Enagic Trifecta Strategy – How To Maximize The Enagic Compensation Plan

You are doing research on the Enagic Trifecta strategy. This is the most asked question I get almost on a daily basis. I want to break down and walk you through the Trifecta strategy and how to maximize it the right way.

There are videos on YouTube, of people start their Enagic business in different ways. Some claim that certain ways to structure their organization are better than others. I want to be 100% transparent and walk you through how we structure the Trifecta and why we structure it this way.

What is an Enagic trifecta?

An Enagic trifecta is composed of three different positions. Think of them as three separate franchise businesses that you own. If you own a Starbucks, now you own three Starbucks.

As an example, when a new member starts, they will purchase an Anespa as their main distributor ID. Then they will sell themselves a K8 in their first 1A lane, and then sell themselves an Ukon in their second 1A lane. The potential earnings will be $340 for the K8 and $40 for the Ukon. So a total of $380 is going to going back to you immediately after starting with your Trifecta.

Your first true direct sale is going to go in your 2A lane. You’re going to earn double commission and two points commission on that sale. So let’s say, it’s a Trifecta, now a Trifecta structure like this, it’s going to be $565 per point. At 2A, you’re going to have two points, it’s going to be two times $565, equals $1,130. That’s going to be your commission at 2A.

The goal is to reach 4A, 5A, then to 6A. This is going to give you the best possible scenario now that you are placing all these direct sales. Every single one of these sales under your main Anespa ID talking about Ukon which is protected by the Ukon.

Every four months Ukon DD renews. You will need to be on the Ukon DD after three shipments before it becomes a permanent ID. I would suggest to never cancel an Ukon in your personal organization because you could forfeit points and commission by not having an active Ukon. Having an active Ukon is recommended.

If you didn’t have an active Ukon, you would not earn $40 and one point. Then after four months, it could have renewed another point, then the same four months later, another point. You could have received three points commission. However, none of that’s going to happen, because you didn’t have an active Ukon account.

Enagic Trifecta Cost and Price

This depends on which three Enagic products you decide to purchase. Once you have decided on the three products, then you can move forward with the trifecta setup.

Should you get set up with a Trifecta or a Quadzilla?

The Enagic trifecta gets you to 2A. Your first two people start as 2A vs 1A. (IE: You earn twice as much on those two people and their team forever.

Why consider the Quadzilla?

You have an extra machine to use as a ‘loaner’ – which is the best way to make retail sales.

By doing that you make retail sales and create more prospects for the business. Your prospect will copy what you do. They saw you doing the machine loan method and so they duplicate that. (IE: The Quadzilla purchase)

I’ve seen distributors build their entire Enagic business by applying this strategy by loaning clients a machine.

You also earn back 2 points of commission on your own K8 purchase – $365 X 2

For duplication, this is important. How you enter the business is how your prospects will enroll. Your business duplicates and earns profit 25% faster.

It a solid decision if it meets your budget.

It’s your turn!

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  1. Audree says:

    I will be starting my business with Enagic very soon as I just need to go through a few stages before I begin. My question to you is what trifecta package will be the best start purchase. I am putting everything I have for this in order to have a better future:) are there any hidden costs for example monthly fees? I would so greatly appreciate your help in order to begin in the right path:)
    Thank you again for your time:)
    Audree Ebacher.

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