5 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Support You in Your MLM Business

Everyone thinks they’ll win the lottery,” they say. “But it’s never you.”

Such depressing retorts are common when people suggest setting up an MLM business to their spouses. Very few are comfortable with their significant others set aside a lot of time and energy to developing the sort of business they’ve all been taught is a scam. But what’s the root of that problem? Here’s a hint: It’s not the “fact” that you’ll necessarily be unsuccessful.

The answer? People believe these things only because they think it’s a scam. They believe these things out of ignorance. If you’re interested in starting an MLM business, you have only one solution – educate your spouse. But that’s easier said than done. . . At least if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ve done the thinking for you. If you need some surefire ways to go about doing this, read on.

3 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Support You in Your MLM Business

Draft the Plan

Let’s switch roles with the indignant spouse for a few minutes. If you thought your husband’s or wife’s proposed business plan was stupid, what would you need to be convinced otherwise? A number of things, probably, but at the very least, you’d need to know that they’re serious. This means they’ll put their effort and intelligence to work in setting things up. Since persistence often leads to success, this is a great sign that you can trust. But how do you demonstrate that you’re serious in a convincing way?

Plan it out. And we mean plan it. Down to the detail. Now, you won’t have all your calculations 100% right, but it’s important to show that you’ve thought about the numbers, know how to handle them, and are confident in their general accuracy. When you present a plan like this, your spouse is almost guaranteed to take you more seriously.

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Quote the Numbers

If people don’t trust their instinct, they do, at least, trust numbers. Take advantage of this. Most people who get involved with the MLM business are not successful – this is true. But, there are a ton of statistics out there demonstrating that those who set up an MLM business through the right people (there are certain groups that perform better than others), set up their business according to a certain paradigm, and engage in a particular style of marketing, are successful with high frequency. All you need to do is demonstrate that it will be possible for you to execute the plan you’ve developed while paying attention to these constraints, and you’ll do just fine.

3 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Support You in Your MLM Business

Share the vision

Have a clear vision, a set of ultimate goals you want to reach, an idea of the contribution you want to make to people’s lives; and a set of basic values to rule your behavior and your relations in pursuing these goals. Making money should be the end, not the cause of the business you want to be in.


Keep your sight on the dream, the business you want to build and get the job done.  Lead by example, show your spouse that you are serious about building a serious MLM Network Marketing empire. The most important aspect is that you do not want to be lazy.  The #1 killer for your business is laziness.

Getting it Done

These tricks are usually more than enough to get a stubborn wife or husband on board with an MLM business run from home. If you don’t believe me, give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, do it again: Remember, persistence is key. At the end of the day, your spouse’s acceptance will probably begrudging, but once they say yes, you’ll be able to go to town. And then buy them a new car as a thank-you. So get to it – imagine the look on their face when you roll in with that shiny Jaguar.

Now it’s your turn!

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult spouse who does not understand the business?  What have you done to get their suppose?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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25 responses to “5 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Support You in Your MLM Business”

  1. It is so helpful to have a supportive spouse when doing an MLM business. I’ve had both. Most of the time he supports me, but there have been times when I’ve really struggled, spent too many hours and not enough money comes in from it. That’s when he gets unsupportive. If you are reading this, and you are the spouse, support your other half. They need you!

  2. Sanya says:

    Great post and ideas of how to get your spouses support Nate! it is very important to have the support of the spouse, because when you are going through a tough time the last thing you need is a negative spouse!

  3. pam schmidt says:

    This is a relevant topic, Nate. There are so many levels of spouses supporting a business. Some tolerate the business. Others try to understand, but don’t completely get it. Then there are spouses who ask and want to learn about the business, or even join in promoting the business. It truly takes some careful thought to get the spouse more accepting of it.

    • Nate Leung says:

      HI Pam,

      Yes, absolutely, you have laid out all of the important parts of spousal support. You’re right, that some may “try” to understand it but do not completely get it. Communication plays a big role when it comes to spousal support. Appreciate your comments Pam!

  4. Luke Blower says:

    I think a lot of spouses settle down to the idea of MLM once they see the money coming in!:) But seriously the support of your partner is critical to your long term success.

    • Nate Leung says:

      It sure is Luke. Even though they may not be doing the business, support is what matters. Appreciate the comments!

  5. Hey Nate,

    There’s a lot of people out there that aren’t getting the support from their spouses which is ashame, but these are some excellent tips to show how serious you are. I think points 1 and 2 are really important and it shows that you have been doing your homework and really taking this opportunity seriously. They may still be unsupportive, but more in an indifferent way, but I believe they will be a lot less critical which can relieve a lot of pressure.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jessica says:

    Love the image 🙂 You shared some excellent tips to help getting your spouse on board. I have seen it time and time again where people quit due to no support at home. Always seems so silly to me.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Thank you!

      Yes, I agree it is very silly. If they take themselves out of the logic frame of thinking and look at it for what it is, they will be better off. Thanks for the comments!

  7. Al Atienza says:

    Some great Tips!

  8. Laura says:

    I agree that a partner’s support is critical to a successful MLM business. My spouse is not so supportive, but I am hoping to turn him around. I recently attended my company’s convention in Las Vegas where we recognized the company’s millionaires – it struck me that most of the new millionaires were couples, rather than individuals.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Laura,

      Yes, couples have an awesome synergistic effect on the overall business. Husband and wife usually make a good combo duo, because they both believe in their products and their company.

      It’s a matter of getting your husband to believe in what it is that you’re doing.

      Also, another tip is have him be open minded to a new concept, and allowing his mind to be “expanded”. That is the key there.

      Most spouses are not supportive is because they don’t “understand” what it is that you’re doing. Using analogies and metaphors are great for trying to explain and share why it’s a “better” way.

      Thanks for the comments!

  9. robert reeves says:

    Great article… I myself have a not interested spouse. I’m into health and wellness and she eats everything that she should not. Totally goes against everything I’m trying to create our future out of. The industry is to real to not take serious. I know once the money starts to roll in she will have no problem spending the money or hanging around. It still ads to head games I play with myself while just starting in the industry. Thanks again for the article and feedback.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Robert,

      Thank you for stopping by! It’s always nice to see a new visitor.

      Sometimes when you share with your partner your opportunity, it’s perfectly natural for them to act in the way they do. When people fear something (doesn’t have to be business related), they will naturally be skeptical and may be against the idea. It’s because they don’t understand the concept and once someone sees the opportunity for what it is, then that’s when the fear and the skepticism goes away. Having them understand the information that they can conceive makes all the difference in the world. Appreciate you stopping by and comments!

  10. Jasmine Denton says:

    I had a discussion about this with one of my partners last week and we both agreed that we need to educate our spouses about our business. So often times, we see couples fight over an opportunity because one doesn’t see how they other one sees it. This is very important and if one partner is going to do the business the other needs to be supportive. Great article!

  11. Hi Nate,

    Yes, I think that planning a draft and showing the numbers can make an opposed spouse more at ease. There’s nothing like writing things down. As they say, writing is the ACT of THINKING and it helps a great deal.

    This is a great topic as we know, for some married MLM and other online entrepreneurs convincing the spouse is a challenge.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Sylviane!

      Yes, breaking it down, drafting it can make the dream more conceivable.

      What it comes down to is educating your spouse, and hope that the spouse is at least open minded and support to the concept.

      If they are opened minded and want to learn more, than they will be more than likely be supportive. If they are against it without even what it’s about, is sure ignorance. They are no different than a prospect who is making assumptions on something they have no clue about.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and hope to see you around soon!

  12. Victor Uddo says:

    Your blog made a great deal of sense to me. Sometimes spouses forget that working creatively from home is still work. There are deadlines to meet and people to please – and doing all that from home doesn’t make it any less important. Hopefully, your spouse has set up a work schedule where he or she designates times to create, package and document. The two of you should discuss this schedule, and once “business hours” have been determined, be sure not to encroach on that time.

    Please keep it up.


  13. Clement says:

    Some spouse are understandable, some are very hard to understand because they not seeing the income very fast. With the support from spouse or not, let’s focus on your dreams. Thank for this medium for learning.

  14. Meredith says:

    Hey Nate
    Great article. Thank you. I have been in MLM for 2 years now and still my husband is supportive. He is actually getting more unsupportive each day. I have tried to show him some information and get him online with some of my upline who have made it really successfull but he is not interested. Causes a lot of tension between us. I am still yet to find the key to breaking the ice with him. But in the interim I still build my business and keep doing the do and one day I hope he sees what I see.

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