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5 Tips on How an Entreprenuer Can Create a Vision for Future

Business owners who deal with things as they surface, either don’t want their business to grow or they simply don’t have any plan about management of things and factors that contribute to the success of business. Besides their immaturity in planning, the other thing common among such business people is the vision of future.


A business owner thrives on and strives for the vision of future he or she has for the business. Therefore, if there isn’t any vision for the future, there won’t be any struggle, hence no or limited progress. This is the reason every eBook on business stresses upon the fact that for a business to be successful it is imperative that the business owner has a vision of future in his mind.


Allow me to give you 5 tips on how a business owner can create good vision for future.


Vision1. Create a Vision


The first most important thing that a business owner needs to do in order to create a vision. Most of the business owners work in their business and keep on managing it, on the other hand, to create vision they need to work on the business. This is the little difference that differentiates successful business owners from the contrary. Therefore, in order to create vision, a business owner has to make time for it and think over it. If managing the business is too overwhelming, then the owner can hire a part time arrangement for that purpose, and give his or her pure concentration to envisioning the future.


2. Think Big


Creating a vision for future is like dreaming, therefore, if you ought to dream then dream big. Hence, for a business owner it is imperative that he thinks big when thinking of future. If you aren’t ambitious and don’t think big, then your business won’t have anything to move towards in the future. Therefore, think as big as you can for a successful future.


3. Think Real


Although there is no limit to dreaming a bright future, however, in creating a vision you need to be as realistic and as concrete as possible. For instance, you start a new business and you envision that you will beat all the competition in one year, envisioning such a future is unrealistic. On the other hand, if you envision a future where you will be able to create brand identity within a year is a realistic approach towards envisioning the future. Therefore, successful entrepreneurs and mentors who care about our success will  tell us to soar high, yet have the feet on the ground when it comes to creating a vision.


5 Secrets to living a long and happy life4. Think About The Environment


In creating a vision for the future of the business, a business owner needs to consider the working environment. The environment needs to be considered in two regards; firstly, the business owner needs to base the vision around the working environment available to him or her. Secondly, once the vision has been created, the next thing to do is to analyze the little adjustments required in the environment for materializing the vision. When you have these two aspects of the working environment clear in your mind, then you’ll be able to create a perfect vision for the future of your business.


5. Think About The Values


All successful entrepreneurs emphasize on having business values. The values are what make a business different and an entity that is socially acceptable. Therefore, it is imperative that a business owner keeps the values of business in mind before creating a vision. Moreover, in creation of vision, the owner must also consider the fact that the vision is going to contradict with some values, and if it does happen then to what extent can the business entertain such contradiction.


There is nothing like a dream to create the future – Victor Hugo


Now it’s Your Turn!


How important do you think is vision to a business? What factors would you as a business owner consider when creating a vision for the future of your business? Which factors do you avoid when thinking of future? Do share your precious thoughts in the comments section below and I look forward to reading them!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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34 Responses to “5 Tips on How an Entreprenuer Can Create a Vision for Future”

  1. Donna Merrill

    Hi Nate!

    Very important tips to keep in mind! My trouble is not thinking big! Just put it on a post-it and attached it to my computer!

    Thanks…this will be my mantra for the next 30 days! Then my subconscious will “get it”


  2. Suresh Khanal

    Think big and think real! Wow what a convincing tips juxtaposed!

    Thanks for the inspirational post that is capable enough to guide the newbies and reawaken for those who love the status-quo!

    Convinced that thinking about future is the only only way to plan better and an consistent attempt to achieve it. Agreed!

  3. Alanna

    These are very important tips! Thank you for sharing, Nate!

  4. Jeanne Melanson

    Thank you for your enlightening article, Nate. I’m in the process of a career change and am just beginning to get a handle of what my vision is. Your post is food for thought and I do appreciate that. All the best.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Ahhh Nate…love this post!

    Vision is key, as Joan notes. See where you are going to clear a path to that goal.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Joan Harrington

    Vision is so important to us entreprenuers!! Thanks Nate! Great value here my friend!!!

  7. Vince

    Great post my friend. I think thinking big hit me. I do believe sometimes that I don’t think big enough… Got some thinking to do.. Total value here Nate…

  8. Cindy

    Fantastic tips Nate… I will admit that I was not aware of how important this truly was until recently. Taking the time to sit with your ideas and map out your plan and goals is so important.
    Great post

  9. Coach Donna L. Ward

    Great post – finding the passion for business often helps set the vision of where you want to go – I didn’t want to do any of this type of work in the large non-profit org I was the leader of, but of course, I did and was astounded at how well it does help us. Great article 🙂

  10. Sam Adeyinka

    Hey Nate, it’s so good to be here. It’s my first time but I’m already feeling at home. Great design and write-up. 🙂 So painful I had to type this again….bad network!

    You have shared an interesting piece with us boss and I want to believe having a vision after all is the best thing a man can ever discover.

    For every thriving bussiness empire there is always a vision – not just a vision but a well defined, clear and articulated vision.

    Vision makes us tick and it’s the livewire of every successful venture.

    I love the part of value too. It’s one thing to have a vision to run with and yet another to have something like a value to add in the life’s of your prospects.

    So insightful masterpiece you’ve got here, Nate. I’m so proud to be able to read this.

    Count me to be a part of your great community Sir Nate okay! 🙂


    • Nate Leung

      Hey Sam!

      It’s always nice to see a new visitor! 🙂

      You are always welcome to stop by anytime. Thank you for the comments!

  11. Jason Power


    Thinking big and thinking real seems like a contradiction, however you want goals that are challenging while at the same time reachable so a good balance is important. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Julie Kemeny

    #3 hits home for me today. My business is celebrating it’s 1 Year Anniversary!! I think you’re absolutely right when you said it’s a realistic goal to create brand identity within a year.

  13. Esha

    Great post Nate..having a vision is really important no matter how simple a task 🙂

  14. marilyn cada

    hi there nate. i remember my freelancing projects that deals about business organizations. all of them have visions because it serve as a guide for them and basis for their business goals. no one become successful without any vision. even people like us will not become successful without a vision of our future

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Marilyn,

      Without vision, you have no purpose. Without purpose, it can be challenging to become successful. Thank you for the comments!

  15. Krystal

    I just wrote an article about providing incentives for businesses to have green friendly products and energy usage! It’s important to consider the environment when starting your plan for the future.

  16. Harleena Singh

    Hi Nate,

    You are absolutely right in all your wonderful tips mentioned here 🙂

    If you don’t have a plan or a vision for your work, or anything you want to carry out, how can you proceed further. It happens with any task, say for example even if one is cooking in the kitchen, if you don’t chalk out what you are going to cook, and collect all the ingredients needed for a particular dish, you cannot proceed further.

    You also need to think outside the box, think big and also try to be different or unique from the others to really stand out from the crowd, isn’t it? That brings you in the lime light immediately.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Harleena,

      I completely agree. You have a great week as well. Thank you! 🙂