Brendon Burchard – The Charge Book Review

If you feel like you’ve been living the kind of life that is all but devoid of energy, floating through your day to day just trying to get from point A to point B without causing too many waves – really not enjoying and embracing anything you’re doing but rather going through the motions, then you’re going to love what Brendon Burchard’s new book, The Charge has to offer.

Brendon Burchard - The Charge

Written by best-selling author Brendon Burchard, The Charge is a totally new spin on leading the kind of high energy, influential, super engaged and exciting lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about. If you’ve been looking for the kind of book that can totally transform the way you think and go about living your life forever, giving you the kind of step-by-step information you need as well as the big picture ideas that can reshape your philosophy, you’ll find all that and so much more just inside the covers of The Charge.

Brendon kicks things off with three different ideas about how people are really living their lives, three archetypes that most people will identify with even if they don’t perfectly fit one specific mold. The first life that he talks about is The Caged Life, where people are stuck in the past and their very own man-made prison of what people expect of them. Allowing everyone they meet to have complete and total influence over just about everything that happens to them, they slowly lose their sense of themselves until there is nothing but a tiny shell of what used to be – what still could be – living inside its very own cage.

He then goes on to outline a handful of specific solutions you can instantly use to start shipping away at those bars – turning yourself into an escaped convict of your own mental prison. This shift can be dramatic and somewhat jarring but can give you really seeing the world as it actually is and allowing you to take your first few breaths of true freedom. There is literally nothing sweeter than taking in a deep breath of your new life and really understanding what you’re about to go through to change everything for the better.

The Second Life that Brendon Burchard talks about is The Comfortable Life. This is where people are coasting from place to place, job to job, relationship to relationship without making any real progress or exerting anything more than the minimum effort. And while some people would see this as a normal and average existence, the fact of the matter is it is even more insidious and dangerous than living a Caged Life. This is because you knowingly and intuitively understand that there are higher levels that you could reach, but aren’t doing it he cause you don’t feel the external or internal pressure to force you to become the person that you could be if you only would expend the necessary energy.

These people are almost always claiming that they are happy in their lives, but still feel some sense and sinking feelings that things are just not exactly what they look like on the surface. It’s almost impossible for them to find the little leak in their happiness, but it is still there and slowly trickling out all of their happy and exciting feelings. Comfort is the worst thing that you could look for, as it means you are settling for something when you could be pushing for even greater rewards. Remember, when you’re coasting you’re still going downhill

Nate Leung - Brendon Burchard - The Charge

The final kind of life is The Charged Life. This is the person who has complete and total control over every single aspect of their life, influencing people to do just about whatever they want to accomplish, really taking charge in the leading rather than simply following. These are the go-getters and doers of the world, the ones who are completely capable of changing the very fabric of our society.

Always waking up feeling refreshed and ready to attack the universe, push forward to get what they want, and always looking to help someone who is in need and shape the world to leave it a better place than they are currently finding it, Brendan Burchard clearly outlines exactly what these people are living on a day-to-day basis. Once you fully understand what these people are able to bring out of life and the real happiness they feel every single moment, you’ll be hooked into the book and ready to become one of The Charged yourself.

After outlining exactly what the three different styles of life and living are, best-selling author Brendan Burchard walks you through the step-by-step ways to changing your life into one of The Charged. This is the real meat and potatoes of the book, and while he starts off a little bit higher level he quickly brings it down to the actual tangible steps that you need to go through to see your life begin to change before your very eyes.

While this might seem more than a bit daunting on the surface, the moment you start to apply some of the things that best-selling author Brendan Burchard has to offer in The Charge you’re going to begin to notice a very real and very serious change in your life. This book is one of the few on the marketplace today that can actually give you the results it promises, and Brendon Burchard has proven it time and time again through his past track record.

He will show you exactly what kinds of activities and exercises you need to change your life forever, really putting a charge and jolt into your life that you thought was long extinguished. He shows you how to control your outlook and who you are as a person, he shows you how to find and create new experiences and memories, and he shows you how to master the way you work and what you’re trying to accomplish in your life.

While there are only about a million and one different self-help books and programs on the market today, none of them are able to offer you the same kind of deep transformative experience the same way that best-selling author Brendan Burchard is able to do with The Charge.  I highly recommend this book and if this review helped you make an informed decision on purchasing the book, you can do so by clicking here.

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