Personal Development Blog: 3 Simple Ways on How to Eliminate Fear and Doubt

One of the most common pitfalls that many of us have is the presence of fears and doubts.  These feelings, though often originating from a false place in the psyche, can render an otherwise strong person unable to function.  Being able to overcome these emotions is the difference between a happy life and a tortured one.  There are some simple ways on how to eliminate fear and doubt from your life, all you have to do is practice them.  Remember, practice makes you better.

3 Simple Ways on How to Eliminate Fear and Doubt

Step One: Face your Fears

Psychologists and other experts agree that the best way to overcome your fears is to face them head-on.  You will never know what you can or cannot do until you try.  In fact, you will never do anything unless you try.  Because of this, the first step to recognize your fear and then do exactly what it tells you not to.  Of course, this does not count for things that are physically dangerous, so use your common sense.  At the end of the day, only you know what the best decision will be.

Step Two: Eliminate Doubt by Overcoming

Once you have faced your fears, then you will gain the confidence you needed to get rid of your doubts.  Knowing what you are capable of is the biggest self-esteem boost a person can give themselves.  If you want to conquer your fears and doubts, then you definitely need to face your fears and then consider what that means to your personal capacity.  Experts say that those who have successfully completed the first two steps are more likely to live a happy and successful lifestyle, as opposed to those who do not.

3 Simple Ways on How to Eliminate Fear and Doubt

Step Three: Keep an Open Mind and Meditate

Do not think that meditation is just for secluded monks and new age adventurers.  Meditation helps you stay alert and assists in allowing you to put things into perspective.  Experts suggest that a person try to meditate at least 15 minutes per day to keep a healthy mind and spirit.  Remember, you are made of three important parts: a mind, a body, and a soul.  Your fears and doubts could originate from any one of them.  Meditation allows you to focus your energies on important matters, instead of concentrating on things that are holding you back.

Keeping an open mind about life, in general, is a great overall outlook to possess, and it can help you stay on top of your fears and doubts so that they do not end up ruling your life.  You should not think that you will be able to conquer your doubts and fears if you doubt and fear all the advice that is given to you. Take a leap of faith and try out these steps to eliminate the plague of uncertainty from your life.

Using your Time Wisely

If you are feeling especially fearful and these steps do not work for you, then try some frequency therapy.  This is when you listen to specialized megahertz that are tuned into your brain chemistry to alleviate a whole range of things, from depression and anxiety to arthritis and headaches.  If all else fails, see your health care provider.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to simply eliminate fear and doubt.  What things have you done in the past to eliminate fear and doubt?  I would love to hear your feedback!

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18 responses to “Personal Development Blog: 3 Simple Ways on How to Eliminate Fear and Doubt”

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Nate,

    I like the idea of meditation but I have a hard time quieting my mind enough to make meditation worthwhile for me. Do you meditate? If so any ideas for how to be successful with it?


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Liz,

      I was on the same boat as you. In the past, I struggled to sit quietly and still had a million things going on in my mind.

      Yes, I do mediate.

      I use this program Called Awakening Prologue by Centerpointe. The creator of this program is Bill Harris, and you might have seen him from “The Secret”.

      Naturally, the real reason why I went with this program is because of how much I struggled with mediating. Sounds silly yes. I couldn’t sit still and quiet my mind. In the end, I still felt that I needed to mediate to have balance in my life.

      With Awakening Prologue, it put me a deep relaxed state (hard to explain, you have to experience it), and less stressed about things that I would normally stress about.

      Here’s the link.

      Let me know your thoughts!

  2. Funny… I was just reading about facing fears. Then yesterday a Facebook friend posted a photo of the biggest spider I’ve ever seen. It was on her front door. I couldn’t even look at it. That’s not a fear I want to face … at all!!! lol!

  3. This is some really great advice, Nate! Thanks for putting this together on this topic!

  4. Hey Nate,

    Great tips here bruh! When I think of fear I think of regret. In the near future I don’t want to say I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. I want to say this is what I’ve done or what I use to do.

    I past up a lot of great opportunities out of fear. So now I just face it and overcome to doubt. Thanks for sharing Nate!

    • Nate Leung says:

      I think most would anyways. It’s fear of the unknown and most people want to know what the end results will be to make the risk minimal. Most people do not know how to overcome adversity it’s because partly of how their minds were condition to think. Desire beats fear any day. Thanks for the input Sherman!

  5. Aha! This post is up my alley Nate 😉 All are awesome tips, especially meditating.

    The thing is we are rarely aware of what we REALLY fear, deep down, but meditating helps us expand our awareness to expose our deepest fears.

    I actually feared making money online because I also feared the added responsibility. Good thing I faced that one lol 😉

    Thanks buddy for the dead on post!

  6. Adam Payne says:

    Hi Nate, I have never meditated…always a bit new-age hippy for me but lots do now and it works for many. So maybe I should change my ways….

    Always think I’d never be able to clear my mind though…too much going on inside.

    Cool info

    • Nate Leung says:


      It certainly has it’s benefits. You should give it a try. 🙂

  7. Great post here Nate! Eliminating fear and doubt is so important for success 🙂 Thank you for sharing your insights!!


  8. Hi Nate,

    I loved Stefani’s comment about fearing the spider – for me it’s a snake. Those things just make me turn cold inside..!

    But as far as facing something that’s not going to physically harm me is concerned, I always remember a comment that I heard a long time ago: the truly brave people are those who acknowledge a fear and then go ahead anyway – the same, really, as facing it head on.

    The way I do that is to say ‘OK – let’s do this one step at a time and see where we end up’. For me that’s difficult because I like to know where I’m going to end up before I start – that’s just the way I am.

    But I find that forcing myself to start without knowing where I’m going to end up is really liberating when I get there.



    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Martin,

      I can relate to your fear of snakes. Snakes can be scary. I’ve never held one before, but I would like to try it just to try it even if I am somewhat intimidated by them! Lol.

      Most people won’t take action because they have an end vision of where they “think” they will be. That’s why most are not successful and that they are complacent with their lives. Totally understandable.

      As human beings we want to minimize the risk and by doing so, we’ll pre-judge the situation before we take action. ALot of it has to do with belief as well and desire and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

      Love your feedback, Martin!

  9. Luke Blower says:

    Hi Nate,

    Some great tips here- overcoming and facing your fears is so so tough to do. I thnk it is something we have to actively and aggressively do.

    • Nate Leung says:

      If we’re not changing how we do things, we’re not growing. Changing is part of overcoming your fears. Thanks for the comments!

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