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How to Build An Awesome MLM Blog

There are a few components that you need to consider while creating your first MLM blog for your MLM empire. “User engagement” in this day in age, holds a significant importance while still providing quality content and being able to share as much as you can.  I’m going to be sharing 6 easy tips on how to make an awesome MLM blog.


1. Build a simple and attractive MLM BlogHow to Build a MLM Blog


A spotless and easy design is pleasing to your MLM readers; stay away from disturbing graphics, images and fonts that turn off your visitors or scaring them away.  An easy and attractive well designed blog can differ within individual flavors, and be sure to keep your MLM readers in mind while selecting colors, fonts and backgrounds.  My preference is using white backgrounds or lighter colors and use black text for easy reading.  It’s easier on the eyes of your MLM reader.


2. Grand Central Hub


Don’t load up your MLM blog among tons of banners, videos, opt-in forms, as well as the order of the kitchen go under.  Too much of this will turn away your network marketing visitors and defeats the purpose of the intended post to begin with. Several years back, the majority states began banning billboards as of highways. The way of thinking was, they felt drivers were living being abstracted and so additional accidents occurred. Look at that example as a similar example that applies to your MLM blog.   I would say have some ads here and there, but don’t overwhelm your MLM reader with ads galore.


3. Who Are You?


Place information about yourself on your MLM blog.   Let your reader know your story and give them the opportunity to learn “about you”.  Be cautious not to write your whole biography, just provide a pleasant story and be sure to tell a good story in such a way that your MLM reader can relate to as well as letting them know how you can help them by sharing your expertise.
For Instance: If your blogging about a nutritional supplement, you may give information regarding your research, training skills or other knowledge about the topic.  It’s good to share what you have found and also make a comparison to another like kind supplement.  Your MLM readers will view you as an authority figure.  This strategy is an awesome way to bring in more potential business partners or customers.
Place a picture of yourself on the “about you” section of your MLM blog.  Include your contact information and anything else you might want to include to have the reader contact you.  Also include your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  This also helps increase your exposure in the market place.


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4. Create quality content for your MLM readers


The usual network marketing reader usually has a short attention span and getting worse every single day.  They are bombarded with so much information and it’s easy for them to start ignoring all of the information that is presented to them.  Once they visit your blog, you will have one short to make an impression on them.    Learn to speak their language and write your content in mind that you know what pains and struggles they are going through.  Also provide relevant information because if you do, they will come back for more.


5. Grab Them with the Title


From time to time you will find yourself trying to come up with an eye catching title. Using several MLM blog keywords may bring you up during the explore end results.  Play around with titles, and see which titles work better than others. Be original and put yourself in the MLM reader’s mind when you are deciding on a title for your blog post.


6. How Long Should a MLM Blog Post Be?


A general rule of thumb that I go by is to keep the blog post at a minimum of 500 words and try not to go over 1,000 words In terms of how often you should post?  I would say if you want some good results.  Try to post a blog at least three times a week.  Stay consistent and just write quality content.   Just remember, that blogging is a long term strategy and if you keep doing it every single day, you will get results, guaranteed.  If you need more help on how to create a blog or how to use a blog for your business.  I highly recommend this course by clicking here.  This will help you build your website and effective strategies you can use to build an awesome blog.



To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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