7 Powerful Tips to Help Grow Your Brand Online – Not Your Network Marketing Opportunity

Have you spent a ton of time and money launching your business and working on your brand, only to have it fall stagnant? But don’t let that be an invitation to a vacation, as you should be taking this opportunity to spend your free time on growing your brand.

There are plenty of tools and information online to assist you with almost anything. Some of them are free, and some are paid. There’s no reason why you can’t take the free advice from pros to learn and grow your business. Best of all it’s still early 2017, so you still have a good nine months left in the year to thrive and grow.

There are a lot of tips and techniques to help you in growing your brand. Ensure you give a few of them a good try, as not one technique is going to be perfect for all types of businesses. It can take time to build up your brand too, so don’t expect to only spend two minutes a day on Twitter in order to make the big bucks. It’s going to take some time and effort to get that brand built up.

Here are 7 of the best tips to help you grow your 2017 brand. Schedule time into your calendar each day, so you can creep slowly up to your big goals.

1. Utilize Free & Paid Resources

There are a ton of free resources out there that you can use, but don’t be afraid to spend a bit of cash on the paid ones too. If you want to start with free, check out Youtube and Facebook. These are both free social media platforms that can be huge in increasing your brand.

There are also many others that are popular, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google+, Instagram, and Linkedin. You don’t need to use them all, but do pick a few that will matter to expanding your brand. This means becoming SOCIAL.

As for paid services, there is an infinite number to choose from. If you’re utilizing Facebook or Twitter, you can use their ad systems. What’s neat about them is that you can set a budget, and then once it’s used up, the campaign stops. It’s an affordable and simple way of marketing.

The main thing to be aware of is that you need to start somewhere. Begin with one step, and move forward. It’s okay to begin with what you’re familiar with, then tackle the things that you need time to master.

2. Follow the Trends

It’s important to follow the trends as you can take advantage of this information. Your competitors are doing it, and so should you. But you may be wondering how to do it. This information is available through Google, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media account you’re on. You can use this information to follow the same hashtags, or to write timely topics on certain trends.

You may also wish to learn which marketing trends have been hot. In the past several months, mobile video has been big. Live video streaming on Facebook Live, Instagram, and Periscope has been hot. But if you’re going to do it, don’t be salesy, otherwise people may just click out of it.

Other ways to take advantage of trends may be to develop or sell similar products that are hot. Or, perhaps you can gather up some ideas as to how your competition is tackling their own marketing.

You can even check out what is trending on popular news channels. Perhaps some of the business or economics topics can be useful to you. Perhaps the economy is strengthening, which can be one of the selling points of your brand.

You can even have a look around you to see what’s trending. What types of devices are people using? What are they wearing? What are your colleagues doing during their time off work?

3. Don’t Just Sell Your Products, Sell Yourself!

Yes, you may have a great inventory of products. But remember, so does that competitor, and that one, and that one… People like to buy from people they know. This means that you need to sell yourself first. Often you’re the first aspect that people see in a business.

Whether you’re selling products in a store, door-to-door, or on the net, people want to buy YOU first. Remember that people like to buy from people or companies that they know.

They can be hesitant to buy from an unknown because of the unforeseen. They may never receive their order, or, it may arrive damaged. They may have wanted it in a timely manner, but it could be late.

But if they’ve ordered from you before and been satisfied, there is almost a 100% chance that they’ll be buying from you again.

People buy from recognizable brands that they know, because they know and trust them. There is less risk involved for them. You can take a look at the business news and see which ones have offended people this week. Their business may take a dive, all because of bad customer experiences.

It’s the same in marketing, and if people don’t know your product or brand, you’re going to have to sell yourself first. You need to not only be transparent in what you do, you can also share your experiences, your successes, and your journey. And they’d love if you shared your failures too, because we are all only human. Plus, failures makes the successes more real.

To break it down a bit more, you may wish to identify your emotional appeal. What kinds of personality features do you have? What are some positive ones? Perhaps you have a great sense of humor, or you’re super organized. For your fans, why do you think they like you?

Scribble it down on paper. Why do people come to your brand? What makes them enjoy working with you?

Next, you’ll want to write down your specialty. Do you think that people can easily discern what your brand is? What is it that people want you to do for them?

Do all of this so that your new, potential, or existing clients get to know the real you, and help them to like and trust you too.

4. Stay Consistent in Everything

It may seem like a cliche, but if you’re consistent, you’ll be fine. This means being consistent throughout your daily operations. It also means consistency with the creation of your social media content, and even with your efforts of bettering yourself and your business each day.

You can imagine what happens if you aren’t consistent. That’s when your current customers don’t know what to expect. They could be disappointed, then head off to another brand to get what they want instead.

Consistency can also aid and motivate you. It means you get out of bed at the same time each morning, and you work hard at your business all day long. Being inconsistent could result in you only working a few hours a day, which will get you nowhere.

You should also be consistently learning new skills, and bettering the ones you already have. And always remember to share information to the marketplace, so you provide value to your followers.


5. Celebrate Your Failures

Don’t just blindly create and not document it. What if you’ve created something wonderful, and you want to recreate it, but don’t know how?

And you should also document your small successes, like that first sale you got. Share it with the world! Some people even post that they managed to get out of bed that day. Many of your customers can certainly relate to that feeling.

You should also document your failures. Post them on social media. Share how you’ll do better. You may see this with the reviews on Facebook. Many companies will thank the respondent for their bad reviews, and promise to take the comments into consideration, and do better next time. After all, how will you know if it’s broken if no one says anything?

These are techniques that will help to get your customers in getting to know you better. You’re not worried about trying to fix someone’s bad experience, it’s too late for that. But you can document it, acknowledge it, and promise to do better next time.

So, go ahead and share your life, your experiences, and any of your thoughts. You’ll discover as you go along that you become creative along the way.

6. Be a Knowledge Base

You want to be a knowledge base to your current and future customers, and be that person that they head to for advice. It may not even involve direct communication, but you may have some great advice on your blog or website that followers can return to time and again to read through.

And often one of the best ways of learning is through teaching. This just reinforces what you’ve learned in your mind, so that you don’t forget it.

Sharing your knowledge means helping others. You can do this a variety of ways. You can create videos and share them on social media, or write posts there too. You can also write offline, and then create a newsletter, or white pages for your website.

Your clients can then see the wide range of knowledge you have on your site. Not only does this let you prove that you know your stuff, you can also gain exposure from doing so.

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7. Set Your Priorities

What exactly are your values and what are your priorities? Every business person needs to have a clear plan about not only their professional goals, but personal goals too. Perhaps you want to retire at age 50. That places your personal and professional goals together.

You should also have a plan for both short term and long term goals. Some people like to plan for mostly realistic goals, while others like to add in a few just for fun.

Once you’ve set your goals you’ll be able to identify the more important things to spend your time on. Most likely something will stand out at you. Perhaps you have trouble closing the deal. Or, perhaps you can’t get customers to reorder basic supplies. In either instance you’ll need to work out why sales aren’t happening, and to do better next time round.

You should always have new projects in the works. You should be able to align these within your goals. You can use your values and priorities as a compass that can point you in the right direction. You’ll want to be guided in both actions and your future decision-making plans. Now you’ll be able to stay on track while building up your brand.
There’s not one business owner out there who is happy with the performance of their brand. Even millionaires and billionaires always want their brands to continue growing.

You’ll need to make an active pact with yourself to begin working on these 7 tips in the upcoming weeks. You don’t need to attempt all in one day, but do schedule some time each day so you can work at building up your brand.

Likely there are hundreds more tips to be found online on how to grow your brand. Don’t get so overwhelmed that you try to take on too much at one time. Even if you decide to focus on only Facebook marketing, it could still occupy a large amount of your time. You’ll want to spread your tasks out a bit.

Branding will continue to be important throughout the year. It’s something that’s intrinsically built into your business, and it will follow you around throughout your career. It’s also a major part of a leadership requirement, but that’s a whole different article.

You’ll discover that you slowly build up your foundation for success. Remember that there are still several months left in 2017 to help you achieve your dreams. It all begins with taking that opportunity to help you to grow your brand right now!

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