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7 Easy Ways To Recruit More Reps Into Your MLM Company

Recruiting more and more distributors into your MLM company can seem like a bit of an uphill battle, until you have unlocked the insider secrets that MLM professionals have been using each and every single day for the last few years to do exactly this creating nearly effortless streams of distribution across your MLM network, each and every one of the tactic shared below have been proven time and time again to produce amazing results.


7 Easy Ways To Recruit More Reps Into Your MLM Company1.  Reach into your social circle and see what you can pull out


I think that we all understand exactly how influential we can be when we are talking to the people already in our social circle, folks that we have generated a tremendous amount of rapport with already. Your social circle can act as the rocksolid foundation for your MLM efforts, but only if you rely in lean on it as best you possibly can.


2.  Push out into different community events


Almost every single area has a chamber of commerce that is situated nearby, or any other number of business groups specifically designed to increase networking capabilities. These are the kinds of services that you should lean on as often as possible when trying to drum up new distributors into your MLM network.


3.  Social media efforts can pay tremendous – and instant cash dividends


The world of social media has made communicating with people (even complete and total strangers) all over the globe just a click away. This gives you unprecedented access to millions and millions of folks who may be interested in working closely with your MLM company, but only if you tap into the power of this platform.


4.  Visit the forums that are frequented by the people you would like to attract into your MLM world


Web forms have sprung up all over the net to serve a tremendous amount of unique communities, and you’ll have a fantastic chance of drumming up MLM distributors just by becoming a frequent face in any of the spaces.


7 Easy Ways To Recruit More Reps Into Your MLM Company5.  Paid advertisements can push a flood of targeted traffic to your MLM network faster than almost anything else


Of course, you cannot ignore the power offered by paid advertising (whether it’s search engine optimization, PPC, or plain old solo ads) and its ability to push people to your sales funnel or marketing information more effectively than almost anything else.


6.  Offer to become a mentor


And there is a tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with taking on the mantle of becoming a mentor to someone, but if you want to gain a tremendous amount of influence in a hurry – and retain that influence the regardless of whatever else is going on in your prospects lives – and being a mentor gives you that kind of Gateway power and control.


7.  Guest blogging can expose you to a new audience I’d that you never otherwise would have been able to reach


Well guess blogging has been used for a tremendous amount of different reasons in the past, the stone cold fact of the matter is that it can catapult your MLM prospecting through the roof the moment that you begin to leverage it for your own needs.


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Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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12 Responses to “7 Easy Ways To Recruit More Reps Into Your MLM Company”

  1. Ocean_Girl

    great info, Nate!! Thanks, and keep it comin’! =)

  2. sks_success75

    This post will give newbies a more wider range of different strategies they can use to get more people to talk to and recruit more people into their businesses. A lot of us when we start feel “limited” to what we can do to grow our businesses. Thanks for sharing this info. Nate!

  3. RyanKBiddulph

    I LOVE guest blogging Nate! I built up relationships to the point where I can guest post daily – or every few days – on more than a few well-read blogs.
    Leveraging your presence remains one of the better ways to meet new people and guest blogging is a powerful ways and means to leveraging your presence.
    Write, practice and the opportunities flow your way.
    Love your list buddy, thanks for sharing!

    • nateleung

      RyanKBiddulph Awesome!  Thanks for your input Ryan!

  4. ElishaLynn

    Thank you, Nate! Some of these steps are ones that I haven’t though of, yet! 🙂

    • nateleung

      ElishaLynn Give them a whirl and let me know how it goes!  🙂

  5. EricMcLaughlin

    i’m a huge fan of paid advertising.  it’s definitely the quickest and most targeted you can get!

    • nateleung

      EricMcLaughlin Absolutely,  I agree.  Thanks brother!

  6. SigridMcNab

    Thanks Nate for these 7 steps. Recruiting can seem like an uphill battle until we realize we already have many of these within our reach already…