4 Negative Mindsets That Will Sabotage Your Business Success

It is a fact that there is always mind over matter. People who have their mind strong can undergo anything and still manage to get good out of it, whereas those who don’t work on their mind don’t survive even the slightest of nudges.

Therefore, for success in any field, it is imperative that the mindset be strong and positive.

When it comes to business, the mindset of the business owner reflects on the way business is conducted, therefore, if there be a negative mindset, then it will surely hinder in the success of the business and if there is a positive mindset, it will contribute to the success of the business.

For you as a business owner, it is important that you know the major negative mindsets that can hinder your success, in the following lines I’ll be discussing 4 of them with you.

4 Negative Mindsets That Will Sabotage Your Business Success

People Won’t Pay:

The biggest or the most devastating negative mindset is when business owners, especially the new ones think that people won’t pay what they are charging for the service. This type of mindset shows the lack of belief in your product or service.

When you don’t believe that it is worthy enough of getting paid what you want to charge, then believe you me that people will do the same as well.

Therefore, it is of grave importance that you change your mindset and think that your product or service is worth buying when you believe that, then you will push it hard to sell the offering and eventually you definitely will find buyers who share the same belief as you do.

Stop sabotaging the success of your business by thinking low of your offerings.

There Is No Time:

Another negative mindset that most of the time subtly sabotage the success of your business is thinking that you don’t have enough time. Although businesses run on deadlines, making deadlines short in order to achieve more and then thinking that you don’t have enough time makes you perform clumsy and the quality of work suffers, as a result, the success of business gets put on stake.

It is imperative that you change your mind-set by believing in yourself and your workforce that they will be able to finish the desired project within the given time. Moreover, it is also of grave importance that under pressure situations you keep your calm.

When you as an owner are calm, the value will run down throughout the business and thus people will deliver the desired work in time without any hassle.

The Mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven. – John Milton

The Evil Economy:

Perhaps the biggest reason that stops new people from starting a business and the already present businesses from achieving success is the fact that they believe that the economy is poor and as a result, people don’t want to buy what you have to offer.

No denying the fact that the economy is not what it used to be, however, have people left living? Don’t people by things these days? Why are companies spending so much on advertising? Why are there billion dollar industries?

All of these questions point towards the fact that no matter how poor the economy gets, people still have needs and those who fulfill those needs make a profit. Therefore, stop blaming the economy and change your mind-set about it if you wish to see your business become a success.


It Will Be Easy:

The biggest bitter pill that you have to swallow when it comes to running a business, it is the thought that business is not easy.

Those who think running a business and making it a success is easy, they have no idea about it and the chances of their achieve success with this mindset are minimal. Although with time and after a hard struggle, things start becoming easier, however, it is never easy and thinks so would be a negative and immature mindset.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What type of mindset do you have as a business person? Which mindset is hard to avoid? Which works the best? Please share your insightful thoughts in the comments section.

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40 responses to “4 Negative Mindsets That Will Sabotage Your Business Success”

  1. Lisa says:

    Nate, I was just plaqued with the NO TIME one a few minutes ago and took a deep breath and said just another 30 minutes 🙂 You are right about keeping calm, that can really get us through times like these. Thanks for sharing these tips and truths with us!

  2. These are great point, Ryan. Personally, I have struggled with charging people for my services or products. I always had this underlying thought that “it’s too much” to ask. This probably came from my own lack of finances in life, thinking that If I was asked to pay that much, then I wouldn’t be able to. But as it turns out … there are a lot of people out there with money who don’t give spending a second thought. I love those people! 😉

  3. Krystle says:

    Great content you have here. These are valid reasons a lot of people who start business feel they won’t be success. Especially the economy reason. Trust me customers are going to spend their money where they want to no matter how bad the economy is. You just have to provide enough value and ‘why’ for them to buy from you.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:


    Major league wake up call here. Love ’em. Being a pro means dealing with these mental objections from time to time. We all face them. Get past them.

  5. Priya says:

    Useful and interesting post..thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks for this, all very true, human nature is always very self defeating

  7. Well, we know it’s not easy! LOL There is so much hype out there saying it is. That’s the sad thing. People buy into it. The harsh truth is, to be successful takes plenty of work! Nice post.

  8. Clara says:

    Stinking thing is an epidemic.

  9. Sophie Bowns says:

    Great tips here Nate!
    Positive things happen to positive people!

  10. Esha says:

    Great tips Nate! It is very important to stay positive! No matter what even if things get tough in your business! I have to remind myself of that.

  11. It’s never easy, but can be done.

  12. Roslyn says:

    Your easy 4 points has me examining my own position on my mindset. I’ve always had good time management skills so safe there, economy has always been an easy excuse for not having expected results, I knew it wasnt going to be easy.The one mindset I’ve gotten hooked onhas been regarding the pricing of my products and I will continue to visit this area.

  13. Great tips Nate! There is a lot of hype out there. Folks think it is so easy and that everything just falls into place! NOT! It takes work, commitment and for me, a coaching and mentoring team. It can be done! 🙂

  14. Kungphoo says:

    I go into my business with a positive mindset.. it is hard to please everyone, and it also hard to make the correct twists and turns..

  15. Simona says:

    Nate, I think business owners see it as hard when they start, because they don’t know the ropes. Everything we don’t know seems “hard”. I’d like to think that everything I don’t know provides me a chance to learn something very useful.

  16. Sandy K Hardy says:

    I found out that its not easy. Through time it has gotten easier. I have also been learning throughout this time, which makes it easier. I am not sure but I think a lot of people have these mindsets for a short time at least. You can get past them if you don’t give up!

  17. Don Purdum says:

    Excellent post Nate! The lies and stories we tell ourselves hurt our businesses more than any other issue you mentioned. One I might add is people who say they won’t grow their businesses to avoid taxes. Really? That’s stupid. Just keep breaking through and you’ll make more money. It’s like saying, I won’t pursue and extra $100,000 because I’ll have to pay $20,000, but you just made $80,000 more…

  18. True Nate. It’s a lot about posture. Whatever we believe, people sense it from us. If we don’t believe in our value, it comes across and people will NOT pay. But then, the same happens in the opposite direction!!! 🙂 Truth!!!

  19. Lorii Abela says:

    It is really hard at first and that is normal. We just need to have positive mind set every time. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Yippeedaniel says:

    Well as a business man to be i have the mindset of nothing good comes easily, it just a matter of time and more harder.

  21. Negative thoughts like these can be very pervasive. It takes work to manage them but the first step is to acknowledge that they exist. Thanks for the reminder!

  22. Thanks Nate for breaking down these 4 negative mindsets that will definately sabotage your business success……great info and value here!!

  23. Pat Moon says:

    I tend to prejudge people and decide ahead of time why they will not purchase from me. Some of that is the mindset that they may not realize the need to spend money on what I offer, that they may not realize the value of paying for the best and why the best will work better for them.

  24. Dawn Lanier says:

    You’ve made some important points here Nate, especially for people who are just starting out in their business. Negative and/or unrealistic mindsets can never lead to lasting success.Likewise, starting a business without having a strategy for making it work will prevent you from getting ahead. Nice post! Thanks Nate.

  25. Elisa says:

    Hi Nate! I really loved your article. You hit a lot of key points as to why many don’t succeed in business. I totally agree that negativity breeds negativity. Trying to maintain a positive mindset when times are difficult is extremely hard, but you still must because positive thinking leads to clarity. Clarity leads to ideas. And those ideas help you out of bad business decisions and debt.
    The hardest mindset for me is being too hard on myself. Working on changing that now 🙂

  26. You are so right. I am always working on my mindset. I reading a little everyday with positive reading material. In fact I am reading something right now that is great. It is called The Science of Getting Rich. Pretty powerful. Thanks for the great post Nate…

  27. Nate,

    I personally know many artists who have these issues. I am sharing your good post.

  28. Hi Nate,

    It is very common among the beginners to realize if the money they are charging is really worth their product or service. It is very important to do a market research and determine if the price set is suitable one.

    However, it is very true that unless you are not confident about your own product, it is very certain that your buyers too will think similarly.

    On another extreme, we are seeing a lot of overpriced products/services. Should we call them over confident. It has almost been a customary to tag with 100 for themes, 47 for plugins, no matter if they offer that value or not.

  29. Jessica says:

    negative comments are poisonous!

  30. Interesting article Nate! The first point on charging for your product or service makes sense to me. You have to believe in the value of what you have to offer.

    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Nomusa says:

    Great advice here Nate. You either believe your product is worthy or you don’t. In most cases that lack of belief leads to a delay in creating or releasing the product.

  32. Lets cut out all negative things in our mind because ONE negative thing ruins everything. Like I said in other posts we have to keep our seven positive emotions in mind, Faith, Love, Sex, Desire, Hope, Romance And Prosperity because when we do prospects will feel that they can connect with us and they will be attracted to us like a magnet!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  33. Hi Nate,
    I agree with your all points….
    Thinking there’s no time or the economy is bad are the negative mindset that’ll kill the business!
    That’s why majority of them stay away from business and play safe…
    Very thoughtful article,

  34. Veronica says:

    If I am being honest – It’s hard to always have a positive mindset when everything seems to go wrong and you have a lot riding on success

  35. I think I sometimes have the “people won’t pay me” mindset. Like what I sale is too expensive. That’s something I’m working on overcoming. Because the people that love the product will pay for it!

  36. David Haines says:

    My mindset has shifted over time as a business person, but the biggest challenge I’ve had is the one where they won’t pay. In the past, I focused on customers and business partners that were broke and broken. They’d been beat up by the industry or their lack of success and came to me untrusting and just having spent their last dime. Because of this, I spent most of my time just trying to repair their attitude. Sometimes that eats away at your own confidence and determination. Great post Nate!

  37. Positive Mindset is the major key to success in life. Great men have said it all that as a man thinketh in his heart, so his he. I think we should always be positive.

    You are absolutely right to have included he “they wouldn’t pay” mindset. Because Most business women are victims of this. Thanks for your every time words. Have a great day.

  38. I totally agree Nate that a negative mindset is futile and destructive both in business and in life. Wherever possible I try to maintain a positive mindset and truly believe that positive energy attracts positive energy.

    However, we have to bring realism into the equation too. For many years I worked (free of charge) on a debt help forum and a business forum where I witnessed the devastating effects of the global economic downturn destroy many businesses, including my own.

    Why do we advertise? … Well for many we were desperate and simply threw good money after bad … this is still happening.

    I think a really important factor in being succesful in business is recognising when it’s time to get out and actually doing it, instead of staying trapped in the “comfort zone” until there really is nothing left for you to lose!

  39. Sharon ODay says:

    While I know those four pop up again and again, they are actually four mindsets that cannot exist in the mind of a true entrepreneur. (1) It’s critical to have belief in the value of what you offer, (2) things will take the time they take, (3) something of true value will succeed regardless of the economy and (4) anything of real value takes effort. The key to all is “real value!”

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