MLM Tips: How To Find The Ideal Customer For Your MLM Business

Business is all about sales. And sales are all about customers. The secret to doing well in a business that derives its cash from sales is to find the right base of customers. This is a serious challenge, especially in the world of multilevel marketing. Fortunately for those of us in the MLM game, there are a variety of tools and techniques you can use to make things just a little bit easier on yourself. Let’s look at three classic tricks to find the ideal customers for your MLM business.

3 Tips on How to Find the Ideal Customer for Your MLM business

But First . . .

Your first task is to do some research on your product and sales patterns it. This way, you’ll be able to identify what groups of people are most likely to buy your product with the greatest frequency. Once you’ve identified this demographic, you’ll be able to send targeted advertisements to them, and these advertisements will, obviously, be much more effective than if you’d sent them out to a general list of people. Why? These people have a higher probability of buying than the general public, which means you’ll probably get a lot more orders. These people will also be more attracted to your MLM opportunity since they’re more attracted to your product – give this a go.

But first, let’s look at what defines the ideal customer. If we’re really oversimplifying, we can say that the ideal customer is just the customer who’s most likely to buy. This is a useful enough working definition, so let’s stick with it, for now. What defines “most likely to buy”? Usually, your best bet at finding someone “most likely to buy” is to find someone “most in need” of your product. Now we’re getting somewhere – this leads us to our first tip.

Nail down your target market

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Find the Dissatisfied

3 Tips on How to Find the Ideal Customer for Your MLM business

Let’s face it. Selling your MLM opportunity is not that hard. Not many people are into it, and the ones who are aren’t likely to choose your offer over any other. So what do you do? Well, for some, the technique above works quite well – recruit those interested in your product. But there’s another technique that works much better for many. This is to find those already in MLM, but who are disillusioned with their current MLM company. Now, we don’t advocate that you become a missionary and try to convert everyone under the sun. Rather, we advocate your taking a genuine interest in your customers.

When you see that one of them is in MLM and isn’t happy with his or her results because his or her firm isn’t providing him or her with the necessary resources or training, let them know that you have an opportunity too. And when they realize that you actually care and have just as much, if not more, to offer them, they’ll jump on board in a heartbeat. This is probably the greatest way to get new customers. Take advantage of it today.

Now it’s your turn!

What do you do to find your ideal customer?  How do you know this customer is right for you?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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14 responses to “MLM Tips: How To Find The Ideal Customer For Your MLM Business”

  1. Kelly says:

    For me, the perfect customer for my business is ME. So in order to sell to other people, it was important to me to find other people who are like me. That’s really why I love the product I promote – I just have to be myself to attract people who are like me, and I naturally attract my perfect customer!

    • Nate Leung says:

      It always starts with you first. How do you help others if you can’t help yourself first. I always see Network Marketers make the mistake of trying to save the world, where they can’t save themselves. You know “you” and “you” will attract those like “you”. Appreciate the comments!

  2. pam schmidt says:

    I agree that finding the demographics of your target audience is important. It is also very easy to find people who are unhappy with the MLM they are currently in. So it truly should be easy to find people to recruit.

  3. Hi Nate,

    Excellent tips man!

    Caring makes the difference. If you can spot an unhappy person who feels miserable about their results you will be able to connect with them on most occasions by caring for them. No selling involved.

    Share value. Impress. Care. Care by connecting with the person, by listening to their problems, by offering them something for free which will help their lives, then you will find the ideal customer for your mlm business in increasing numbers. Share. Care.

    Fool-proof steps here dude. Thanks for sharing Nate!


    • Nate Leung says:

      Yes Ryan you’re so right on the points you highlighted! Love your feedback!

  4. PJ Zafra says:

    Hey Nate, great post here man! Targeting and know exactly who your ideal customer is not only saves a lot of money and effort but time as well. Love your tips here!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey PJ,

      It’s always nice to see a new visitor.

      I agree brother, know who your target audience, find their needs, wants and desires and you’ll get the prefect customer times over. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. lyn morris says:

    Taking the time to determine exactly who your customers are will give you a clear idea of how you can better serve their needs and convince more people like them to do business with your company. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Nate,
    This is a beautiful piece. I just like the last point you made witt respect to finding the dissatistied.

  7. The one’s that are most likely to buy are the ones who are most in need of your product or services. This is classic, but yet a lot of us tend to over complicate this. Simplify it, take genuine interest in your customers, find out what their needs are or what they’re frustrated about, and provide the solutions that you have for them! That’s what it’s all about!

    Thanks Nate!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Yes, the ones are in dire need of what you are offering is your ideal customer. Find out their desires and also their problems so that you can come in and solve their problems with your product or service. Alleviate the frustration and the pain and help your customers with your product or service. Appreciate the comments!

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