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How Not To Get Terminated From Your MLM Network Marketing Company

Network marketing and MLM companies are just like brick and mortar businesses in that employees come and go.  If you are currently successful in the field of MLM chances are you have been with a few different companies before finding the one that you are with now.  It is normal for people to go through 2-3 companies or networks before finding one that fits their lifestyle, their goals and their aspirations.


Being terminated from a MLM network marketing company, especially if you’re in the top ranks or in the leadership of the company can spell disaster for your entire MLM career, now and well into the future.  This article will highlight the tips you can use to resign from any MLM company without causing a massive shakeup in leadership, without leaving the former company in shambles, without burning too many bridges, and how to keep earning money from the former company while moving on to greener pastures.


How Not To Get Terminated From your MLMBe Polite in your Resignation


When resigning from your MLM company you don’t have to provide a specific reason.  You can simply state that the company isn’t working for you, you’ve found a better opportunity, or you’ve no longer interested in peddling the products or services the company is offering.  Whatever reason you give, you better be sure to be polite and have dignity in your resignation.  Whether your resignation comes in the form of a telephone call, an email, or a face-to-face conversation it’s important to be polite, punctual and courteous when explaining your reason for resigning.


Be prepared to hear lots of “but you’re our best producer!” or “but you are poised to be our best distributor!”  It’s not uncommon to hear quite a bit of this when you announce your resignation.  Never get angry at your upline, no matter how much they try to convince you to stay with the company.  Always remain polite and nice when dealing with the resignation process.


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How Not To Get Terminated From your MLMDo not Trash Talk Former MLM Company


One of the best ways to lose your warm market, lose your leads and prospects, and join the no friends left club in MLM is by trash talking your former company.  News and information spreads quickly, and gossip and trash talk is among the quickest pieces of information to spread in the MLM community.  If you are somewhat of a well-known face in the MLM world and you consistently trash talk your former company you might as well kiss your prospects, leads, downline, upline, and most of all your hard-earned profits goodbye.


Be Subtle in your Drawback when leaving your MLM company


One of the best ways to avoid attention and scrutiny within the company is to plan your drawback and withdrawal from the network strategically.  Slowly distance yourself from the company while still maintaining your monthly quotas and still interacting with your downline, although on a more limited basis.  Eventually you will be in a position where it becomes easier to leave, as you have grown further from the company, haven’t talked to leaders, and have become a “nobody.”



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Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
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5 Responses to “How Not To Get Terminated From Your MLM Network Marketing Company”

  1. Sigrid McNab

    Nate, I like this strategic approach to resigning from your MLM company. Being courteous, but firm is always the best plan, I think.

  2. Sherman Smith

    Hey Nate, thanks for sharing this information. It’s enough pressure to change companies when you’re of the top producers in your company and if anyone follows these tips they will find it easier to make that transition over!

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    What a skilled approach to resigning from your MLM Nate.

    Observe the situation; you and your company are a poor match. No need to be nasty, or upset. Slowly release on the company and move on, because taking the mature approach puts more money in your pocket down the road.