5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Time To Own A Home Based Business

Anyone that has ever sat in long lines of traffic during their work commute or been yelled at by an angry boss has probably dreamed of working from home. Although starting a successful home business is not easy, it can be a great way to gain the financial freedom you desire, while eliminating some of the hassle and stress of working in an office. The emergence of the Internet has made working from home a reality, which is why there is no better time than now to start your own home-based business. Here are five reasons why:


1. You don’t have to commute to work

This may seem like a small thing, but when you consider the price of fuel, coupled with the hassle of traffic and the stress of driving, it actually is a pretty good reason to work from home. Studies have shown that people without a lengthy commute tend to be happier and less stressed out. Getting rid of the commute isn’t just about convenience, it could actually give you a better quality of life.

2. You are your own boss

Just about everyone has had a disagreement with his or her boss. You can eliminate this problem by working from home. Even if you don’t dislike your boss, working from home allows you to be your own boss. This means you are only limited by your own effort, ambition and intellect. You get to make the decisions without someone standing over your shoulder or yelling at you for taking a lunch break that was too long.

5 Reasons to own a home based business

3. You have a chance for financial freedom

When you work from home you have a much better chance of getting the financial freedom that people covet. When you work for someone else there are limitations on how much money you can make. Even if you work hard and do everything right you probably won’t get more than one raise a year, if you are lucky. When you have your own home-based business you can climb to financial heights that might not be possible working for someone else.

4. You can actually enjoy your passion

Let’s face it, most people do not enjoy going to work. By starting your own home-based business you can choose what type of business you run, which will allow you to choose something that interests you. It is hard to be happy in life if you do not like your job. A home-based business will give you the opportunity to do the things you want to do, which will make it much more likely that you enjoy your job.

5. You will have a flexible work schedule

Working from home allows you to have a more flexible schedule, which is great for people that have kids or other issues that might require them to miss work. Working from home will allow you to make your own schedule, which will make you a happier person overall. You will no longer have to miss those important functions when you work from home.

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21 responses to “5 Reasons Why It’s A Good Time To Own A Home Based Business”

  1. Luke Blower says:

    Working from home is not for everyone but anyone who is willing to focus and show a bit of determination and patience can make it in this business. And you have highlighted the rewards that await those who do make a real go of the opportunities out there.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Luke,

      You’re right, Luke. It’s not for everyone. Just like having a job isn’t for everyone. It all depends on the person who really wants to make it work for them and sticking to it. Thank you for the comments!

  2. 5 minute ago I listened to large lizards scurrying around in the drain pipes in our casita, off the grid in Costa Rica.


    5 years ago I commuted to a noisy, polluted shipping terminal each day. To work as a security officer.

    What a change! Nate, you hit on each point buddy! Work smart AND persistently and there is no better way to live!!!


    • Nate Leung says:

      I hope the lizards aren’t doing anything to attack you while you’re sleeping! Lol.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Haha.. Hey Nate!

    I feel so much with the first reason because Singapore is just getting more and more crammed each year. It’s like a can of sardines just trying to commute to work every single day. Peak hours are crazy!

    So yes! Getting out of that commute issue is a HUGE benefit for me.

    2 and 5 are tricky ones because while they may sound like benefits, they can work against you too. Being your own boss and having a flexible timing is not always a good thing.

    I’ve found it hard sometimes to get my ass to work and there’s no one to demand me for any deadlines. So if one is not disciplined enough, they will find themselves in a downward spiral, lost and not sure where to go.

    Having your own business requires you to have a lot of discipline and I would say be hard on yourself at times.

    Great stuff bro! 😉

    Darren Spruyt

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Darren!

      I can relate! I used to live in LA and traffic was horrible back then, and certainly still is but worse! Even at 1pm it’s jam packed. Having your own business is all about keeping yourself accountable. You create your own hours, you create your own income. In the end, you are the result of the activities that you put into the business. Love the feedback!

  4. Awesome post! I LOVE working from home. It’s great for both my husband and me to be home with the girls. We can leave at ANY time to do something fun as a family. And Disneyland on a weekday is much less crowded than the weekends!

    One thing I usually forget about though is Rush Hour traffic! I’ve gotten caught in it more times that I’d like to admit just because I forgot that people leave work at the same time. Just need to plan better I guess! lol!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Stefani,

      I agree with you having to be at home and do things with the family during the weekdays instead of the weekends rock! You are going against the grain and it benefits you in your favor! Thanks for the awesome feedback!

  5. Arleen says:

    I sold real estate for 25 years and when I started my own business I had financial freedom. I have an office but do a lot of wok at home as I am more comfortable working from home. All I can say I don’t miss taking people in and out of houses. There is nothing like owning your own business

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Arleen,

      I certainly know what you mean, I’ve also had friends that sold real estate like yourself and still do! Nothing beats working from home!

  6. Tom Fuszard says:

    Very true, Nate, especially #4 (doing what you want to do). It’s like the question sometimes posed by job interviewers: “If you could describe the dream job, what would it be?”

    Working from home allows you to craft that ideal employment opportunity. So many business opportunities are available today, there has to be something for nearly anyone.

  7. Freedom is a great word when it comes to working from home. Financial Freedom, Time Freedom, Freedom from your boss, Freedom of Traffic, and Freedom to enjoy your passion. Have a home business is that bridge to the freedom you want. The only thing we have to do is make that effort to cross it! Thanks Nate for sharing!

  8. Katrina says:

    Awesome post! Some great things to think about and put back on my mental list! Thanks Nate!

  9. Adam Payne says:

    Can’t argue with that Nate. All good and valid points.

    Life is short so do what you enjoy 🙂


  10. Hi Nate!

    Absolutely! I love working form home and having my own businesses. Actually I have 3…all mine! I work when I want, take breaks when I want.

    Yes, it is a responsibility but when you love what you do, it isn’t “work” at all. It is a positive challenge and it is all up to me how I want to get things done.

    Freedom is what I love most about it and enjoying meeting people and helping them out. Hey, I’m just a people person and I get to be one!


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Donna!

      You are living proof of why we all need to own a home based business! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. Hey Nate,
    This is a Fantastic post my friend.
    Avoiding the commute definitely reduces stress levels.
    It actually gives you time to plan your day and decide what your priorities are if you didn’t do it the night before.
    Being your own boss also means that you decide when to give yourself a raise, and you will never fire yourself LOL.
    As sherman commented there is Freedom on so many different levels.
    As luke commented with the correct focus, determination and patience people can make it with a home based business.
    Goals are also important to help to overcome your own excuses and be productive.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Onward And Upwards To Success


    • Nate Leung says:

      You’re absolutely right Gary, you being your own boss means that you choose to create your own income, you choose your own hours and you certainly need to be accountable for your own responsibilities and success. Awesome feedback Gary!

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