3 Reasons Why Developing Relationships In MLM Are Important

In MLM Network Marketing there is no greater asset than the relationships that you develop. MLM Network Marketing is all about creating relationships that you can use to develop your business, help it grow, and at the same time help others.  If you are not growing and building relationships in MLM Network Marketing then you are not growing your business or maximizing the potential of your team and downline. Developing relationships is not just important, it is absolutely mandatory if you want your MLM Network Marketing business to succeed. Here are three reasons why developing relationships are important to the success of your MLM Network Marketing business.

1. Building relationships grow your business

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Relationships are so important to MLM Network Marketing that you could almost call it relationship marketing. Your goal as a leader in the MLM Network Marketing profession is to recruit others to join your downline and network. You cannot do this without solid relationships. Remember, you are helping people to invest both their time and money in an opportunity. Most people will not do this without some kind of trust or relationship with the person making the offer. Developing relationships with these people ensure that they will have the trust necessary to get them to take the next step. In addition, if you have solid relationships with your network then they are far more likely to be enthusiastic when recruiting others. Your relationship with them will make the person feel more comfortable recruiting other people. Building relationships is the foundation of any MLM Network Marketing business.

2. Developing relationships create retention

If you are running an MLM business it is important to have retention. The best way (not guaranteed) to ensure that your downline will not quit is by building strong relationships with them. This means helping them out in the beginning, providing mentorship and answering questions that will help get them started. You want to help your downline duplicate and help them in what it is that they need in order to succeed. By creating relationships with them you will ensure that they only want to work with you and follow you in which will help your business flourish.

3. Helping others helps you

When you help others it will eventually help you as well. You can’t be unreachable or aloof when you first recruit someone into your network. You should provide them with the training and guidance they need while answering important questions. By building this relationship and helping your downline you will also be helping yourself, as they will have a much higher chance of success in the industry. The person can take this relationship and the help you have given them and apply it to their own business. Helping others in other downlines or companies is not a completely selfless act, as it will help grow your business down the road.

These are just a few of the reasons why developing relationships is so important. If you do not have solid relationships with your network then your MLM Network Marketing business will have a much harder time achieving success. Relationships are your most important assets, so do not ignore this part of the business.

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14 responses to “3 Reasons Why Developing Relationships In MLM Are Important”

  1. 3 is all about karma Nate. Help others, you are really helping you, in a big way. What you put out returns, multiplied. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Liz McGee says:

    Hey Nate,

    Relationships are key par of life in general.

    No man (or business) is an island. We are all dependent on one another. And of course the second part to that is when you help others, you’re also helping yourself. Like Ryan said, it’s good Karma πŸ™‚

    Even with our competitors, good relationships are important. There’s enough business to go around so by helping each other, competitor or not, we can still benefit from each other.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Liz,

      I agree it is good karma. It’s good energy as well, what you put out there you get back. You’re right there enough business go around. Abundance all around us. The way I look at it, if there isn’t competition, there isn’t a demand for the product or service or what it is that we’re offering.

  3. Hey Nate,

    You are right on point when it comes to building relationships and MLM. This is highly important if you want to build a downline and at the same time have a high retention.

    This is one reason why successful leaders can have success quickly when they join another company. The relationship they have with their team is already there and strong, so wherever he or she goes is where they go. This is how powerful have relationships are!

    Thanks for sharing Nate!

  4. Matt Insardi says:

    Retention is the first thing that popped in my head. And with social media it is so easy to build releationships… Just start shooting videos and your team will feel like they have known you their entire lives and you are best friends yet you have never met. thanks Nate.

  5. Right on Nate! Without strong relationships, our MLM businesses would fail. Well, any business for that matter! Napoleon Hill talks about building relationships and using that circle of knowledge to help each other gain success. Excellent post!

  6. dianne says:

    I totally agree Nate. Great post. Thanks

  7. Hey Nate!

    3 great reasons indeed. People want someone to work with someone that they can trust that will be there for them, especially when they need them.

    Nobody buys from the same company or brand if they were not given a good experience.

    When you begin to maintain and build strong relationships with people, they begin to view you more than just a friend. They see you as a leader, and a person who is genuinely interested in their success.

    Spot on with those points!

    Darren Spruyt

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Darren!

      Yes, that is correct! Relationships matter and when the like, know and trust factor kicks in, you have a friend and a follower for life! Thanks for the input!

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