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Looking for a legitimate and rewarding opportunity can be tough.  It can take a bit of research trying to figure out what is right for you. Most people seeking to set up a small at-home business don’t want it to take up a lot of their time.

A ground-floor opportunity without the risk is what we all want. You want a company that is stable and has a great track record and a history of providing highly valued products. What’s great about a ground floor opportunity is that the market is still brand new in not only the United States but all parts of the world.  Having the opportunity to introduce friends, family, old and new acquaintances to an opportunity can be exciting and in this blog post, you’re going to see how you can turn ordinary tap water into healthy Kangen Water. Thereby, you may potentially contribute to both the health and wealth of others.

There are more important things to do like spending time with family, relaxing, and walking the dog (even if the cat doesn’t agree!) You also want a fair return on the time that you invest.

By now you may have been doing your research in becoming an Enagic independent distributor.

Promoting Kangen water Ionizer systems offers many lucrative opportunities for you and your family. The company also has a good line of supplements, and with its direct selling structure, you can also enroll future distributors so that you can help them get the life they want in turn helping you get the life you want.

Let’s review some of the more common questions that I often get asked about the Enagic business opportunity.

What Is Enagic?

Enagic is a company with its headquarters in Japan. There are also offices around North America. They’ve been in business for over 40 years. They focus on creating the best water Ionizer systems, but also sell a turmeric supplement to benefit health too, called Ukon.

Back in 1974, Enagic was a division of the popular Sony company in Japan. Water Ionizer systems actually became more popular in Japan first. Around 2000, modern water Ionizer systems were developed. Around this time, Enagic began distribution in LA.

Rather than being your typical corporate environment, this company has a team-oriented environment designed to help everyone to succeed. This business is comprised of a team of people who enjoy improving the lives of people in the world through clean, fresh, water. Even though it’s the 21st century, a lot of tap water in cities in Canada, the USA, and Mexico doesn’t taste very good. Often it’s full of toxic chemicals, including chlorine. Even though these are necessary to kill bacteria and microorganisms, many cities just pump it into the community water supply with little thought.

Many people choose to buy cheap water filters, which are great to use for the short-term but may not filter out all the chemicals that you wish.

Enagic distributors sell a trademarked water Ionizer system to the North American market. This system filters your average tap water and results in fresh, safe, and tasty water on the other end. More people can benefit from drinking clean ionized water. When water tastes good, it’s more likely that you’ll drink more of it.

Why Should You Promote Kangen Water Machines?

There are many reasons why you should consider sharing the Kangen water Ionizer systems. Perhaps you’re trying to earn a bit of extra income, or you want a full-time small business opportunity.

Kangen water Ionizer systems are sold for a fair price, and you’ll be able to earn good commissions.

Not only that but if you build up a team, you’ll also earn commissions from your team members too. There are also products in the Enagic line, such as the Ukon turmeric supplement, which naturally complements drinking fresh clean water too.

You can also be proud of selling a high-quality product that supplies fresh, pure, clean, toxin-free, alkalized water to people.

Another great aspect of working with Enagic is that you can have fun with it! There’s no need to be serious, and nothing wrong with wanting to have some fun. It’s your own business, so you can to do with it what you want.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Enagic Distributor?

People are stressed out about money. We are constantly bombarded with bad news about the financial crisis. In today’s financial climate it’s crucial to take steps toward a healthier financial life. Poor choices negatively affect our health and our finances, but to be truly healthy, we need balance. Financial stress takes its toll in our lives in a variety of forms. We have trouble sleeping, we drink too much, we smoke, and we overeat — all to deal with money stress.

Imagine a single product that can enhance both your physical and financial health

Enagic presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide peace of mind for your finances. With this peace comes a rejuvenating lifestyle, less stress, and financial stability. In the midst of a financial crisis, we’ve been reminded that this is a priority that cannot be overlooked. Whether your motivations are freedom from debt, building an education fund, saving for a home, or adding to your retirement savings, your Enagic business will help you succeed!

Positive Change Lies Within You

Enagic’s person to person business approach maximizes your return by cutting out the middleman and advertising costs that consume your money. This business model is a direct sales program, so there is no minimum and no distributor fees. As an Enagic business owner, you are the boss and will enjoy the flexibility of creating a strategy that best suits your lifestyle. And thankfully, you’re never alone.

An International Business Model

You can develop support structures that encourage you to reach your goals and help you succeed. Building your own team and working together is a sustainable business model, and you’ll be part of an international movement that brings health and wealth to your community. Enagic is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals within a supportive community. With Kangen Water® you can live a healthy, restored life and enjoy the serenity of financial stability.

Do You Want to Improve Your Health?

Are you still trying to decide if becoming an Enagic water distributor is right for you? One really great reason is to improve your health. Since you become a distributor by first purchasing one of the water Ionizer systems, then you’ll naturally be drinking better water for your health.

There is a health risk of drinking bottled and tap water, a water Ionizer system is the best solution to consuming more water. Once you drink more water, your health will improve. Even though people may drink plenty of herbal tea, that’s not the same.

Besides having your body adequately hydrated, every bodily system will benefit. Your skin will be glowing and free from blemishes. Your hair will grow in thicker and fuller. You’ll experience fewer inflammatory conditions, such as eczema or arthritis. Your food intolerances will become more tolerable. Even your heart and lung function will be boosted.

Drinking water every day is crucial to maintaining good health. Our bodies are comprised of almost 70% water. Many of the beverages we choose to drink instead of water come with “extras” that our bodies don’t need, such as sugar and caffeine. These beverages give us a temporary boost, but their corrosive acid levels are detrimental to our health, don’t satisfy our thirst, and make us feel fatigued and dehydrated. Such bad habits take a toll on our health, our energy, and our overall happiness.

Water is the key to maintaining good health and hydration. Unfortunately, the world’s water is polluted with agricultural run-off, sewage, and other toxic agents that compromise our health. Kangen Water® has a clean, pure taste, without losing any of the important minerals that are normally lost in bottled and filtered water.

Kangen Water also has the ability to properly hydrate the body while creating a positive alkaline environment.

With its hydration and good taste, Kangen Water is the promise for good health that you have been waiting for! What could be more important? After all, your body is water.

An important part of the Enagic business philosophy is realizing true physical health. Your body is smart, but if you don’t provide it with the crucial elements, it won’t perform to its maximum potential. Make Kangen Water part of your daily routine. It doesn’t take a dramatic life change to start improving your health. Pure, clean, Kangen Water is at your fingertips.

Do You Want to Improve Your Finances?

Another reason why many people may consider being an Enagic distributor is to help improve their finances. Let’s face it, we can all use some spare cash. We’re almost halfway through the year and the winter holidays are coming. It would be nice to buy us a gift for a change.

As soon as you purchase a Kangen water Ionizer system you are considered a distributor. Of course, you can simply buy a system or two.

Enagic’s powerful expansion is due in part to the lucrative earning potential available for all Enagic® distributors. Thanks to Enagic’s 8-Point US-Patented Compensation Plan, YOU could start building a brighter future as an Enagic distributor TODAY!

The Enagic Compensation Plan is a direct sales company, which means we have completely eliminated the middle man and 100% of the commission gets paid directly to our independent distributors. This is a unique sales program where your earning potential is based on your hard work (direct sales), and you are also compensated for your team members’ sales (indirect sales).

What to expect once you get your Enagic ID number

Once you join the business, it’s going to take some work.  In order to become successful in Enagic, you’ll have to have a strong desire to succeed but also a willingness to learn.  Learn how to sell, train, and promote the Enagic business opportunity.  It’s not easy, BUT it is simple.  With that said, it’s simple NOT to do.

I’ve had my share of ups and downs with this business and at the end of the day, there isn’t anything else that I can imagine myself doing.  I have dedicated my life to sharing and promoting this business opportunity with others.

 Finding the best sponsor and mentor

Choosing the best sponsor for you is one of the most important things for your business. If you choose the wrong upline sponsor, you may be dead in the water before you start your Enagic business.

Here are some things you should consider before you join any sponsor.

  • Are they reachable via phone, e-mail or text?
  • Will they provide you mentorship and guidance?
  • Do they return your phone calls or e-mails in a timely manner?
  • Were they able to answer your questions or direct you to the answers?
  • Do they provide 3-way calls for you and your team?
  • Do they have the proper tools, resources, and strategies to help you become successful?
  • Do they just rely on warm market prospecting?
  • Have they created success for themselves?
  • Are they motivated and driven as you are?
  • Do they genuinely care about your success?

There are 2 main reasons why you may have picked the wrong sponsor:

1. Sign up with a friend or family member out of obligation.

This is a big one.

If your friend or family member does not have the proper skill sets or not marketing experience, why join them?

This is a business and you need to treat it as such. If you still decide to sign up this way, be sure that they at least have an upline sponsor who fulfills the requirements that I talk about below.

2. Found a random person on the internet via social media advertising.

Many people click a link on someone’s website to join a business opportunity without ever having a real conversation with that person.

You cannot know if the person is a good fit for you as a sponsor by only having one conversation with them. Randomly choosing a sponsor for your business through the internet is not the way to success.

Closing Thoughts

In closing, I wanted you to be aware that I’m an independent Enagic distributor. I bought my first Enagic machine back in 2006, so I can assure you that Enagic isn’t running a scam or pyramid scheme here.

Whether you have been in business for yourself or not, it’s a no-brainer.  I was in the same position as you and debated if I should do the business or not.  Find a way to make it happen.  You and your family will thank you for it.

If you found this information helpful and valuable, I invite you to take a deeper look at the Enagic opportunity or even buy a machine for your health…

This opportunity has served me very well and it has not only changed my finances but it has kept me healthy.

If I can serve and support you in any way, you may contact me here.

Aside from that, click here to learn more about the Enagic opportunity.

You will not regret it!

Did you have questions regarding Enagic?

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