7 Ways To Work From Home Effectively During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Has the COVID-19 lockdown forced you to work from home? Whether you are a corporate employee or an online entrepreneur, we know that the reality of the situation is not enjoyable.

As the world adjusts to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest changes is enforced home working. Even if we are doing business part-time, and work during the day, staying motivated and retaining work-life balance are just some of the challenges.

Here are our top tips to stay happy, healthy and productive if you are a corporate employee or an online entrepreneur.

The Coronavirus lockdown

A lockdown has been announced in many countries around the world because of the ongoing problems surrounding coronavirus. This is leaving many people with no choice but to conduct their business from home. Naturally, people should have a plan in place and some strategies to ensure that they will be able to make the most of this temporary containment.

Success will always come to those who are hard-working, dedicated, committed, and persistent. They are the ones who were taking action instead of sitting around and talking endlessly about a wide range of unimportant stuff, which is never going to provide them with measurable results.

Set a firm schedule the night before and stick to it

Just because you have been forced to work from home does not mean that you can justify altering your schedule. It’s important to stay in a routine and to ensure that everything remains normal and organized as it always has been. This will also make it easier to get up to speed once the lockdown has been canceled.

Both you and your family have to understand that there is no income when no work is done, and this is why everyone has to respect the fact that even though you are at home, you are at work also. This is why it will be best to keep to the same routine to which you have been accustomed before the lockdown.

By doing this, you will be able to maintain your performance levels, and a lot of the damage as far as business income is concerned will be eliminated. Working from home can be exciting and pleasurable, but it should not prevent you from doing the things which you need to do.

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Manage your body

The fact that you work from home these days does not mean that you can relax your exercising routine. It also does not mean that it is no longer necessary to look at your physical health. Instead, now can be the perfect time to set new standards and to program them into your consciousness to such an extent that they will become a way of living long after the work from the home period has ceased. There is a whole lot of exercises which can be done without the need to have specialized equipment. A lot can be accomplished simply by using the doing exercise at home, and therefore there is no need to lower your standards as far as exercising is concerned.

Have a solid plan in place

You need to have your to-do ready, and it will be an excellent thing to peruse that list daily to ensure that nothing is forgotten and that nothing is overlooked. The same things need to happen just as they are happening at the office. When you work from home, you will have to take responsibility for a lot of the things which you use to delegate when you are at the office. This will require you to analyze at the end of the day what has been accomplished and what things need to be priorities when you resume your work tomorrow.

Staying healthy mentally

You may be a professional who is receiving a lot of mental stimulation while you are the office, conducting the business of your company. When you work from home, a lot of mental stimulation is lost, and this can be disconcerting, and when not looked properly, it can have negative consequences. Fortunately, we have the benefit of technology, things like the Internet and social media, which can be used to maintain healthy contact and mental stimulation at all times.

Spend more time with your family

Now that you work from home, you finally have sufficient time to catch up on all the things which are happening in your family and improving relationships with all of the family members. Nevertheless, your work from home experience might be somewhat shorter than what you would expect and therefore make time for the family from the first day and do not put it off. Otherwise, the time may run out before anything has been done.

Accept distractions

You are at home so there will be a myriad of distractions that you are faced with :

  • The Doorbell / Deliveries
  • The Washing
  • The Kids
  • The TV
  • Social Media
  • The Partner

Let’s accept that some of these distractions can be prevented and some cannot, and the distractions are a reality – so long as they are not taking over the whole working day. I saw an organization saying online that if children are coming into the room you are working from whilst you are on a video call, let them say hi!

Use Zoom for video conferencing

The coronavirus is massively disrupting daily life as people are increasingly staying home in order to avoid potential infection. Hospitals and medical clinics are being inundated with sick patients, putting additional strain on doctors and nurses. Businesses are scrambling to manage remote teams and provide business continuity. Educational institutions are trying to maintain coursework for their students amid school closures.

Zoom gives people the ability to collaborate using the devices they already have and provides multiple channels of communication when travel and connectivity are limited. Here are some of the ways Zoom has been put into action in China during the outbreak:

  • Cross-team collaborations
  • Team meetings / trainings
  • Weekly mentoring calls
  • Webinars (product or opportunity presentations)
  • Online courses

Now, this might not be acceptable in the average industry but in this situation, if the schools are closed you have a good reason for your child being at home. Try to adapt and explain to your children as much as possible what your working time means – but children will be children. If your company understands then even better.

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The need to have closure

When at the office you are expected to work a certain amount of hours every day after which time you are expected to go home and to spend time with your family. This also has to happen when you work from home, and you still need to keep to predetermined business hours. There has to come a time at the end of the day when you have to say to yourself; enough is enough. I also have a responsibility towards my family, and I need to spend quality time with them because, after all, all of my efforts at work are given meaning because of my relationship with my family and how important they are to me.

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