How The Affiliate Marketing Model Works (Step By Step)

Ever wonder how some of the successful people in the online marketing space earn $100 a day or even $1,000 a week?

With the influx of people tired of the 9 to 5 grind, it’s no mystery that people are looking to create their own income. With that said, I would say this is the #1 question that I get asked daily.

Without further ado, let me share how the affiliate marketing model works.

1) Target Audience

This is also known as your avatar as I mentioned in my other videos.

This is the first thing that has to take into account is to attract the right audience. In other words, try selling meat to a vegetarian… it’s hard. This is the same exact idea.

Not everyone will be your ideal avatar. The key is to put your offer in front of the right person as close as possible. This is also your niche.

2) Select a product or service that matches your audience

As mentioned earlier, your offer has to be the right match for your audience. There is a transaction between you (as the affiliate) and your audience (the customer). It’s an equal or greater exchange of value.

3) Traffic and more traffic

I shared this in my other posts and cannot stress how important this part is. Let’s not overthink this part. It is nothing more than having eyeballs on your product or service.

Some of the popular sites you can use to drive traffic to your offer are Facebook and YouTube. I mentioned these two platforms because they are my two favorites.

Side note: Once I realized how powerful Facebook and YouTube were. I realized I didn’t need to use other platforms. Don’t get me wrong, most platforms are awesome. The question I asked myself, do I need to have more than two platforms to work with?

Trust me when I say this. It’s plentiful! Even if you used both platforms for the rest of your life!

4) Build an e-mail list

So, why is this important?

It is free traffic that you control and own.

E-mail marketing is still the #1 way to communicate with those who are interested in what you are offering and promoting. It was the case 20 years ago and still is the case today.

Imagine having your own audience with a click of a button?

How about having an automated ATM?

When you get to the point where you have a targeted e-mail list, your subscribers will follow your every move.

Want to see how I make these points work?

Watch the video below as I break down the affiliate marketing model. If you can master these four simple steps over and over, it will change your life.

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29 responses to “How The Affiliate Marketing Model Works (Step By Step)”

  1. Jarrid says:

    Hi Nate, thank you for this article, as it’s very helpful for me at the moment as I try to build more traffic. Do you have any tips for how to build your email list?
    Thank you!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Jarrid!

      I use lead magnets and content to solve a specific problem that my ideal avatar is having.

      The type of content typically use is a value-based post on Facebook or video on YouTube. For example, if your avatar is struggling to get more leads for their business opportunity, a headline that will attract them would be something like:

      • 3 Quick ways to get more leads using social media

      • How to leverage free and paid traffic to generate high quality leads that will convert to hungry paying customers

      • How to use YouTube videos to get 3-5 high-quality leads per day on autopilot (even if you don’t have expensive video equipment).

      This has been my go-to method for capturing my leads into my e-mail list.

  2. Maya Gutierrez says:

    These are such excellent tips and you make it sound so easy and doable!

  3. kumamonjeng says:

    Your post has reminded me to create the email list, I have yet to do that. Thanks for the tips above.

  4. Joyce says:

    Thanks for sharing your business formula. I am an online worker for 6 years now and have really been looking for other ways to get more income apart from my full time job. This is very helpful!

  5. Patricia M. says:

    Great and very informative post Nate, Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Heather says:

    I personally have not found affiliate marketing profitable, but I know a number of people that make most of their money that way.

    • Nate Leung says:

      It does take some work and an understanding to know how it works. In the video, I explained it step by step.

  7. Chad says:

    This is really awesome especially the tip about building an email list, i had no idea it is that important. Thank you.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Chad,

      Building an e-mail is one of the most important digital assets you can own!

  8. Catherine says:

    What a great walk through and explanation. Having a growing mailing list is so important and a key component to a successful campaign through affiliate marketing.

  9. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh says:

    This really explains it all! This post is perfect for someone who is trying to learn more about affiliate marketing. I definitely learned something more about affiliate marketing.

  10. Emily Fata says:

    The affiliate marketing model is definitely something that is interesting to consider. Thank you for sharing more in-depth information on the topic!

  11. Ruth I says:

    I am really impressed with your this Nate! This is going to drastically help me solve more marketing issues. Great ideas!

  12. Sushmita says:

    Very, very helpful! Can you let me know where can I find some reliable resources to know more about email marketing?

  13. Olya Amanova says:

    I loved the video and now reading this article makes a whole picture for me) I think you made me understand what I was doing))

  14. Clare says:

    This is really great and helpful article! You explained it so well. Now I have a great idea how to manage emails. Thank you so much and more power!

  15. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    These are great tips and you explained everything very well and in a way that people will easy to understand.

  16. Emily says:

    This is really informative and super helpful to get started with affiliate marketing!

  17. Asha Carlos says:

    I would love to work from home confidently knowing that I will be earning money while being able to do other things for my family. Thank you for these tips

  18. Berlin Maynigo says:

    i always find affiliate marketing as profitable. only that i don’t like the set up. often, it’s the way how you install the code that makes me not consider affiliate marketing.

  19. Rachel says:

    This is a really great tutorial! Affiliate marketing is super beneficial.

  20. Mhaan says:

    I’ve been meaning to learn about affiliate marketing. This is really helpful! Thank you so much!

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