Bode Pro Review – Read This Before You Decide to Join

Are you working your crappy day job and just waiting for the right business opportunity to come along? Millions of people are sitting at their desks all day long, disengaged from work and daydreaming that they could have started Apple, eBay, or Facebook if only they had the time and resources. Hopefully, while you plan you’re also putting away a bit of cash and doing your research.

While doing your research you’ll want to learn about small business opportunities that have gone big. Many entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs or Mary Kay, began their small businesses from a room, or garage, as in the case of Jobs, from their own homes. Some people don’t even have a spare room. Even if you have to set up the laptop in your living room, or hide in the bathroom from the kids to get an hour of work done, you can create an empire from nearly nothing.

As you research, you’ll come across interesting businesses such as Bode Pro. You should sit up and take notice of this company, as they have taken a fresh approach to business marketing.

Bode Pro Review—Read This Before You Decide to Join

Who is Bode Pro?

Bode Pro is a new startup tech company that also has a tangible product. It may seem a bit unusual to cover both aspects of the marketplace, but that’s what they’ve done. The tech part of the company involves a social app where people can gather together. It’s a lot like a meeting place, much like Facebook, Twitter, or other social media can be.

However, this gathering place also works a lot like a social marketplace too, where the products have a big following, with opportunities for support, and to generally help consumers and sellers solve their problems.

Bode Pro was founded by BK Boreyko and his two sisters, Karen and Lauren. The company only began in January 2017, and recently launched in March 2017. The siblings have over twenty plus years of marketing experience. BK Boreyko was also the CEO of Vemma, another successful MLM company.

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The Great Success of Bode Pro

So, you may be asking yourself, this company just started, why is it already so successful? Bode Pro has chosen its market focus, which is about 80% of women, 20% men. They have aimed to sell products that are aimed at this demographic.

This company has a unique marketing approach that involves an app, and a community, much like a gigantic forum where you can connect with others. It’s projected that in their first fiscal year that they will have sales of fifty million dollars in the USA, and as they expand, later in 2017 from Europe.

The company offers a Bode Pro Happiness guarantee on all products, so they can be returned if the consumer is not 100% happy.

The company is similar to Global Prosperity Solutions, 4Life, Zrii, and Juice Plus+.

Some of the Great Products of Bode Pro

They currently have only four product lines out. They involve supplements for women who are on the go, to aid them in focus and mental clarity. One of their products is called Happy—an antioxidant and immune support. There is also a product called Strong—with protein for the fitness regimen, and Burn, to aid in weight loss. There are also energy drinks that you can purchase and consume directly without having to mix them up yourself.

The first four products launched by Bode Pro this month are directed at females. They are on-the-go solutions. Most of today’s women have a lot happening—they work at both home and office, they have families, including pets, and they are often interested in small business opportunities too, because they want to spend more time with their families.

These Bode Pro products have a focus on mental clarity and focus. These supplements contain antioxidants and immune support, so they don’t get sick as often, but still have the energy required to get through the day.

Bode Happy comes in a white box with attractive font and bright graphics. Inside are slim little packets that can easily be tucked into your purse. Each packet can easily be torn open and poured into a glass of water. The water is imbued with vitamins, minerals, and a lemon strawberry flavor that provides a boost of energy with great taste. There are also natural extracts such as caffeine, kava, sea salt, and bamboo.

One box contains 24 packets, and it costs around $54 retail. This is a premium item that is mostly marketed at millennial women. Bode Pro makes the product fun and exciting to this demographic.

Why I Should Be Paying Attention

While none of their projects is unique—visit any fitness store and you’ll find the same—it’s the combination of great products and their social media community that are a part of their success.

Their leader BK Boreyko originally launched Vemma, his former company. BK has said that this is going to be his best work yet. He said that he’s put long hours into his new enterprise. He lauded his business partners, including the vendors, to launch a new company in only 65 days.

This company has a fresh approach to “direct to consumer” influencer marketing. Not only does this company deploy tech, but it also has a fulfillment structure and an app filled with features. It is influencing the social media market in a way that can turn social media into a social marketplace.

BK has said that this is a crazy new way of selling products socially, and keeping in mind that 80% of people on social media are women, it has made sense to feature products that have a high interest to that female demographic.

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What is Vemma?

BK had another business success called Vemma. This was a privately held company in the MLM—multi-level marketing—class. They sell energy drinks, nutritional supplements, and weight loss products. BK Boreyko was its CEO from 2004 to 2016, and it had its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Most of the people who are distributing their products are in their 20s, as that is also their target market.

The company experienced great success until it got shut down for a short time in 2015 for compliance issues. The company underwent a restructuring, and BK stepped down as CEO to pursue the new business opportunity with Bode Pro.

Bode Pro was actually the name of one of the Vemma energy drinks. The company has taken the name of one of its most successful brands.

How Can This Type of Business Opportunity Work for Me?

We wanted to bring your attention to this company because of the clever way they combine social media with a product. They’re not simply selling supplements that you can buy in any store. You may understand that there are millions of product launches each year, yet only a few will be around in one year’s time. You can have a fantastic product but that doesn’t mean anyone will step forward and take notice.

You must bring your fantastic products to the attention of the masses. So, how do you do that? There is social media marketing, but will people still take notice?

What Bode Pro has done is to create their own social media network. Oh, and once they’ve enticed the masses in, the products can be further marketed. Also, it’s encouraged that people share their experiences with the products too. This is certainly not entirely new, after all, the subscription boxes companies also have forums where their members can connect and talk about the products they have purchased.

But the difference is that this social marketplace focuses on one brand, and not a variety of products, plus, it’s for buyers and sellers of the Bode Pro brand. If you want to liken it to a sales funnel, the customer signs up and hangs out on the social media account. BK uses its social media app much like viral influence. Soon, potential customers are hearing a lot about these new products. They may be willing to try a sample. If they like the sample, they’ll order more. Soon, they may also be enticing their friends to buy the products, and perhaps they’ll even wish to join the sales team.

Bode Pro is still present on regular social media channels too, in order to draw people into their own club.

The point is that if you can think up a great way to become a social influencer on the products you sell, you can also be as successful as Bode Pro has been projected to be for this year.

Why It’s a Lucrative Business Opportunity

Anyone can join the Bode Pro company as a seller, as it’s a network marketing and unilevel company. It requires minimal investment and is a genuine MLM company that combines good products with a solid business opportunity.

Sales have already been projected in the millions of dollars until the rest of the year. And since the company is new, it may be attractive to many people who are looking to start their own small businesses.

The products are great, and offer a healthier solution than reaching for a coffee or a candy bar, especially when you may need that several times a day.

But, is this the right business opportunity for you? Remember that Vemma was shut down, and had to restructure their compensation model. We’re hoping that this experience will lead to success with Bode Pro so that the same mistakes are not made.

Also, the brand features products with natural ingredients, rather than chemical fillers, which is a great marketing tactic in this century. These are often called Nootropics, natural supplements without side effects, and according to Google Trends, these types of products are currently hot.

Apparently, Bode Pro is capitalizing on the social media trend, with a great product line that is in a good niche. The trend is growing in popularity, and there have yet to be other MLM companies taking this exact route.

There is a customer bonus program, so that the more they buy, the more they get for free. They can also refer other customers to benefit. For sellers, there is a compensation program with retail commissions, residual commissions, check matching bonuses, and leadership and rank bonuses. There are basically twelve different ranks in their compensation plan.

You would begin with Bode Pro by being a customer, after all, it’s important to try out the products first. You can’t sell products without testing them out for yourself. There is also a minimal investment to get set up. It’s basically a $29.95 fee, then $9.95 per month affiliate fee, which is nothing, as even some of the most popular MLMs today can charge you just $600 or $1200 just to get started.

Are You Seeking Your Own Home-Based Business Opportunity?

You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in starting your own small business from your home. There are nearly limitless opportunities out there and it can be difficult making the right decision.

While Bode Pro appears to be a legitimate business opportunity, it may not be the right one for you.

So, why did we make you read this? Because you need to be aware of the different types of business models out there, and learn about what makes a business successful. We encourage you to read about failed business models too, so you can learn from other people’s mistakes.

It doesn’t matter at which point you are in your business. If you’re brand new to online marketing, or if you’ve already been running your own business for over a year, either way, you want to make money online. But you may find that you need help. In order to succeed you still need to do actual training, and get the tools needed, and even have some mentorship.

We encourage you to investigate other types of home-based business opportunities, particularly if they’re not related to Bode Pro. If you’re seeking the next best home based business opportunity, please click on my link now to learn more.

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