5 Things To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong…

Life isn’t always easy.  In fact, sometimes it can be as soul-crushing as it is rewarding.  And yet, every day we go out into the world and try our best.  We make the most out of bad situations and even grow to become better people.  So, when the time comes when we have an incredible idea and drive to start a business or company, we should take it.  Going off on our own to do something that has never before been done, becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  However, it can also be one of the most challenging.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  On average, four out of every five new businesses will fail.  What separates those who succeed from those who fail?  What causes some people to make it while others are left in the dust?  Simply put, it all comes down to having the right frame of mind.  By focusing on creating a healthy outlook on life, you can seize the entrepreneurial spirit and beat the odds.  Listed below are things you should consider while on the road to making your dreams a reality.

Don’t Try To Predict The Future, Instead Work In The Moment

In 2005, the head of Apple, Steve Jobs, stood upon a stage and addressed Stanford University on their commencement day.  Having built one of the most powerful companies from scratch, Jobs spoke about the entrepreneurial spirit.  He said that you can never connect the dots looking forward like you can when looking back.  To do so would be a waste of your skill and time.  Instead, he suggested that you spend your time making every moment as good as it can be.  By following your passion and staying focused, you can make your interests come to life.

Stay in the moment by modeling your entrepreneurial goals around what fascinates you.  If you put both feet forward, you’ll bring the best possible for you to work every day.  You will not always know what your next decision will be, or where you’re headed.  This is okay.  It may be anxiety-provoking, but all you need to do is trust in yourself and your entrepreneurial goals.  Also, don’t give in to the unknown.  Doubt can be just as dangerous as any roadblock you will run in to.  Remember that throughout history, all of the entrepreneurial greats were once where you are now.  They made their dreams a reality by staying in the moment.  With practice, so can you.

Every Failure Is An Experience, Every Scar Proof Of Your Determination

It is important not to be dragged down by failure, especially at first.  All too often we assume that failure is terrible and should be avoided at all costs.  However, failure is the best way to learn, to improve ourselves, and to be better at our work.  When failure comes your way, make it into a teachable experience.  Take it apart, learn from it, and move on.  Most importantly, don’t kick yourself over failure.  Don’t internalize it.  If you don’t succeed, it is because of the situation, not because of you.  This is not an easy skill to learn.  That being said, it will be crucial if you want to make your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.  Remember, as long as the failure doesn’t outright end you, you have room to continue growing and learning through the process.

Don’t hide your failures.  Instead, make them into opportunities to overcome.  Wear them like scars and own up to them.  Turn what many people consider a weakness into your greatest strength.  This will give you an edge over the competition.  It will also help you to be less stigmatized when taking the risk, which will provide you with more opportunities to succeed.

Don’t Let Other People’s Negativity Drag You Down

Life is full of people telling you what you can and cannot do.  When you start a business as an entrepreneur, you may be bombarded by other people’s opinions.  The biggest disservice you can ever give yourself is to believe the negative ones.  We express our fears and insecurities on others and whether it is out of a desire to save people from harm or from an attempt to stop them, these fears destroy motivation and success.  While being aware of the negative can be useful, focusing on the negative will destroy your entrepreneurial dreams.

Your ability to think for yourself will define your success.  The more you are capable of taking advice and not giving in to the negativity, the easier it will be to get your company off the ground and in the right direction.  There are numerous examples of inventions that only have success after incredible difficulties, challenges, and negativity.  Don’t ever let people get in the way of you and your goals.

Keep moving forward.  Let other people be negative for you and keep your eyes on the concrete objectives that move you forward.  It will not be easy, and may even be painful.  However, pain is temporary, difficult times will pass, and you will continue moving on.  Never forget the alternative.  Trying and failing is always better than never having tried at all or even worse, giving up and quitting.  Even if they prove to be right, at least you gave yourself the chance and believed in yourself.  Keep looking for the good.  You will be glad you did.

Fight To Stay Positive

You are your greatest advocate and your harshest critic.  Remember that while you have the power to make your entrepreneurial goals into a reality, you also have the ability to give up.  I encourage you to fight this feeling.  Every person who has been successful as an entrepreneur has felt it.  Each and every one of them that decided to fight this feeling came out on top.  Do not take to heart what people might say.  Instead, keep focused on why you started all of this and why it is so important to be realized.

Passion and positivity go hand in hand.  As you move forward with your entrepreneurial goals, remember this: You will not only be setting an example for yourself but for others as well.  It is ok to have doubts and uncertainties. This is normal. Sometimes uncertainty can make you question if we have lost the love and interest that brought us this far.  In truth, while it may cloud your direction and focus, your dream isn’t any less worth chasing.  Success will come from understanding and acceptance.  It is not a simple process, but something that takes time and learning.  Regardless, countless individuals have done it before you.  Even if you are feeling hopeless remember that no feeling lasts forever.  Get a good night’s sleep, wake up refreshed tomorrow, and see how you feel then.

Complaining is another way for you to lose your positive direction.  On its own, complaining is not bad.  It can be therapeutic, help you work through problems, and even help you move on toward a better future.  However, it can also take on a life of its own and erode your confidence and commitment to your entrepreneurial endeavor.  If nothing else, remember that you have only one life.  What you do now matters.  How much of that time will you want to have wasted complaining?

Never Stop Trying

Within top tier academic institutions in the United States, students are taught to never give up.  Taking this lesson to heart, many successful entrepreneurs have benefited from this lesson.  If there is something you want to pursue in life, then do it.  Don’t do it tomorrow.  Don’t wait a single day more. Do it Today!  Love and passion for a dream should never be taken for granted nor will they last forever.  You will come across countless hurtles.  Roadblocks may delay you for weeks or months at a time.  There may even be moments when everything feels impossible.  Remember that it is not.  Your dreams are not impossible.  Never stop trying and working towards them.

The will to never stop trying comes from focus.  When pooled, the most successful entrepreneurs of the past decade listed having focus as the most important thing.  Your focus will give you the will to continue.  It will make the impossible become possible.  By not giving up, you force yourself to find alternative solutions and out of the box ideas that you may not otherwise consider.  Also, by never giving up, you can come up with revolutionary solutions that put you on the map.

Seizing the entrepreneurial spirit is more than just being good at business.  It is about having the philosophy of life that can bring you through the worst and leave you better for it.  It is building the confidence to fail and come out better for it.  It is the will to not take things personally as you improve yourself.  It is the focus to stay on task even when you are confronted by impossible odds.  If nothing else, remember this.  You matter.  Your ideas are important.  Life has provided you an opportunity to make your dreams into a reality.  Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by.

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One response to “5 Things To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong…”

  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    Success is never a straight line. If everything is going right, you aren’t stretching out of your comfort zone enough. Success is a series of zigs and zags, ups and downs. You get knocked down two times, but get up three times. That’s what winners do.


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