Core Values That Can Help Achieve Long Lasting Success

Besides commitment and dedication, the other crucial factor that helps people achieve success in life is personal values. This factor is what differentiates people who fall instantly from their stature of success from people who sustain their success and soar to greater heights.

The personal values vary from person to person and every one has a particular set of values because we believe in them. Although one can adopt unethical means and values to arrive at the destination of success, however, as these values are shallow, thus the building of success built on them does not last long. The lines below give some personal values that can help you achieve long-lasting success in life.

How To Help Someone Achieve Success In Their Business

Give Back

One of the most important personal values that can help you sustain the achieved success and rise to a higher level is the value of giving back. It is not common for people to be successful in life; therefore, if you are one of the lucky ones who have arrived at the desired destination in life, then you need to be able to give back to people by sharing your experience with them and guiding them on how to be successful. Doing so will earn you the respect for people and make you feel good about your success. Therefore, for long-lasting success, you must carry the value of giving back.

Produce Good Ripples

The problem with people who aren’t able to sustain their success is that they see things on a superficial level, therefore, they aren’t aware of the effects of the actions they take to achieve success, thus, when the effects start surfacing, the ladder of success starts disappearing from beneath their feet. Hence, to enjoy long-lasting success, you must understand that your actions cause effects, therefore, you must try to arrive at success with positive actions and the positive effects that follow will help you sustain your position.

Good Intentions

You must agree with me when I say that no matter how good we are at manipulating our appearances and the superficial factors, sooner or later our true intentions surface, and it is the surfacing of these intentions that the ride down the hill starts for a person. For instance, you want to be a successful business owner and for that, you manipulate all the people you come in contact with, eventually, you become successful, but as soon as the people realize that they have been manipulated and were only meant to an end, they start to move away from you. Thus, the people that helped you build your success, when they move apart the building also fall down. Therefore, it is imperative that everything you do in your struggle must be done with good intentions in mind and you must also remember the benefit of others along with your own.

Personal Values That Can Help Achieve Long Lasting Success

Making Things Better

Most of us consider success in monetary terms and the digits in the bank balance are considered the weighing tool for measuring success. Let me tell you one thing, money is not everything. Therefore, if your definition of success is making money, then you will achieve it, but sooner or later you will realize that money is not everything and despite so much of it your life does not feel complete and the success does not seem true. On the other hand, if you went behind money with the objective that it will make the life of your loved ones and you better, it will bring bread to all the people who work for you and improve the economic system then you will feel a sense of dignity when making money. Thus, you will stick to making money and keep on making the lives of others better.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What personal values do you think are required to achieve success? In your opinion, what are the factors that can make success last long? What according to you are the factors that change success into failure? Do share your insight on the achievement and sustaining of true success.

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36 responses to “Core Values That Can Help Achieve Long Lasting Success”

  1. Michael Bian says:

    Very useful and helpful article! Thanks for the post.

  2. Jason Power says:


    I agree here on good intentions, and your true intentions always do come to the surface perhaps not right away but over time the do. Having good intentions from the start is important and a great core value to have. Have a great weekend!

  3. Renee says:

    Wow this is such a great post especially with it being so close to the holidays. We are full of hustle bustle and stress. Thanks for sharing these great ideas

  4. Mike Marryat says:

    Great post! Giving back and good intentions are key to success. Sure you can have success in the short term by doing something unethical but Karma will come around and you will not be able to sustain your business long term.

  5. I love that a marketing person is talking about core values. I have met so many marketers that are in the conversation with the thought “what is in it for me.” We are successful in any type of business when we come from a place of service. Great points.

  6. Just as always, your articles are always educative and inspirational. Its easier to forget how to give back especially when you have made it. Giving back will surely get others to appreciate you and see your good side and this can lead to a sustainable relationship that can help your success last long.

    • Nate Leung says:

      We’re all blessed in our own special ways. It should be a priority to give back. Thank you for the comments!

  7. Vince says:

    This is another amazing post Nate. If everyone follows the core values you outlined above I believe they will see wonderful results..

  8. Hey Nate,

    This is the one that that differentiate people who can maintain success, whether they succeed, fail, and succeed again, and those who focus on the material aspect of it.

    I can relate to this in dancing. This is an awkward analogy, but if you don’t know, I also dance salsa. I can see the people who progress quickly as oppose to those that don’t. The one’s that do focus on the spirit and feeling of the music. The one’s that don’t progress so fast focus on what they do on Dancing With The Stars.

    The key is to focus on the rhythm first and foremost which will make you a great dance, just like in business. Focusing on the core values and the deep core reason why you want to do the business, not only will keep you in longer no matter how many obstacles you come across, but you will have long lasting success.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Sherman,

      Appreciate the analogy my friend. Your analogy proves that it all applies to many things. Not just business. Thank you for sharing that!

  9. Love these core value tips, thank you Nate for sharing! Awesome value here!!!

  10. I love to give back. It has done a lot for me in life. If you give generously people notice and everything else just falls into place. Works every time. Thanks, Nate.

  11. Alanna says:

    These are such important core values! Thank you, Nate!

  12. Ryan Biddulph says:


    The ripple effect rocks. What a stunning way to change the lives of people around you, all over the Universe. 1 kind act echoes an eternity. Thanks!

  13. Hi Nate,

    For me success does not equal money. Wealth is what I use instead of the term money because money is just numbers and with that mindset you can only go so far.

    Wealth, however encompasses gratitude, the ability to spread our wealth via whatever means one chooses. But most of all, it gives us the mindset to help others.

    Helping others has to be first and foremost when running a business. Its the back bone of every successful business off or on line.


    • Nate Leung says:

      You’re right Donna. Success shouldn’t be money. Money is energy. What you give it out is what you get back in return. Thanks for the comments!

  14. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. πŸ™‚ and genuine empathy and I think make a HUGE difference. Happy Holidays to you, and Merry Christmas, if that’s your thing! πŸ˜›

  15. Catherine says:


    What a great post to help us reflect as we near the end of the year! You hit a lot of the core values I have. I really believe in giving back and gratitude. So many people are not as fortunate as us and when we give back we get a chance to realize this while helping others.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  16. Emmanuel says:

    Success of course isn’t all about money. I like that point you raised.

    Having good intentions is very key as well. Thanks for sharing with s this insight nice more again Nate.

    Do have a great weekend.

  17. Arleen says:

    Nate- Great post. I agree with the not all success is measured by money. Many salespeople thrive on recognition that will not give them a penny more. Being appreciated. I am not going to lie that I like the monetary part of the business, but I have to say I feel that I am a success when my customers keep coming back because they get good service. I have a very high rate of repeat business and in my industry this is not the norm.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

  18. Steve Clausell says:

    Another incredible post with tons of value Nate. I really like the what you said about having good intentions is a core ingredient to your overall success.

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