A 15-Point Guide On Making Your Impossible Dream A Reality

Every person has a dream they think is impossible.  Would you be surprised to learn that with very few exceptions, the majority of people are wrong about their dream?  As individuals, we tend to believe what people tell us instead of taking the risk.  We discount things before they even have a chance to happen.  We discount ourselves even before we have the chance to try.  Seen across the business world and in our own lives, oftentimes the most challenging obstacles in life are those we create for ourselves.

Do you want to bring your dream to life?  Are you not sure how you can do it?  Well, take it from a person whose life has completely changed in the last 3 years.  It is possible.  I did it.  Every day I live, amazed that my dream is my life.  What felt so impossible that I never even tried is now my experience every time I wake up in the morning and right before I go to bed at night.  Regardless of your dream, the following 15 points are designed to help you get it.

Failure will happen all the time.  Failure is not a bad thing.  In fact, it will teach you a lot.  Make every failure a teachable moment.  Also, take things one at a time.  This is a list of 15 beliefs and not 1 belief because making your dream a reality means going against a lot.  It is not easy.  Again, it is possible.  To help you navigate your way towards actualizing your dream, I’ve separated the following beliefs into four categories.  Start with understanding the undeniable truths about the world we live in, understand yourself, understand how you communicate with the world around you, and understand the nature of how the universe works and how it can benefit you.  I promise it is easier than it sounds.  Like all things, let’s start at the beginning.

1. There Exists A World Beyond What I Can Imagine

The first thing you need to understand is that how you see the world, and how the world actually is are two completely different things.  Between us and an objective view of the world around us are our own internal biases, our anxieties, our fears, and our insecurities.  They make it so that we miss the opportunity and fail to reach our goals.  Understand that how you feel about yourself and the world around you may not be how things actually are.

2. In Truth, Nearly Anything Is Possible

You cannot literally become a bird and fly around.  There are absolute impossibilities when we leave no room for interpretation.  However, beyond that nearly anything is possible.  While transforming into a house is a silly impossibility, finding what you love and pursuing it is not.  The trick is to understand that every part of you that says it is not possible is just anxious, fearful, or insecure.  It hides in pseudo-facts, makes up excuses, and keeps you from reaching your happiness.  Do yourself a favor, don’t listen to it, and remember that nearly anything is possible

3. You Are Not Broken

Another problem people face is the idea that they are somehow broken.  People most likely feel this way when they do not live up to their own or other people’s expectations.  What do you mean when you call yourself broken?  Do you consider yourself not able to function?  Even if the worst-case scenario in your mind is true, you can still fix yourself.  That being said, you are in no way broken.  It is human nature to struggle, fail, and feel like a failure.  Any person who you think doesn’t feel that is doing a fantastic job of hiding it or lying about it.  We all struggle, and it doesn’t make you broken.  The only benefit that comes from saying that you are broken is stopping you from reaching your dreams.

4. If Not This, Then What Else?

Do you like where you are right now?  Chances are if you are reading this, then you have a few things you may want to change about yourself.  Whether it is in the business or personal space, consider what else.  If not what you are currently experiencing, then what else can you do.  The absolute most important thing you can do and the biggest undeniable truth is to speak up for yourself and understand that you are your only true advocate.  Learn to advocate for what you want, take responsibility for your life, stop blaming others, and be amazed at how much progress you make.

5. You Are Beautiful Inside As You Are Outside

You are beautiful, period.  You may not be a model, but why are they considered beautiful?  Beauty is a construct society places on us to feel insecure.  Even the most beautiful people you know to struggle with the same insecurities you are felling.  Don’t give those insecurities a chance to rule your life.  Instead, admit the truth that your body is, in fact, beautiful regardless.  Take responsibility and change it if you want to see a change in your body.  Never, ever stop loving yourself or making a condition of something else.

6. You Are Only Ever In The Moment, And Never In The Past Or Future

Your past is behind you and your future is impossible to fully control.  The only control you will ever have is in what you do right now at this moment.  Every moment that goes by you is reading these words and discovering beliefs you can use to better improve your life.  Live in this moment.  Make this moment the center of your life and do not be dragged down by insecurities of the past of the future.

7. Advocate For Yourself

Mentioned briefly in #4, learn to advocate for yourself.  Do not throw yourself under the bus for other people and betray what you love simply because someone else wants something else.  If you ever want to make your impossible dream a reality, then stand up and advocate for what you need.  If you do nothing else on this list, make sure you do this.

8. Know Your Worth

Your worth exists outside of what people say or how they treat you.  Your objective is to show through your actions and the realization of your dreams your true worth.  Let other people be jealous of you.  But do not let other people control how much or little you value yourself.

9. What Is Money?

Money is energy.  Money is an effort.  Money is your time.  Spend money to decrease your time doing some things and use your time instead of money on others.  Chasing money for its own sake is like chasing time for the promise of more free time.  It makes no sense at all and will not make your dreams possible or your happiness complete.  This can be especially challenging in a business setting.

10. Gratitude Is Key

We live in a dynamic world filled with people that are just as complex and confused as we are.  Gratitude is key to making your dreams a reality.  Express your gratitude, reach out to others, and do things for their good even if it does not benefit you.  You will never know when a little gratitude now will save you down the line.

11. Build a Relationship

Relationships with other people help us to cope with loss, rebound, face our dreams, and live true and complete lives.  Relationships need to be cultivated, maintained, and strengthened over time.  Put the effort in, and be amazed at the people who come through for your dream when you need it the most.

12. Miracles Do Happen

It is easy to believe, especially when trying to make your dreams a reality that miracles do not happen.  But they do.  Sometimes fates will align and something challenging will be easy or something seemingly impossible will be crystal clear.  Count your blessings, be aware when they happen, and celebrate them.

13. Abundance Exists

Feeling low on energy?  Out of resources for making your dream a reality?  Understand that abundance exists in the world around us.  It may require we rethink our lives and our direction.  It may require we move to another town or city.  Abundance is out there and we sometimes have to change to take full advantage of it.

14. Trust In Yourself

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, but only looking back.  You have to trust (especially with your dream) that you will get there in time.  It may not be what you planned, but it will none-the-less be just as rewarding.

15. Divine Timing

Pursue what you are innate passionate in and work to expand your interests.  It will all come around in divine timing to help you reach your dreams.  Foster your creative potential and watch as you successfully go from an impossible dream to an amazing, rewarding reality.

Let me turn it over to you!

Do you believe in assessing the quality of life?  Do you feel that it’s the reality of the impossible dream?  I’d love to hear your success, challenges or struggles!  Feel free to share them below in the comments section!

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3 responses to “A 15-Point Guide On Making Your Impossible Dream A Reality”

  1. Emily says:

    Nate, so totally true – except I disagree with the one about not being broken. I think we all are broken somewhere in our lives, but the thing is, none of us is SO broken that we can’t overcome the issue and go after what’s in our heart.

    That said, I totally resonate with #1 – there’s a world that we can’t imagine. We are so wrapped up in our own perspectives and experiences that it’s sometimes hard to see that there is something many times better and more fulfilling than what we are living now. Critical to be able to look at things from different perspectives, and seek out other people’s views and experiences.

  2. These particular tips that will help me build a mlm business . All you presented in an easy to understand and use way . I really enjoy it useful , thank you .

  3. Josh Paiva says:

    Hey Nate, awesome post. I had to make sure there were 15 points for real. You are a man of your word. thanks for the awesome content. Stay fired up!!

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