Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) Review – Read This Before You Pull Out Your Credit Card!

You may have heard about global affiliate programs to help you in the marketing of your business.

Often many affiliate programs take your money and offer little more in return than a link you place on your site, a few videos, and articles that you could have found on the web. GAZ—Global Affiliate Zone is an excellent affiliate program where they not only offer you the education, you get a full mentorship program that focuses on results too.

So, before you pull out your credit card for other sites with questionable results, read about these great benefits first.

What is GAZ?


GAZ is an online business that teaches regular everyday people that are looking for a change or to supplement their income.

The leaders who run the Global Affiliate Zone are committed to providing the latest and most up-to-date coaching and resources to online entrepreneurs such as yourself. They constantly keep on top of new ways to market your business. They utilize case studies from around the world.

They also believe in teaching real online marketing strategies that actually work.

Basically, they teach and coach you on the most successful online marketing strategies.

They focus on the brand new entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran who has been around for some time. Everyone can benefit.

Together, everyone can leverage this collective amount of knowledge.

Through a combination of live presentations and trained coaches.

How Can GAZ Help Me?

Before you sign up for GAZ you will want to fully understand how the program works and how it will help you succeed.

Make sure you do your due diligence and re-watch the replays as needed so that you fully understand what you are signing up for.

If you haven’t signed up for GAZ, and want to see if this is a fit and want to know if it’s for you…

** Please feel free to contact me here or if you are on Facebook reach out to me by clicking here.

Here are four of the main ways that GAZ will assist you in your journey.

1. Business Coaching

You’ll be assigned to a coach that will guide you through the process. They’ll be providing one-on-one business coaching to you through special business coaching sessions. This goes beyond being simply a bystander that listens to a talk and isn’t allowed to contribute or ask questions.

Not only do you get to ask questions and advice from your business coach, but they’ll also assist you in crafting a personalized game plan just for you.

2. Internet Marketing

You may groan when you hear that your training is going to include internet marketing, but this aspect can be more complicated than you think. It’s more than simply posting a photo or text and hoping that it will somehow convert to a sale for you.

You’ll get the hands-on training you actually need which will drive a traffic jam to your sales site. This will also give you plenty of leads which will lead to more sales of the products that you sell and believe in.

3. Training Courses

Once you’ve signed up for GAZ you’ll gain entry to a whole different part of their website that simply isn’t shown to the public. You’ll gain access to hundreds of quality training that you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll gain knowledge of what you need to succeed.

You’ll also have access to courses which will help you put your knowledge to work. There are step-by-step click-by-click tutorials. There will also be live training sessions you can sign up to do.

Together, all of these tools will work together to get you the profits quickly.

4. Exclusive Community

You’ll gain access to a Community area where you can connect with other members. You’ll get special guidance from some of the world’s smartest and best online entrepreneurs.

Sounds Great! What Kinds of Services Does GAZ Offer?

Once you join the GAZ Community you’ll have access to some great services, including automated sales funnels. You’ll also get “done for you” marketing materials, email autoresponders, and custom landing pages. You’ll also get to watch live sales presentations. Together, all these materials will get your business up to speed.

If you haven’t signed up for GAZ, and want to see if this is a fit and want to know if it’s for you…

** Please feel free to contact me here or if you are on Facebook reach out to me on by clicking here.

Here are more details about what you can expect when you sign up for the GAZ Community.

1. Get Private Community Access

With your membership, you will get private access to a great community. Here you’ll find all the resources you need to succeed in your business.

2. Live Weekly Webinars

At least once a week you’ll get to attend weekly webinars.

3. Get Coaching & Mentorship

Your coach will help you to map out a special custom plan for you. This will ensure that you reach each of your goals quickly.

4. Participate in Live Events and Masterminds

You’ll have the ability to connect with leaders and be able to have breakthroughs in your business.

5. Ongoing Training and Support

Training courses are designed to be simple and help you in your business. Their goal is to get you the results you want.

6. Step by Step Guidance

You’ll get to watch the experts on live calls showing you exactly how to set up your business campaigns, and succeed.

7. Close More Sales

You’ll be able to leverage proven sales funnels for your business. The sales funnels will assist you in closing your sales for you.

8. Ongoing Support

Get great online GAZ support. If you get stuck, you’re only one message away from having your problems solved.


GAZ Product Line

After you sign up for a GAZ membership, you’ll gain the use of their membership site. This program has training modules that are designed to help you generate traffic for your website and assist in the process of converting your leads into buyers.

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Now that you know about the front end offer.  The back-end offer is Enagic.  Enagic is a high ticket business opportunity.

Compensation Plan

GAZ also offers its own compensation plan in addition to providing assistance for small business owners. For every person you refer to the GAZ program, you also earn a commission.

Online Marketing Strategy

GAZ will automate most of your online marketing strategy. This helps the most inexperienced or newbie marketer succeed without any tech experience. There are thousands of people in the community, and everyone is focussed on helping everyone else. All you have to do is review the training materials, and implement them as you go.

GAZ Membership Costs

Membership involves a monthly fee of $99, which will be attractive to most people who don’t like the fee structure of marketing websites that offer a monthly fee. This gives you access to the materials on the site, including training and the access of a coach.

What happens after I signed up for GAZ?

Once you have officially joined GAZ, you’ll get on a one-on-one coaching call where they discuss your goals and where you want to take your GAZ business.  The main focus of this call is to upsell you on their back-end offer which is Enagic.

GAZ is a front end offer that promotes the laptop lifestyle and gets you through the door.  You may have learned about them through a Facebook ad.  Enagic is a high ticket product that serves as a backend offer for GAZ.

Questions about GAZ?

Hope this helped you in your decision-making process.

If you haven’t signed up for GAZ, and want to see if this is a fit and want to know if it’s for you, please feel free to reach out to me.

How can I help you?

If there is anything I can do to assist you in your journey, please feel free to contact me here.

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Take care and I hope we can connect soon. 🙏

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8 responses to “Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) Review – Read This Before You Pull Out Your Credit Card!”

  1. Myke says:

    I watched the webinar and went all the way to the page where you pay. They are wanting 99$ per month.

  2. MANDY DAVIS says:


    • Marla Natomagan says:

      How did you cancel your membership?

  3. Monique says:

    Hey Nate, thanks for your summary.

    I’ve been approached several times about this, so it’s great to be able to see the whole picture laid out in one place without the smoke and mirrors.

  4. Neddy says:

    Don’t do it guys! GAZ has ripped off many people and the info is useless. No way do we make our people pay that and why would you. You should only be paying for the machine and share the water – and that is it! We actually have payment plans set in place for those that can’t afford a machine, while at the same time educating and supporting each other, and for FREE! GAZ is a joke! Many people that joined GAZ are either complaining or have left them…. and guess who’s making all the money….. Not you but the one’s up top!

  5. Jen Manansala says:

    Hey Nate!!!

    I’ve been hearing great things about you and want to work directly work with you. I need more info before I get started. Thanks!!!

  6. Greg says:

    GAZ is an MLM your not selling anything but memberships, don’t waste your time. they talk big and sell a lifestyle but you won’t be living it. Enagic is a water system thing that is tertiary to GAZ. put your money in realestate.

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