team. If they’re enjoying some success with giving you referrals, they may just be suitable for your team.

8. Find a Team-Oriented Company.

By now you’ve noticed that the keyword here is “team”. You’ll definitely want to find a company that has a team-oriented environment. Your other option is to work in an individualized environment where it is every man/woman for themselves. That is not only stressful, but it will never help you to get ahead.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed that the most successful businesses foster team-oriented growth. You know the worst ones because they’re the ones in the news who berate their employees for being human. You don’t want a company like that. You need a great team leader who will be supportive of every member of their team and will help you to grow to be your best.

It’s possible to learn to be a team member too. Perhaps you’ve been alone in your prior companies and now you want to try something different. You’ll love how you can truly be appreciated and feel valued when you’re a member of a team.

9. Why Enagic Should Be Your Company of Choice

If you still don’t know where to turn, consider Enagic, one of the best MLM companies in the world today. They’re based in Japan, and the main focus of their business is to provide pure and clean drinking water to the world. They do this through their great Kangen water filtration systems. Go look them up and you can see that these products have some of the best reviews in their class. They’re actually engineered, designed, and made in Japan.

Enagic is a company that has been around for many years and continues to grow. They have a fantastic product and great team leaders that will assist you in your success. Kangen water systems are part of a proven marketing system, which is why they have been sold to nearly every country around the world today. Enagic utilizes the best cutting-edge resources and shares them with team members. They also have a dynamic referral program to tempt new team members or customers into buying.

After you’ve taken all of these items into consideration, you’ll be better prepared to make your final decision. You may wish to take a closer look at Enagic, as it fulfills all of the properties of being one of the best MLM companies in the world today. Enagic is not only team-oriented, but you’ll find that you can enjoy greater success selling a great line of Kangen water filtration systems to your great customers.

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    Congrats on your new venture man. I wish you much success. Finding the right company is very important. It’s something people need to put a lot of thought into. I prefer established companies myself, at least 20 years old. It also helps to have a great product at a fair price. Keep us updated on your progress man!

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