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4 Terrible Habits on Facebook That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Without any doubt Facebook is the new medium of marketing the business, thus, out of this notion every business is creating its Facebook page and trying to increase the promotional activities on the platform. Although the goal of every business is to increase interaction with the customers and increase engagement with them, however, some businesses are just not able to do it right.


As important as it is to do the right things when marketing on Facebook, it is equally important to avoid the activities that defer the customers from the brand. To me there are four crucial terrible habits adopted by businesses that bring damage to the business instead of doing it good. Let me explain them to you briefly.


stop_tagging_me_on_facebook_Random and Mindless Tagging


The biggest habit of businesses that hurt them the most is the random and mindless tagging. Businesses out of the notion that they need to let as many people as possible know about their brand go on mindlessly tagging everyone that becomes available to them. This thing is seriously annoying to the people who have nothing to do with the business or any of its promotion or products. When business makes a habit of random tagging, the ultimate result is people getting annoyed and hence deferring from the brand. Thus, no matter how unique or well planned the post is, if it is not targeted to the right audience, it makes them randomly targeted people annoyed, and then the spring of non-appreciating words for the business starts, which eventually harms the social media marketing efforts of the business.


Spamming Random People


Stop sending mass messages with dozens of people attached. You've seen these before, like “this is the best opportunity ever” or “please friend request me if you want to make money” etc. People loathe being addressed in this style, and if you really have something to say at the very least personalize your message to each individual or, better yet, refrain altogether from sending out mass messages. After all, it’s straight out of the guide to spamming.


4 Terrible Habits on Facebook That Could Be Hurting Your BusinessSharing Only About Your Business Opportunity


The third major mistake committed by business owners, is that they only share posts about the business. Social media is a two way communication, thus if a business keeps on sharing about itself only, the ultimate result will be that the audience will get bored of this one way and monotonous kind of information and start ignoring the  posts of the brand. On the other hand, if the business shares other information which is not related to the business or is indirectly related, then the sharing would remain diversified and would attract the attention of the audience, hence the engagement will increase ultimately.


Lowering Standards for Engagement


The fourth denting habit to the reputation of the business on Facebook is condescending for the sake of engagement. Business either out of being humorous or just out of pure condescension share posts that are demeaning to the audience. Although such type of posting creates engagement but it is base in nature and does not leave a good impression of the brand. Hence, for better engagement, it is imperative that the business shares quality content on its Facebook profile.


Now it’s Your Turn!


What kind of posts do you share on your business profile? What kind of fan response do you get for the posts? Do you bring diversity to your sharing? What kind of overall sharing strategy do you follow? Please share your insightful thoughts in the comments section.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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29 Responses to “4 Terrible Habits on Facebook That Could Be Hurting Your Business”

  1. Santosh Dadke

    so correct and practical observations about horrible habits of tagging..thanks sir

  2. Charmie

    Spamming is the worst thing which has always been in limelight when it comes to facebook.
    Thanks for throwing light on rest of them.

  3. Willena Flewelling

    All we have to do is think of how it makes us feel when we are tagged and spammed, and when all we know about one of our “friends” is the business he’s in… and it should keep us from doing the same thing. But what you’re talking about, Nate, is all too common even now, after FB has made it so clear that’s not what they’re all about. The 80/20 rule applies there too, even on our own pages.


  4. Judy Garey

    Ahhh, Nate…. I’ve seen so many people do some of the things you wrote about and you’re right… it’s annoying. I don’t have any specific FB strategies. I just post what I want to post and what is relevant to my page. 🙂

  5. marilyn cada

    Many networkers I know only post their business opportunity in their facebook and many fb users try to unfollow them since they feel annoyed and do not want to be offered with a business

  6. Liz Delaney

    I agree with everything you mention Nate. I never understood ‘tagging’ so was never guilty of this. I have met so many wonderful people simply by chatting and getting to know them. Relationship building is the way to go.

  7. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    Facebook is for connecting with people and build a community.
    using quotes and posting videos which shows your interests ,
    spamming and tacking does the opposite.
    Thank you, Nate , for making aware of this.

  8. sherman smith

    Hey Nate,

    Marketing has changed a lot since the advent of social media. Now people want to be more “social” and are not attracted to the the more “human side” of business.

    Yes I use to spam and tag a lot when I first started using facebook, but for me it was a transitioning period. Now I see that people are more attracted to my everyday life and quotes that I put up, as well as I am to others. It’s as if you’re living a reality tv show, except that social media is more of a reality social media show. I believe this pop culture now has brought marketing to the way it is now!

    Thanks for sharing Nate! Have a great rest of the week!

  9. Edie Dykeman

    All good points. Many businesses don’t understand relationship building, which actually surprises me. Seems as if that should be a priority and should be taught in Marketing 101.

  10. Merle

    Great tips and advice Nate, more people on Facebook need to see this post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cindy

    I agree! Every one of your points is right on! I hate it when people tag me on stuff that I had nothing to do with. I remove the tag and usually remove the person as well.

    Great points for all new and old business Facebook users to keep in mind.

  12. Amanda @ Adorkablii

    This is very tricky!! I found that using caps and getting excited about things can really boost veiws and get people excited! Also people love to get personal so I like to talk about personal things here n there!!! Great post!!!!

  13. Michael Levanduski

    I’ve found that it is often the more personalized messages that get the best responses. Then, of course, people stick around and look at your business focused posts too.

    As many have said before, it is all about building the relationship! There aren’t any automated bots for that!


  14. Jan Kearney

    I think you’ve listed my pet hates on Facebook Nate! Random tagging drives me crazy, dropping links on my FB Page just makes me want to scream – both are incredibly rude.

  15. Mocha Mama

    As an individual, the mindless tagging & unsolicited messages “promoting” a business are THE most annoying. It’s a quick way to get me to “unlike” or block in some way.

    As a blogger, it’s a good reminder to post things OTHER THAN my own blog posts. . . Sharing things that I find funny or helpful, whether it be a meme or other blog posts.

  16. Monna Ellithorpe

    Good morning, Nate.

    Good advice, although some will not take it even though it’s been proven to work better the way you suggest. I try very hard to create content that my readers will use and enjoy reading about. My FB fan page is not that old, so I’m still working with it.

    Have a great day. Monna

  17. Scott

    All good points. For too many companies they jump right in thinking they can do their own online marketing, not knowing the etiquette and techniques that are proper for their customers.

  18. Hristiqn Nikolov

    There is one thing I hate about Facebook and I would never take a person seriously as a business associate and that’s if he spams a lot. I hate people who spam, it’s simply annoying and it’s ugly.

  19. Carolyn Coleman-Grady

    Oh, wow great post I receive so many tagged business information and more chats randomly its to much it really is a turn off. Establish relationships see if your connection provides information from each other, and above all don’t take advantage of one another on face book ok I’m done preaching. Great Nate

  20. Debra Jason

    All very sound & practical tips. Thanks for sharing them. I think everyone needs a gentle reminder – especially about “mindless tagging.”

  21. Samir

    Hello Nate,

    Yes you are totally right about these 4 terrible habits which would hurt business on facebook.

    Thanks for share

  22. Marielle Altenor

    Great article on what NOT to do when it comes to using Facebook for your business. Getting tagged can be annoying if the post you are tagged in has NOTHING to do with you! I have a business page for my Scentsy and I do not tag anyone in my photos. I also try to share things not just related to Scentsy.

  23. Kaloyan Banev

    Social media spam is getting extremely annoying. I guess many companies are doing these thigs which definitely is very wrong.

  24. Maria Oller

    One of the most annoying for me is overdoing your affi links, some blogs post em every 10 mins

  25. Carissa

    Really good thoughts! I try to ask questions that will create interesting conversation whether it is related to my business or not. All positive interaction is good!

  26. Tandy Elisala

    Hi Nate, these are great pet peeves you have listed here. I can’t stand any of them. People want to do business with those they like, know and trust and that doesn’t happen when the 4 mistakes above are ‘committed’!

  27. Maura Raffensperger

    Luckily, I don’t get the spammy messages on FB you mention. I did create a business page about 2 years ago after 2 friends complained they did not want to see my business posts on my personal profile. Now my blog posts automatically post to my FB business page.

  28. Suzy

    Good tips. Lucky FB for me is just fun social media and not business. Not yet anyway.