3 Tips To Identify, Create, And Find Your Next Opportunity

Find your passion and you can make money from it. Sounds simple, right? It is.

Finding your opportunity doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s probably right in front of you. Take a chance on an idea. If it doesn’t work out, you can find something else. That’s what a true entrepreneur does. An entrepreneur finds a way to make something work and doesn’t let failure become a deterrent.

Let’s say Tracey is a stay-at-home mom, passionate about interior decorating. Before she had kids, she worked as a decorator for a large firm.

Now, she wants to do this from home and monetize on her passion. She has everything she needs right in front of her. She knows the business. She just needs to create a system to automate her online presence and create a buzz around her service offerings.

So, where does she begin? The best way to get started is to draw out the end result of what you want, then backtrack from there to where you are now. Figure out the systems that need to be put in place to arrive at the final destination.

A website needs to go up. Tracey needs to brand herself as an authority and expert in interior decorating, so she sets up social media outlets. Then she starts networking to let people know about her services. She might meet people in her local marketplace or go to organized events.

She builds her online profile through social media. Another great tactic is to start off less expensive in order to garner testimonials. In this way, Tracey collects a portfolio of clients to prove she is an expert or an authority in her field.

The problem that creates an opportunity

Marketing is not about selling, it’s about helping people solve their problems. Find a problem that needs solving and monetize it. Think less about how much money you will make off an idea and more about the movement it will create. Help people get what they want, and in the end, you will get what you want.

Monetizing your passion also creates opportunity. There is so much abundance and wealth around us, people don’t often see the opportunities when they arise.

Perhaps your passion is fitness and nutrition. Maybe you’ve just been let go from your day job and you want to get a job that incorporates your love for fitness and healthy food. Consider becoming an online coach and creating your own business opportunities.

You could open an Internet storefront and sell nutritional supplements, custom diet plans, and workout routines. In a few short months, you could have all the automated systems in place to start your business.

Not sure how to find your niche or the opportunities within your niche? Choose something that interests you. Do you love being a new parent and enjoy all the gadgets available for raising kids?

Become the mommy or daddy authority. Are you great at coaching and want to share that knowledge with others? Set yourself up as the coach’s coach. Enjoy travel? Turn that passion into a business. Google and Youtube are your best friends. You will be able to find all the information you need on the passion you want to turn into a business.

YouTube also offers videos of people who are doing exactly what you want to do. Watch and learn. There is no need to fear these people as competition. Think of them as mentors.

Competition is a resource, a way to grow and be inspired. No two businesses are exactly alike. See what needs are already being filled.

Can you do it better? Is some need being left unfulfilled? These are the areas where you will find your business opportunity.

Once you choose your niche, look for demographics within that niche.

For example, if golf is your interest, you might want to target beginners. How can you help them? Do they need advice on the best clubs to choose for each shot? Advice for perfecting their swing?

These are the problems that you will help them with and that you can monetize through blogs, videos, apps, and ebooks. Use these tools to deliver your message and give value to the demographic looking for answers. In this way, you create a following, you become known as an expert in your field and customers will pass on your information through social media and word of mouth.

Every action you take—every blog post or helpful video you post—will create movement in your target demographic. It may start slowly—so slowly that you can’t feel it—but persistence is the key.

Basic checklist for starting an online business

✅ Find a need and fill it.

✅ Design and build an easy-to-use website with a site builder like Click Funnels. This helps to establish your brand and your message.

✅ Create content that serves your audience with actionable items that they can implement

✅ Use search engines to drive organic traffic to your site. This is done through SEO, social media, and YouTube. These are all free ways to get targeted traffic back to your website.

✅ Establish yourself as an authority and expert in your space. Brand yourself as an expert by giving free, valuable information to your potential customers. Add daily content to a blog and social media outlets that will make you a go-to person in the field.

✅ Get testimonials. You may need to start out small. Under-promise and over-deliver. Give a one-time offer to the first 10 potential customers and add a bonus to get them to take action fast. Ask for testimonials that you can post on your website, showing others how good your service or product is.

✅ Put out content (articles, podcasts, videos) on a daily basis and always link it back to your website, which is your hub. You create your own traffic by building a list of email subscribers. This converts traffic into leads and then leads into customers.

✅ Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email. However, they reach your website (through a blog, SEO, or direct contact) be sure to get customers to sign up for your e-mail list. Once you have a customer list, you can increase your sales through back-end sales and up-selling This means sending out daily content, reminders, or new offers, creating more opportunities to make more money.

Whatever niche you choose, be sure to look for intangible needs to be filled. Even if you are selling basic items such as golf clubs, add value to the customer. In your social media circles, post interviews from golf celebrities or offer free golf tips and video training.

Building your Tripwire Strategy

The knack for finding opportunities continues as you build your business. Look for places online that your potential customers might hang out. Listen to the chatter of the community. What are the trends they are talking about? What needs do they have that aren’t being well filled? The create a strategy to fill those needs.

One way to get noticed is to create a tripwire to get people to sign up for your list.

Tripwires are free giveaways such as checklists, templates, or ebooks. You can also offer inexpensive digital products and services as a way to gain a new customer.

The offer isn’t something you just throw together and toss into the air, hoping consumers grab it. Make your tripwire an integral part of your business and something of real value to your potential customers.

Tripwires are useful because they let the consumer learn to trust you by accepting the gift. They find value in your connection, and the next time you offer something, you can sell a higher priced item since they already bought from you once.

Ask the following questions when creating your tripwire offers:

✅ Who is your target customer?

✅ What do they want?

✅ What’s preventing them from getting what they want?

✅ How can you provide a solution?

Eventually, you will become known as an authority in your industry, and all that positive feedback from your added-value marketing will filter back into your online storefront.

Just be sure that all your goodwill marketing leads back to your desired destination, whether that is a website, blog, or online storefront.

It’s Your Turn!

Look to in areas of your life that you are passionate about, then find the needs that can be filled in that area.

Most people think that marketing is all about selling.  It’s not.  It’s about helping people solve their problems.

Competition is a resource, a way to grow and be inspired.

Once you choose your niche, look for demographics within that niche to find more opportunities.

Create content that serves your audience with actionable items that they can implement

Post daily content (video, podcasts, blog articles) until you become an authority in your industry.

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18 responses to “3 Tips To Identify, Create, And Find Your Next Opportunity”

  1. Emidio Amadebai says:

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for sharing! I am starting my online business now and I can relate to what you just shared. Unless we grab the opportunities and take full advantage of them, we will forever be doomed to regret not having done so.

  2. GiGi Eats says:

    Establishing yourself as an authority is a BIG DEAL – you need to give yourself KLOUT in order for people to take you seriously, and honestly, THIS TAKE TIME – so patience is key!

  3. BMB says:

    I started in September and I am still working on building social media following and SEO. It’s a lot of work. Slowly making progress.

  4. Heather says:

    What a great, inspiring post!!! I’ve been in the “mommy blogger” kinda realm for 6 years now and now that I no longer have babies I find myself floundering about going, WHAT NEXT!?!? I’d love to come up with a genius life-changing product but let’s get real, that is quite a rare accomplishment and I got nothing haha

  5. Jeannette (Jay Joy) says:

    I heard about marketing before. Find what it is that people need and fill that need! It honestly changes a whole entrepreneur’s perspective when we think outside ourselves first– to help others.

  6. Roamy says:

    everything explained so well explained, most blogs and bloggers fail because they so much concentrate on selling they forget to help, forget their audience and drive the wrong traffic to their blogs.

  7. Tiffany says:

    I love hearing new ideas for marketing, it is a good reminder of how the daily grind can get you where you want to be.

  8. Cynthia Nicoletti says:

    Great ideas for those just starting out and wanting to expand their business.

  9. Adriana says:

    WOW! This is super impressive and so inspiring. I love your positive outlook .

  10. Surekha Busa says:

    Great tips! This will surely work, it just takes time and certain amount of effort, but definitely will have a good result.

  11. Stephanie S says:

    You know, I think I make things harder for myself than they really are. After reading this, though, I am going to try everything in your list. It doesn’t seem so hard your way!

  12. Fely says:

    Couldn’t say it better. As I was reading it I was pointing out things I need to improve at or things that I’ve been wanting to create like an ebook . This is goong to be a goal for next year.
    And love how you defined competition never read a better explanation.

  13. Brittany Vantrease says:

    When I started blogging seriously, I was telling my husband all of the things that I had to do to start monetizing my blog and to get new followers and the first thing he said to me was, “You’ve been pretty much taking a crash course in marketing.”

    This article is very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Sue-Tanya Mchorgh says:

    This was so informative. I have been struggling to get new clients but I think i missed out a couple of steps. Thanks for sharing these business tips. I know what to do now.

  15. Jayne says:

    What an inspirational post and lots of fab tips here! I started out blogging as a hobby, now I monetise my blog and do freelance work. If you work at something hard enough it will happen.

  16. Katie Beck says:

    There is so many great tips in here for someone who doesn’t really know where to start. These are all important tips and questions to ask when you really want to pursue a passion. Starts here and endless hard work, but it can happen 🙂

  17. Geraline Batarra says:

    Yes you’re right. We shouldn’t think of the others who already do what we want we to do as a competition. We should see them as mentors.

  18. nicol says:

    this was insightful and will definitely help me when I decide to open an online business. it has been on my mind for quite some time

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