5 Reasons Why You Need Balance In Your Life

What is business all about? Even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, chances are you won’t be able to answer this definitively. At least not right off the bat. This just goes to show how complex business actually is at heart: When even the best don’t really know, you can’t expect things to be easy. One possible, simple answer to the question is Equilibrium. Business is all about striking the right balance, between spending and revenue; firmness and leniency; tradition and innovation. But before you can be balanced, and thus successful, in business, you have to have balance in your own life.

5 Reasons why you need balance in your life while building your MLM business

Business as a Mirror

Any business is a reflection of its owner, at least in certain fundamental ways. A dishonest person will run a dishonest business; an immature person will run a business immaturely; a financially irresponsible person will end up with a bankrupt company.

These examples are all negative, but you can get positive results from this concept.  If you’re constantly striving to be better and more balanced, that will define you as a person. And if it defines you as a person, it will define your business. This is one reason the balance is important.

Happy Heart, Happy Earnings

If you’re feeling good in general, your business will perform better, because you’ll be more inclined to administer it properly, and you’ll be happier to spend more time doing it. But in order to feel good in general, you have to have balance in your life. This is reason number two balance is important: It helps you perform at the level you need to perform to be successful.


Nothing can stand without a foundation. This goes for a business, for which the foundation is capital, and for a business person, for which the foundation is a strong base of support from friends and family. This basis of support must be balanced, since everyone will have different opinions as to what you should do and approaches to helping you achieve your goals, and striking the right harmony between friends and family is an important step in accomplishing a sort of “life equilibrium” that will allow you to direct your MLM business prudently and passionately.

5 Reasons why you need balance in your life while building your MLM business

Ease of Improvement

Boxing is difficult. No one would argue that – not even Floyd Mayweather Jr, even though he’s an expert. But it’s not necessarily hard to get good at boxing. There’s just one secret: You have to be passionate about it. This goes for business, too. You have to passionate about what it is that you’re doing. But the only way you can be more passionate about your business is to learn to love what you’re doing, be willing to grow, strive each day to become better at your business.  Everything in your life has to be balanced, so you can take the ups and downs of business in stride and make the best decisions when faced with difficult choices.

The last reason you need balance in your life? You need to enjoy the fruits of your labor. With no balance, there’s no way for you to kick back and relax. But that’s just as important as the hard work you put in. To find balance, find success, and find yourself. Get to it.

Now it’s your turn! What do you do to achieve balance in your life?  What do you like to do when you feel like you have to mix things up to get re-focused?  Please share your comments below and I look forward to reading them!

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19 responses to “5 Reasons Why You Need Balance In Your Life”

  1. Jenny Chan says:

    Thanks for this article, I’m always thinking about my life and my business, sometime I feel I work too much never have time to enjoy my life. I feel sick sometime, I want to have a day hang out with friend, and forget all the stress from work. But say is easy , take action is hard. But I think I need to learn to live a balance life like what you say. I will tell you how it work in one month later:)

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Jenny! Glad to see you here!

      Yes, it is very important to have balance. What good is it if you work all the time, make money and do not have time to enjoy the money? Thank you for stopping by Jenny! Appreciate the comments!

  2. Good one for today Nate! I felt burned out earlier, went for a powerful mid-day run, rested this afternoon then voila, back to the web with renewed vim and vigor. Balance. Be good at what you do by feeling good about what you do…..and you get there by detaching and resting from the biz stuff before you need to do it 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Arleen says:

    To me one of the most important aspect of any business is to strike the right balance, I have always believed in service, service and more service. I have a very high return rate of customers I feel because of my physiology.

    I am in a business that is forever changing. Not only from the products, but the age of people who are ordering, the devices that they are using to order, and more and more have less time to play around. I deal with corporations that put logos on our products. I am constantly rethinking what I can do to make the experience a better one. I actually regroup twice a year. Once in the beginning of the year and again at the end of the summer.

    If you want to get refocused, check out your competition. I am not saying to copy what they are doing. I ask myself, why did they buy from that company and not me. I am constantly doing research. All businesses are forever changing.

    You hit on some very good points here. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you for your post

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Arleen,

      Balance is everything, not just in business but in life too. We are constantly growing each day, because if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

      Business is more dynamic than ever. I agree you have to be ready to make changes and not be comfortable with what you have because you will not go far with it. When the business changes, you have to change.

      Competition in my opinion is always a good thing. I say that if you don’t have competition in the first, place, you really do not have a demand for what it is that you’re selling or servicing. Competition is healthy for business and I’ve always believed that it’s great to mastermind with your competition or people in your niche or space. Share ideas, partner up, we can always learn and make anything a win-win situation. There’s plenty go to around, and abundance all around us.

      Appreciate your feedback, and you have a great weekend as well. 🙂

  4. Hi Nate,

    Balance in life is something ALL of us need, whether it’s in our personal or professional life.

    To find work balance isn’t tough if you are organized and follow some ways of time-management. In the same way, to balance your life at home, you need to manage your time in such a way that neither your family nor work suffers – that would be perfect balance according to me,

    I agree with what you mentioned – if you love and are passionate about your work or things you do, you’d also find ways of doing it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Harleena!

      Exactly, both professional and personal applies. 🙂

      Sometimes if you focus on one thing more than the other, other things in your life will be affected. It’s a challenge for many people and it’s important to be aware that we need balance in our life even though it may not be perfect, and the fact that it will never be.

      Appreciate the comments and you have a great weekend as well! Thanks Harleena!

  5. Hey Nate!
    You have made some very important points here in this article. Even though I agree completely and advice others with similar advice, I often do not pay attention myself to the balance!
    As a single parent, home schooling parent and a marketer my balance is often a challenge especially since I am passionate about each role. I will be altering some plans I had over the next few days, thanks!

    • Nate Leung says:

      It’s important that not only do we work on balance, but more importantly, work on the areas in our life that needs to be worked on. We all need improvement in all areas of life, and we’re never going to get it perfect, but as long as we’re growing, that’s what’s important. Thanks for the feedback Susan!

  6. Lisa says:

    I’m always chasing the unseen balance in life. I don’t think you can have it ALL balanced at once but in parts at different times. Maybe we achieve it more with age ? I try to get out and spend time in nature when I need to re-focus and adjust. Thanks for giving us reason to strive for that balance Nate.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Balance is important, provided that you want it. Most don’t realize they need balance, until they feel out of place or a desire to want to change. I’ve learned that it’s important to have balance in life, but it’s also just as important to work on the areas that are the core elements of balance. All of those come into play that make up the overall picture. We will never get it perfect until we die. Appreciate the comments Lisa! 🙂

  7. Adrienne says:

    Hey Nate,

    I’m a pretty organized person so I’m always able to get things done on a daily basis. Okay, accept for this month since I lost my best friend. My emotions are still kind of all over the place at times but I’m hoping this soon will pass.

    I think if you’re happy doing what you do then the rest kind of falls into place. Probably kind of naive of me to say it like that but I would hope that everyone would organize their time properly and be sure to get the important things accomplished.

    I love what I do so it just never seems like work. I hope everyone feels that way.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      I’m glad to see that you’re moving on and not striving not to live in the past. Death is not easy to overcome, especially when your it’s your best friend who has made an impact in your life. Because of this, it will make you stronger and time itself will heal.

      I agree if you’re happy and you “enjoy” what you do, everything does fall into place. I like to use the world, “enjoyment” over passion because to me passion is something you enjoy in spurts, and enjoyment is something you enjoy over a life time.

      Appreciate the comments Adrienne! 🙂

  8. Bradley Capp says:

    Balance is everything. One thing I did early on in my life was working anywhere between 60-70 hours a week. My personal life suffered and so did my family life. I learned the hard way and realized that I needed balance in my life. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Luke Blower says:

    I completely agree, balance is everything…
    Thanks for laying it out here…

  10. Bryan Gilroy says:

    To have balance in life certainly is one of the most important overall goals to reach. At the same time it is a real toughie. On the one hand you focus on something you want to achieve, you make progress, but on the run you lose focus in another area of life. But lasting fulfillment can only be reached in balance, otherwise the areas where we don’t focus on come back to us with unpleasant surprises.

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