Front-End Versus Back-End Funnels – Why It’s Important For Your Bottom Line

Are you looking for more ways to increase the performance of your sales funnel?

Do you spend enough time on back-end strategies as you do on front-end strategies?

While this is great, many businesses aren’t seeing a high converting sales funnel because they tend to forget about their backend strategies.

What is a front-end sales funnel?

The front-end is often referred to as the first product that a new customer buys. The back-end is all the additional products that a customer will buy from you over the time that they remain your customer. The back-end can also be a high-ticket item as well.

It can be a free plus shipping offer, a deeply discounted offer, etc. what matters is that there is a sale and you’re capturing a buyer not just an opt-in.

Although opt-ins can also be on your front end.

In either case, whether you have an offer for a sale or an opt-in as the first step in your front end, you’ll usually also have a front end sales funnel consisting of a tripwire offer and or a couple of upsells and down sells. This is your front end sales funnel.

What is the back-end marketing?

Back end marketing is any offer that sells to an existing customer.

Again the type of offer is irrelevant.

The important thing to learn is that this is in the back end. So it usually consists of a follow-up email sequence that nurtures the buyer and moves them onto another offer, which in turn is actually another funnel with upsells and downfalls behind that, or a high ticket value ladder.

The money is in the back-end

Seasoned affiliate marketers know that the real money is made in the back-end.

What that simply means is that you make more money by selling additional products to the same customer than you make on the initial front-end sale.

In fact, the top marketers are actually making no money on the initial first sale. Sometimes they lose money on that first sale. The best-case scenario is that they split even to acquire a customer.

The reason why this works online is because of the backend.

To the newbie affiliate marketer, this can be very confusing to understand. How can a company stay in business if they are making no money or even losing money on a sale?

The secret is that they are making all their profit on the back-end. Including recouping the loss of that first sale, the front-end sale. It’s easier to sell to a warm customer than it is to sell to a cold customer.

In order to understand this let’s look at everything above and below the line of the first offer sale.

In the video below, I explain the back-end offer and how it flows with high-ticket items

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