7 Easy MLM Tips On How To Overcome MLM Objections

Even with the most incredible opportunities right at their fingertips, promising the kind of financial security and wealth they’ve always dreamed about while at the same time guaranteeing that they don’t have to do to terribly much work for spend a whole lot of effort to attain it, will still ignore things like MLM and Network Marketing. During my career as an MLM and Network Marketer, here are some of the craziest objections that I have come across.  Are you ready?  Here are my top 7 craziest!

“Well, I don’t want to have to pay to join the MLM system.”

This is probably the most common MLM objection that people come across, and the one that stops most prospects dead in their tracks. The moment that people here that they’ll have to pay to join a system or a business, they begin to back peddle faster than an outfielder at the warning track looking to flag down a flyball. What they don’t understand is that every single business opportunity in the world has a price tag, whether you pay for schooling, capital to start the business or any other area that requires you to invest some money just to get your foot in the door. MLM marketing is no different.

7 Easy MLM Tips On How To Overcome MLM Objections3

“I don’t want to end up brainwashed.”

This mostly comes from people who have some sort of higher education background, that look at MLM and Network Marketing as some sort of Ponzi scheme or pyramid scam. They think that MLM and Network Marketers are just a bunch of snake oil salesmen looking to hook some people in just to rob them blind. The fact of the matter is that MLM marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that has the power to change your life.

“Everyone I know who got involved in MLM got scammed.”

Another of the major MLM objections that you’ll have to face, almost everyone in the world knows someone who has been scammed by and MLM and Network Marketers in the past – or at least they say they do. The fact of the matter is that there are some shady businesses out there, just like any other industry, but there are an overwhelming majority of reputable services that can help you create real wealth.

7 Easy MLM Tips On How To Overcome MLM Objections2

“It’s just another pyramid scheme or scam.”

Going hand-in-hand with the one above, everyone seems to link MLM and Network Marketing and pyramid scams together. And while they share some of the same traits, they are polar opposites when it comes to execution. MLM and Network Marketing always sells a real and legitimate product or service, whereas pyramid scams are only interested in robbing people blind.  Hence, collecting their money, promising a product and disappearing.

“Nobody’s ever made any money in MLM and Network Marketing.”

This one is one of the strongest objections of them all, as someone has to be making money in MLM Network Marketing or it wouldn’t be as viable a business tool as it is today. The fact of the matter is that MLM marketing can give you the kind of financial future you’ve been dreaming about.

“I’m not a good salesman, I hate selling.”

This one is probably the toughest of them all to deal with, as there are very few people out there who understand that selling is nothing more than influencing people and helping them get the solution to the problems that are already invading their lives. Selling does not have to be like the 1970s and used car guy, but can be a very effective tool to better ring people’s lives.  Real MLM and Network Marketing reps know that it’s all about sharing the product, not selling.

“I hate that [insert product here] and would never want to sell it.”

Easily the weakest of all MLM objections, the fact of the matter is that most MLM and Network Marketing companies offer a number of different products that you can sell and make money off of.

There is absolutely no real reason that you should be trying to avoid the money, freedom, and new lifestyle that MLM and Network Marketing has to offer. You’ll be able to transform your life with very little effort, just as long as you apply everything that your MLM and Network Marketing mentors.

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