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MLM Blog: 7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Product Of Your Product

If you are looking for a new MLM opportunity try to find a representative that has or is actually using the product. There are many reasons for this. Many network marketing opportunities promote hype, and making claims that are bigger than it is.  I feel that some representatives will spit out all these facts that it sounds like a hyped up sales pitch that isn't real.  Even myself being in the industry, I am always suspicious of an MLM Network Marketing rep that talks about how great the product is but never used the product that he or she is trying to sell. Here are seven reasons why you need to be a product of your product to be successful in MLM.


7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Product of Your Product in MLMUse the product!


I’ve spoken to some MLM Network Marketing representatives and asked questions about the effectiveness of the product they are selling, only to have them say, “I don’t know, I’ve never tried it,” which is never a good sign. If you really want to be a good distributor for your product you will need to use it to understand how it works. Here are seven reasons why:


1. It builds trust: When an affiliate or customer knows that you have actually used the product it builds some trust. It shows them that you have faith in the product and that you have confidence in it. This will increase their confidence in the product, as you aren’t just some guy trying to sell something, but a user that has real experience.
2. It shows how the product works: By using the product yourself you will actually be demonstrating how it works. Instead of just “telling” someone about something you will be “showing” them, which is always more effective when it comes to MLM.
3. The power of before and after: One of the great things about using the product that you sell is that you can use the power of before and after shots. If you are using a diet supplement you can show how much weight you have lost, which illustrates to affiliates and customers how effective the product can be.


4. You can warn about side effects: If you have some side effects or negative experiences with the product you can actually warn people, which makes you appear more honest.


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5. You’ll know the details: A waiter always tastes the food their chef is serving so that they can adequately describe it to the customer. By using the product you will have intimate details about things like the taste, cost, texture etc. that you can accurately convey to your customers and affiliates. It will also make it easier to answer their questions.


6. You’ll be more excited: When you have used and enjoyed a product you will be more excited to tell other people about it. This excitement will be noticeable and will get your customers and affiliates excited.


7. It is more ethical: So many network marketers lie about their experiences, which is unethical. By using the product you will not be lying to people or misrepresenting yourself. The most successful network marketers are those that use and are excited about the products they sell.


So, when you're out there, promoting your product, you need to be a believer in whatever it is that you're selling.  People want to know why the products are good.  What kind of results they can get from taking the products.  Don't just state facts and try to hard sell your customers, you'll never make real money that way.  Please comment and share below and what are your thoughts about reps who should be a product of their product and those who are not.



To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

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11 Responses to “MLM Blog: 7 Reasons Why You Need To Be A Product Of Your Product”

  1. Sigrid McNab

    Nate, I totally agree with your points. I don’t know how people can ethically promote something that they haven’t bought or used. It all comes down to integrity for me…

  2. John Benz

    I’ve know several people in the industry who promote more than 2 MLM opportunities and it’s just funny to see how so many of them will promote a product to make money yet none of them even try it. Which leads to my next point, is why they are not successful in their bushiness. Great post!

  3. Sherman Smith

    the question that network marketers need to ask themselves is why promote a product that you don’t use? The art of selling is the transfer the feeling that you have for a product, service or opportunity to your prospects. If you don’t use it, then how are you going to transfer?

    I like the fact that you mentioned the side effects. It really shows that you care about the prospects. This will definitely build trust. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Adam Payne

    Good stuff Nate.

    How anyone can promote a product that they do not or would not use themselves is beyond me.

    Thanks man.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    You can only tell the full truth Nate when you have used a product that you sell. No other way to be authentic. Love the message here.

    Whatever you offer should receive the personal stamp of your approval, so you can be truthful in your business dealings.

    Neat note about side effects too; once you share the full story around a product you are far more likely to make sales, because you jumped elevated your trust factor.

    Thanks dude!

  6. Joan Harrington

    Belief is so very important in network marketing! You definately want to be using the products you are selling so that you can gain trust as well as share your own story of how it worked for you…. Thank you Nate for sharing your tips and awesome value my friend!!!