7 Reasons Why You Need To Be Drinking Alkaline Kangen Water

Having access to good drinking water is the basis for having an active healthy lifestyle. There are many cities on the planet which simply don’t have clean fresh water and many more first world countries where the water quality isn’t the best it could be.

Fortunately, there are many companies such as Kangen that make water filtration systems to give you the best possible drinking water that can benefit every function of your body. This is water that is not only free of harmful toxins, but that is also the right alkalinity for your body.

The Kangen water system filters water to make it safer and healthier to drink. You may be interested in what exactly the system does to make the water better.

The Kangen water system can allow you to choose specific alkalinity. Others are more suitable for cleaning, but alkalinity of 9.5 pH is best suited for the human body. pH means “potential of hydrogen”. Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. pH is the measurement for the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. pH levels range from 1 to 14. 7 is considered neutral, as it’s in the middle.

When pH levels are less than 7 they are considered acidic. This type of water is best for cleaning and not drinking. Levels over 7 are considered to be basic or alkaline.

Water just happens to be one of the best antioxidants out there. It has the capability of flushing out free radicals from the body which can cause your cells to turn cancerous. Kangen water has -300 to -700 ORP. ORP means “oxidation-reduction potential”. This is measured in millivolts. It’s the process whereby a chemical substance (in this case water) can oxidate or reduce another chemical substance. In this case, oxidation occurs in the presence of oxygen. Oxidation is the loss of electrons by an atom, molecule or ion.

Besides your body needing healthy clean drinking water, there are at least seven other reasons why you should consider drinking alkaline Kangen water from the Kangen water system.


1. Flushes the body of toxins and acidic waste.

Good water will flush the body of toxins and acidic waste. The average human body is composed of 57% to 60% of water. Water is essential to life. Without it, your body will dehydrate, and cells will start drying up. It’s a lot like starvation, and without water for ten days to three weeks, the human will die.

Water also has the benefit of flushing out toxins and acidic waste, down through the body and out through urine. Acidic waste can become neutralized if you drink pH levels over 7, and minimize the impact of highly acidic wastes in the body.

Almost no one drinks enough water. This may be attributed to taste. Water right out of the tap doesn’t taste good to most of us. But drinking filtered water improves the taste and will encourage everyone to drink more water. As you drink more water, you’ll soon begin to feel much better. You’ll have more energy, and you’ll feel fewer stomach upsets and have fewer headaches.

2. Deeply hydrates the body at a cellular level.

Another of the reasons why you drink plenty of water is so that your cells are hydrated too. Your water is passed from the glass, down your throat and to your stomach. From here, it enters every cell of your body.

The water you drink actually begins hydrating from only a few minutes after you drink it. This is certainly more beneficial than a meal, which can take hours to digest. If at any point in the day you feel unwell, a glass of water may set you to feeling better faster than reaching for that cup of coffee or sugary snack.

The exact time frame for hydrating your body can depend on a multitude of factors controlled by the present state of your body. For example, whether you have a full meal already in your stomach, or whether you just ate a salty bag of chips. It can also depend on the water itself. It could take a minute, or it could take up to an hour.

Alkaline water will more quickly penetrate through every cell of your body, so it’s important to not drink water that is acidic. This can be likened to a soft drink that contains a high amount of sugar and that is considered acidic for the body. You don’t want to drink soft drinks too often, as they are harmful for the body.

3. Returns the body to homeostasis.

The purpose of drinking water is to provide nourishment to every cell in the body. Without water, your body will dry up and you will die. The purpose of healthy drinking water is to return the body to homeostasis.

Your body contains millions of cells. Conditions must be kept within a normal range to maintain optimal human health. This means that the conditions present inside the body should maintain as constant a balance as possible.

But it’s no surprise that your daily activities and choices can have an effect on the internal conditions of your body. Exercise, stress, eating junk food and more can all affect this balance.

Every time you eat and drink water, you take in millions of new molecules into your body. When you move around and do activities, you release heat energy. This can cause the amount of water you drink to be lost from your body. During this process, your cells are producing poisonous waste, a natural process of consumption, which is eliminated through our kidneys.

The word homeostasis is in reference to the functions of your body that work to keep your internal systems in optimum functioning order and within a specific range. The kidneys are one of the most important organs to do this, and drinking plenty of water will help your body to return to a state of homeostasis.


4. Supports healthy digestion and elimination.

Water is beneficial for every organ in your body, and that includes the ones that are responsible for digestion and elimination. It’s no surprise that when you drink plenty of sugary drinks and fatty foods that you may notice that you don’t feel well afterward. You may experience gas or acid indigestion. This is because sugar can change your body to an acidic balance. Many people reach for antacids which can also be unhealthy over time.

Drinking plenty of water will assist your stomach indigestion. There is also the additional benefit that water can actually make you feel fuller, much faster so that you won’t eat as much food.

Many people complain of constipation, which means they have large, hard stools that can be painful to pass through. Often this is a result of dehydration in the body. Drinking more water can provide more lubrication in the intestines, and ease the elimination process. It’s also a safer and healthier alternative than taking laxatives, which can increase dehydration—which was the very cause of constipation in the first place.

5. High antioxidant content neutralizes free radicals.

Water is a natural antioxidant for the body. The more you drink, the greater the chances that free radicals in your body will be neutralized and flushed out.

Free radicals are technically uncharged molecules. They can enter your body when you breathe them in—from bad pollution or particles in the air—or they can be ingested through junk food, alcohol, smoking, and any of a number of means. While your body’s immune system can help to neutralize some of them, many people don’t lead the best and most active lifestyles and can benefit from drinking more water.

Free radicals are bad for your body as they are the molecules that can cause damage to your body’s cells. Free radicals can lead to cancer, aging, and other diseases.

Drinking water, or ingesting antioxidants can help prevent the damage caused by free radicals. Exercise is also known to give a boost to your body’s immune system and neutralize the damage of free radicals. However, many people only have set times of the week where they can exercise, so drinking water is one of the easiest and most natural ways to protect your body from the barrage of free radicals that it can experience each day.

6. Promotes better sleep, more energy, and weight loss.

Drinking healthy Kangen water can be one of the best ways to keep your body healthy. It’s also simple to drink a glass of water, particularly if you’re using the Kangen water system. There’s minimal effort required, and you need to drink water anyway.

Drinking more water will promote better sleep. Being dehydrated can actually keep you awake at night, as your body is struggling, it is starving. Just like being hungry, this can keep you awake all night long.

You’ll have more energy after drinking water. Water energizes your cells so you don’t feel lazy or exhausted. It’s a good pick-me-up if you’re having a slump in the late afternoon, and much healthier than drinking coffee.

Drinking more water is also better when you’re trying to lose weight. Water will fill you up faster so that you don’t need to eat as much. It will also flush out the fat from your body faster.

Water also has the advantage that you can drink a couple of glasses to fill you up, yet you won’t feel so uncomfortable like you had eaten a couple of plates of food. Water passes through your system a lot faster, minimizing any potential discomfort of drinking too much.


It’s important for the human body to be able to drink healthy clean water. It eases up on your body’s liver having to remove pollutants and chemicals from the water, as Kangen does that for you. This decreases the efforts of your body so that it can go back to fighting off harmful viruses and bacteria. You’ll feel more energized and invigorated with a healthy immune system that isn’t overworking itself at a greater capacity.

After you’ve read through the seven reasons why you should consider drinking alkaline Kangen water, you can go to the next step. Now that you understand why and how the Kangen water system is good for you and your entire family, you may be interested in learning how to purchase one for your home or office. You may also wish to purchase more than one system so that you have access to good water in your bathroom, or your recreation room too. It’s also a great system to have in the office because most adults spend a greater part of their day there, and the importance of drinking healthy clean water all day long can’t be disputed.

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