How To Develop The Leader Within You

Maybe you are a very competent leader in your organization but leadership is totally a different things from management. Though they complement in certain ways.  You cannot just rely on being good manager only, thus you will never be able to inspire your people to get the best from them. So just being a good manager is not enough to improve your personal development process. There are certain personal development tips which can lead you to become a good leader as well.

A good leader has the ability to cover certain criterias like influence, integrity, priorities, problem solving, creating positive changes, vision, self-discipline, attitude, organization development etc. There are two different parts in this criterion’s and these are people development and the self development. But here we will put the personal development tips for the self development process in leadership.

How To Develop The Leader within You

Creating influence: A leader must have an influence over the people under him. This is a must for every leader to become successful because if you don’t have the influence then you cannot control them or make something done by them as you want to do. Rather they will not follow you and you will not get a job done with your full satisfactory.

Integrity: Though it is said that honesty is the best policy but this honesty is not followed by most of the people. But to become a leader you must put your highest level of integrity in your work place to your subordinates. So that they can see your dedication and they also get influenced by you.

Priorities: Select your priority areas and give more emphasis on those areas. There are elements in our life that are not important. So if we fail to identify which one is important for our personal development then we won’t be able to give much priority there. So learn to identify your priority concern.

Problem Solving: Be much more serious about problem solving. If you are reluctant about some problems then your subordinates will lose their seriousness as well. Grant all the acceptable solution from anyone so that they get an inspiration as well from you are considerate on them also.

Create positive changes: Whenever you feel some change is needed then make some positive changes so that a good impact is falls on others mind. It shows that good things are always welcome to you.  Nothing will change if you don’t change.

Vision: You must have a good and clear vision on your goals. You cannot make your personal development process if you don’t have a vision. You should be crystal clear on what you are doing or what you are going to do.

Self discipline: You have to be self motivated about your personal discipline. If you are not sincere about your own discipline then your followers will not be disciplined too. Moreover if you are not disciplined then you can’t influence someone else to. Or even you should not even expect that.

Attitude: In most cases a leader fails for his wrong attitude. All your popularity can vanish in a moment for a wrong attitude. So treat others as how you would like to be treated and also be serious when necessary.

Organization development: This is like a community or families works so don’t just think of you rather give the same importance on staff development also.

Nobody is born as a leader. Rather it is you who can discover a leader within you and is a process provided that you make a decision that you will learn to lead yourself as well as leading many. Following these personal development tips can bring out your leadership also.

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  1. ElishaLynn says:

    I love your quote, “A leader of one becomes a leader of many.  If you can’t lead yourself you can’t lead any.” You should really write a book — oh wait, you did! 😀 This article, in particular, highlights many things that I need to work on, personally. Thank you! 🙂

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