MLM Blog Book Review: Beach Money Author, Jordan Alder

The Beach Money was written by one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Jordan Adler, who faced a lot of struggles and failures and overcoming difficulties until he became successful. He has been making more than $100,000 per month for the last four years. And take note, he doesn’t spend tons of hours at work. He hardly works at all!

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Residual income is also known as mailbox money, passive income, or beach money; money that comes in whether you work or not. Many network marketers dream of passive income and so is each and every person in the planet. People love to have a stable flow of money coming in regardless of their hard work. What is beach money? Beach money means that you get paid over and over again and this is for working one time contrary to the corporate world where you have to work every single minute for the dollars.

Jordan Adler’s honest and giving demeanor comes through in his book, the “Beach Money”. He shows you the real formula to success; the same formula he used to grow his network and create a huge passive income by working once and getting paid over and over again.

In the book, here are my take-aways and “ah-ha” moments:

1. Focus on helping other people make sales instead of only you having to do drive all the sales. When you help many, many others also make sales and that’s when beach money starts to show up.

2. Focus on passive, nonlinear instead of active linear income. In the corporate world, you don’t get paid unless you work. If you’re working hard to get a better job or a promotion, then you are pushing yourself away from the beach money lifestyle.

3. Building relationships is very important no matter what business you’re in. Build a relationship with people instead of just making sales. Help others and connect with other like-minded individuals by attending events and becoming a well-connected person.

4. Surround yourself with people that share the same passion and goals as you. Attend events. It may be for your company or any outside event in the same field.

5. Most people do not hate network marketing. They are turned off by many network marketers who are trying to make closer with an agenda. Therefore, make friends in the sincerest way; that is without an agenda.

6. Create memorable experiences not only for yourself but also for others. This could even be more powerful with the rise of social media. It is important to understand that the product of network marketing is beach money. Go on trips with your family or with your entire team and take lots of photos as well as videos and make sure to share them.

7. Invest not only in yourself but others as well. Take advantage of powerful trainings so you could also train and teach your team.

8. Dream big! Do you know the common thing among the rich? Wealthy people have BIG dreams. They talk about their dreams. They invest in themselves to help them know how to achieve these dreams and become successful.

9. Don’t just analyze. Instead act and adjust. One of the mistakes that people make in the industry is that they tend to wait until everything it’s great to start. Don’t wait! Start doing things that you know will have a big impact on your business. There is and never will be a perfect time. Act NOW as today is the perfect time.

10. Focus on people skills than technical skills. I feel that many people are very smart with technology tools that they forget the most important aspect which is connecting with people on the phone, they miss the boat. Be a good listener and be sensitive about what people feel.

11. Spread your message but keep it simple and consistent. To recruit new people into your team, do not let everyone do one-on-one presentation. Instead, teach opening lines and teach them how to be good network marketers. Give them the chance to duplicate the success you have achieved.

There you have it, Beach Money is an excellent book to have in your library and it’s highly recommended that is in the profession of Network Marketing. Many golden nuggets are taught in this book as well as laying out the foundation on how to successfully build a Network Marketing empire.

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  1. I needed to hear this BIG TIME, thanks for sharing!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

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