3 Tips To Close (Lots) of High-Ticket Sales In Your Online Business

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that’s been in business for even just a few seconds but there’s a world of difference between selling the equivalent of a bar of soap to someone and trying to sell someone on a multi-million-dollar home or $100 million yacht.


And while that seems pretty obvious on the surface, you’d be shocked – and maybe even appalled – at the amount of sales people out there that treat small ticket sales the same way as high ticket sales when they couldn’t be any different than one another.


If you’re serious about shaking up your sales process so that you can start closing high ticket sales with a much higher conversion rate, transforming your income or building your business much faster than you were going to be able to otherwise, you’ll need to take full advantage of all the inside information that we are able to share with you below.


Below we include all the details you need to focus on when learning how to close (lots) of high ticket sales, the kind of details that can skyrocket your sales ability without having to relearn how to move through this process from top to bottom.


Let’s get right in!



Move Away From Features ASAP


One of the smartest moves you can make as a marketer (particularly focused on high ticket sales) is to move away from the benefits or the features of whatever it is you have to offer and instead lean on the benefits, the end result, and the ideal use of whatever it is that you have to offer truly is.


This is what I call vomit of the mouth.


When you’re looking at high ticket sales, the overwhelming majority of your customers are going to be looking for an experience above everything else.


Even the folks at Apple have begun to understand that people aren’t buying their computers because of the hardware built inside of them, but instead because of the style, the culture, and the reward that they get for being seen as someone that can afford these incredibly beautiful, well-designed, and “hip” computers.


If Apple tried to sell their same computers based off of hardware specifications alone they would get absolutely slammed, and wouldn’t be one of the most valuable companies on the planet right now.


This is the exact same kind of approach you have to take when you’re getting ready to ramp up your high ticket sales process.


The key here is to provide value and give your potential customer or client an experience.

Often times, I see marketers make the mistake of getting technical and why they need to buy.


Pile on the Proof


It’s also critical that you begin to understand that every single person on the planet is going to have a threshold for when “too much is too much” – and even if you are selling to the most affluent market around you’re still going to bump into price resistance if you push too high without any proof to validate this decision.


But rather than proving out your high ticket sales the way you would focus on features and benefits (using Apple again, for an example) you instead need to prove out the ideal benefits and results that your customers are looking for when they get their hands on your high ticket products or services.


When you get right down to it, people purchase Apple products not because they are the most technologically advanced devices on the planet or because they are featuring the latest and greatest hardware.


Very often, Apple products are underpowered compared to other options available at significantly lower price points – but Apple keeps cleaning the floor with the competition.


That’s because Apple focuses on celebrity endorsements, has really built in entire culture into Apple products (that’s why people line up at the Apple Store to purchase the new iPhone versus lining up at Best Buy to purchase an Android device). The proof reinforces the buying decision that would have otherwise been offset by the skyhigh price tag.


The only way you’re going to be able to convince someone to give you the amount of money your high ticket item commands is if you’re able to show them how much more valuable whatever it is you have to offer is for them compared to the monetary value you have assigned to your products and services.


This is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes time to learn how to close (lots) of high ticket sales, and honestly, it’s something that the overwhelming majority of salespeople out there get wrong more often than not.


Look for ways to add more proof to the idea that your customer is purchasing and you’ll be able to streamline the sales process significantly, will deal with a lot less resistance than you likely or dealing with before, and will be able to supercharge your results almost overnight.


Embrace the Process


Because we aren’t talking about the kind of money you can find in the cup holder of your car or the kind of money you might find in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while, you have to recognize that the sales process for your high ticket items are going to be anything but transactional.


When we go to the grocery store to buy a head of lettuce we go to the grocery store to buy a head of lettuce. Whether it’s $.59 a pound, $.39 a pound, or $1.59 a pound usually makes very little difference whatsoever.


Those inexpensive products don’t trigger a lot of sales resistance in us because the money isn’t all that extreme, and the transaction is pretty simple and straightforward.


When you start to talk about high ticket items that might be valued at more than most people take home in a week, in a month, or in a year you start to see the high ticket sales process stretch out over a significantly longer amount of time.


The very few people are making the same purchasing decision for a brand-new house that they do when they decide to buy a head of lettuce.


For one reason or another, however, before some marketers learn how to close (lots) of high ticket sales they stick to a simplified and streamlined sales process and refused to embrace the fact that this is an entirely different animal altogether.


The fact that you are even reading a guide about how to improve your high ticket sales is clear evidence that you don’t fall into this camp.


All the same, it’s critically important that you don’t get sucked into fighting back against the process as it is established.


That’s a major mistake that rookies make and it cripples their high ticket sales capabilities significantly.



Follow up. Follow Up. Follow Up


This point dovetails nicely with the point that we made above, in that high ticket sales are ALWAYS going to be a somewhat long and drawn out process.


Very rarely are you going to be able to convert cold traffic right out of the gate with a simple and straightforward offer, but are usually instead going to have to first coax them into your marketing funnel so that you can follow up – and follow-up, and follow-up, and follow-up – with them over time until you are able to provide enough proof and enough incentive for them to take a chance on the high ticket items that you have to offer.


Follow-up is the number one differentiator between successful salespeople and those that almost always give up inside of their first year or so.


Just as in the dating game, you very rarely are going to get married on your first date.


Instead, you’re going to want to get to know one another, you’re going to want to establish some kind of relationship based on trust, and you’re going to want to feel that the person you are shacking up with a long-term is in it for the same reasons that you are and that they have some real and significant value to bring to the table just like you.


Fall in love with the follow-up process that unlocks high ticket sales and you’ll be able to speed things up dramatically, enjoying the kind of financial success in big-ticket windfalls that most other salespeople never even believe possible.


The Sale Is Never Over


Finally, you have to learn (and completely embrace) the fact that high ticket sales are never really over – and they certainly do not end when you have delivered the product or the service that you have sold them on.


The sale is going to have to continue, with you regularly reinforcing what a smart decision it was to purchase your high ticket item or service, with world-class customer service and support that keeps them purchasing high ticket sales from you, and with a follow-up sequence that either get them to order more products or encourages them to refer people like them into your marketing and sales funnel.


Again, this cycles back to the idea of high ticket sales as anything but a transactional relationship. Start to think of this as a much more long-term kind of deal and you’ll begin to understand what it takes to pull off high ticket sales the way that the most successful salespeople on the planet put them together.


It's your turn!


I hope this gives you a better idea of how to close more high-ticket sales.


The amount of energy you put into closing low-ticket versus high ticket is the same.


So why not go with a higher quality product that yields you a much more quality customer or prospect in return?


The key here is to show how you can solve a problem for your client and the process of closing high ticket sales will be easier.


Have you struggled with high ticket sales in the past?


What have you done to make more high ticket sales?


Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.


I look forward to reading them!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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  1. GiGi Eats

    Following up may sound like common sense but so many people don’t do it because they’re too scared!! THAT is not going to reap sales what so ever!!!

  2. Alisha

    I can’t really compare my business to yours but I honestly treat both high ticket and low ticket clients the same. It’s an interesting read however.