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5 Reasons Why Worry Will Not Help You in Your Business

One of the most common things, which we do daily in our lives, is worry. We worry about every little thing whether it is getting office at time or the presentation, which is to take place at the end of the day. Thus, all around us, we have created a web of worries and every time we are free, we keep on knitting it more and more.


It has become a common notion that people think that those who worry too much are the ones who pay attention to detail and aim for perfection. This notion is wrong, and the fact is on contrary where worrying does not do any good to ordinary people in general and businesses in particular. I would like to speak for the businesses here and would like to tell you that how worrying does not help you in your business with five major reasons.


5 Reasons Why Worry Will Not Help You in Your BusinessWaste of Time:


I could not say it more bluntly, but the fact is that worrying is just a waste of time if you are a business person. In order to conduct and mange business, you have to properly manage and utilize every minute of your day, therefore, if you are sitting in a corner worrying about things and wasting your time instead of sitting on your seat and managing things, then you are not utilizing your time effectively. Therefore, in simple words, worrying for a business person is just a waste of time and nothing comes out of it other than lost hours.


Pessimistic Approach:


No denying the fact that in business there are challenges, however, it is the approach to facing these challenges that predict the success or failure of a business. Worrying about the challenges is a pessimistic approach towards the matters of business. You can either hope for the best pertaining to challenges or you can sit and worry. All the mission and vision statements of the business are the hope, which you give to the people working in the business. Imagine if your business had no mission and no vision because you are always worried about what the future will be like, then what would be the morale of people working with you? They definitely will be pessimistic about their future and this pessimism of theirs would reflect in the work they do which would cause the business to go down. Therefore, instead of worrying about things, be hopeful and take the leaps of faith wherever required.


Loss of Perspective:


When you are worrying about something, you get in the hyper-focused state, and when you are in hyper-focused state you lose perspective and experience tunnel vision. For a business owner it is imperative that he or she always has some perspective and avoids tunnel vision as much as possible because the latter causes the business to deviate from its true path and come across something that is neither fruitful nor bearable by the business. Therefore, worrying too much causes you to lose perspective and as a result of it you don’t know anymore what to do, especially in conditions where your immediate decision is required.


Stops You From Facing The Challenge:


The fourth reason why worrying is not good for your business is the fact that people who worry tend to spend all their time on thinking and pay little heed towards the action part of the thinking. Thus as a result of all this worrying, when your business would face the inevitable challenges, you won’t be able to gather the courage to meet them; hence the eventual failure would meet your business sooner or later.


5 Reasons Why Worry Will Not Help You in Your BusinessPropagates Selfishness:


The organizational culture flows from top to bottom, meaning that if you being the boss are worried, your employees and subordinates will also be worried. Besides the overall somber and sad atmosphere, you being worried also promote selfishness in the organization. When your subordinates will see you worried and always thinking about how to get your way straight, then on their own seats they will also be thinking about how they can get their way straight, hence there will be no collective thought or action that is essential to business success. Therefore, instead of worrying, try thinking about others and take the necessary steps or actions to ensure that others around you remain protected and happy.


Now it’s Your Turn!


Do you worry too much? What kind of problems it causes for you? How did you stop worrying? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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23 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Worry Will Not Help You in Your Business”

  1. Colette Morris

    Thanks Nate, great post. Valid points mentioned here. When I am worrying about something, I post a question to myself last thing at night. On a good sleep the answer pops into my head most times, on the occassions it doesn’t talking it through sometimes helps.

  2. Esha

    Nice points Nate! I so agree that worrying never helped anybody! For me talking it out really works. Whenever I have something that really bothers me, I talk it out with my husband, who is also my best friend, I get to see a different point of view on the matter. It helps.

  3. Ryan Biddulph


    Good reasons! Worrying moves your focus from being grateful to being an ingrate. Not good for business owners. When I worry I instantly count blessings and then I have nothing more to worry about.

    Thanks bro!

  4. elena stasik

    I so agree with you Nate! Great post! 🙂

  5. Fabi

    I’m not one to worry too much. It’s a waste of energy and time 🙂 Usually the thing worried about never happens anyway.

  6. Melissa

    I do worry. But lately I am trying my best to let it go. If I don’t I am all stressed out and I can only focus on that one thing.

  7. Trish

    I read something once that said when you’re faced with a situation that’s worrying you, take a moment and think about the worst possible outcome of that situation. Face it. Tell yourself if that were to happen, you could deal with it. Jot down a plan of action. Then let it go. You’ve already faced the worst. You have a plan. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to do that when you’re in the middle of worrying, but it really does help.

  8. Merle

    I was always a terrible worrier and I suppose I still am where my family is concerned but business wise there is no point in worrying and fully understand how it can keep you from pushing yourself forward. Great post.

  9. Lanaya Green

    take it first hand from someone that had a lot going on with kids work and stress. it stop me from moving forward in my daily activity in my business to be successful. it is just not worth it. Life is sometime hard and some days we have the best times of our lives. just know this it will leave you in worse situation than you started

  10. Carrie Medford

    I used to be a huge worry-wart! It would paralyze me and cause me to feel sick and imagine all the worst case scenarios that were probably some of the craziest imaginings anyone could come up with! I think that being thrust into the role of single motherhood and sole provider for my family of six forced me to take action and just DO things that needed to be done regardless of the ‘what-if’s”. Even in business, as I transitioned from working four jobs away from home to becoming a full time work from home mom, I had to throw caution to the wind and simply DO.

    Also, having had the life experiences that I’ve had, I’ve learned that even when the worst case scenario does happen, you live through it. I’ve beaten the odds at many things and through that learned that even when it came down to the worst, the worrying did not help. You just continue on and make things better! Most people really are much stronger than they think and can survive through unimaginable circumstances. I’m proof!

    Great post and you are very correct in what you have listed as the disadvantages of worrying!

  11. Krystle

    Hands are both raised in the air. I’m not sure why I am a worrier, but it is very distracting. I have worked on this by setting up times to do certain tasks to keep me on track with my daily activities and it surely has helped. This was a much needed post Nate. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Clarissa

    Worry can sabatoge many areas of our life and keep us from making progress – so not worth it

  13. Carmen

    Great post and reminder. We need to be able to recognize these stressors so we can do something about it. Xx

  14. Michelle DeBerge

    As usual, your article is right on point! I agree that worry is definitely a waste of time and energy. Thank you!

  15. Nomusa

    Most of the things that we worry about never happen, so yes it is a waste of time.

  16. Denise Pattton

    Fantastic tips again Nate which I love to share with my friends from all walks of life xxx

  17. Clara

    Unfortunately I have my mom’s worry gene. However, it’s something I’m aware of and work on. Your article is dead on.

  18. frank joseph

    Oh well, worrying is one of the worst thing that can happen to a man who is planning to be successful.
    When you are worrying, you terms not to do anything all through the day even until the next day.

  19. priya

    Worrying never helps in anything but it only deviates you from goals..Lovely share as always..

  20. Jeanne Melanson

    I used to worry to much, but not anymore. I realized that it is a huge waste of time, and we all know that what you worry about more than likely never even happens. I gradually learned to ‘go with the flow’ more, to accept things as they are, and to do my best in all things. Thanks, Nate!