10 Ways To Become Successful In Enagic (Updated 2024)

When you decide to enter the field of business you want a great product that you can believe in. Bringing fresh water to people around the world is an idea that most people can get excited about. Enagic has a great water distribution program to help get the Enagic water systems to every home in the world, but they need your help.

Enagic is a company located in Japan. They have developed their Enagic water filtration systems to deliver healthy pH-balanced water to everyone. Kangen water has been proven to be healthier than simply drinking water out of the tap. And drinking the right alkaline water is also important for providing healthy water, which is the main source of energy for every cell in the human body. Get that right, and your body will look after you for the years ahead.

Business opportunities are provided to men and women who are interested in promoting and selling the Enagic water filtration system to consumers around the world. These are people who are interested in having the cleanest, purist, and freshest water in their homes. The next goal is to attract people who are interested in getting onto your team.

Not everyone you sell a water filtration system will want to get on board with this great business enterprise, but for those who do, there are many benefits. But everyone has to start somewhere, and yes, that means from the bottom up, beginning with zero sales.

Before, we get started with today’s blog post.  Don’t worry… this is not an attempt to try and recruit you into another deal or to sell you on a tool to “Generate Leads’.  I’m an active Enagic distributor that has been drinking the Kangen water for over a decade.

If you are looking to join Enagic, I will give you the opportunity to do so at the bottom of this post!

Let’s move on shall we?

Here are 10 ways to help you become successful in Enagic. Through time you’ll learn how to grow your business, and achieve great success.

1. Sponsor team members.


Are you committed to this business enterprise? Is it the only gig you have going, because you know that you need to dedicate 100% of your time and effort to it? Then sponsor team members. They need your help, as they were once at the bottom, just where you began too. Help them to increase their sales and grow their business with you.

2. Provide leadership.

It’s important to lead your business partners. You can imagine what might happen if you don’t. If you’re leaving them to figure out things on their own, then they could bail out on you and find someone else who can provide them with leadership. Ensure that you check in with your team on a daily basis.

You should find out what their goals are, and how they plan on achieving them. You’ll also need to be there for those occasions when your team gets stuck and they don’t know which way to turn. Ensure that you have an open-door policy, or at least, that you answer your phone or return your calls in a timely manner. You may also wish to call them if you don’t hear from them to find out how things are going.

3. Know their why’s.

It’s important to not only get to know your fellow team members but also find out why they are doing what they’re doing. Why did they sign up? Was it to earn some extra cash, or was it so they could be a member of the team and learn more about selling? Perhaps it was because they were bored with their daily routine and needed something to do.

Learn about why each of your team members is there. Most likely the person with the most to gain will be the one who will be the top performer. But don’t forget to focus your efforts on other members of the team too. Just because one team member is happy with selling one unit per week doesn’t mean that they’re any less of a team member, as they are guaranteeing an extra four sales a month that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

4. Who’s doing the time.

You’ll want to learn who is working part-time, who is working full-time, and who is working on your time. Ideally, you want team members who are 100% committed to the program, because you’re placing equal time on each of them. Do you really want to commit to a team member who is only spending a few hours a week? Probably not.

This is why it’s important to analyze your team’s stats to see how they are doing. This is how you can decipher who are the top performers and who are the low performers. It may not necessarily be the low performers who are spending less effort, but if they are, it’s important to figure this out before you waste more time. Because remember, in the end, it’s your time, and every minute counts.

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5. They create the pace.

When you first have team members sign up, you’ll want them to create the pace. You can’t force them to do anything, so they need to figure out their own routine. Once they get used to their routine, they can step it up a bit. By this point, you’ll need to step in and provide some guidance for them. This is where you help them to finish the race.

Selling more Kangen water systems is a lot like a race. The more you sell, the more profits you’ll earn. And it can be fun to gamify the process, where you make selling fun and turn it into a game. Remember what one of the other points noted: Who’s doing the time? Is it your team members? Is it you? It’s not fair if it’s just you, as each team member needs to create an effective pace so that they can sell more units.

You may need to step in and remind them while they’re here: to EARN more money or be a member of the team or to keep busy. Whatever it is that will help them to focus on their efforts and keep them motivated. But you can help to make the race fun and exciting. They create the pace, step up the pace, and make it a race!

6. The 30-day rule.

You’ll need to set some rules in order to provide the best guidance for your team. Some can be fun rules, such as a slogan for your team: “The world needs more alkaline water”. Or, you can make rules based on a schedule. These rules should have a specific time frame, with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

A 30-day rule is a great start. Each team member should sell two water filtration systems but three would be even better! Remember that people stay for pay. If they sell things, then they earn money. The more they sell, the more money they make. Set some rules as goals, to help your team aim for the highest accomplishments.

Remember that if there are no rules or no goals, your team could simply be sitting and drinking coffee all day. Which is definitely not the team environment that Enagic promotes. Rules also make everything simple. You can say “sell a lot” or you can say “sell 20,000 units per month”. One goal is definitely clearer than the other.

7. Point to the answers.

You may need to point your team to the answers. Perhaps they’re perplexed. One day sales are simple and the Kangen water sells itself. The next day they have some interested customers, but for some reason, they are not buying. It’s up to you as a team leader to point to the answers.

You may certainly not have the answers to hand. Or, you might. Perhaps it’s end of June and the property taxes are due, or in January, right after Christmas. These are two of the months that aren’t the best for sales. So, you’ll need to step up the game a bit. Perhaps you’ll need to find customers who can afford to buy a water filtration system at any time of year. Or, perhaps you can suggest financing options for them. Get creative, because, for those sales reps who find the answers, they’ll be the ones who are the highest performers.

8. Know your products.

When you’re selling filtration water systems you know that there is more than one model. Some are meant for the tap, some are meant to filter the water for the entire home. It’s important to learn about the benefits of each of the Kangen water products that you are selling. You don’t want to sell the entire home system to someone who lives in Colorado and has great water. But, they may be interested in buying a small filtration system to just have fresh filtered water to drink.

People in Africa may be interested in a complete water filtration system, as bathing in bad water can also cause health issues. Always understand your market and how each of your products can benefit their problems. The products are designed to provide a solution.

Also, by knowing each of your products will also impress your customers. If they ask a question you should be able to immediately provide an answer. It really doesn’t sound very good to say, “I have to ask my supervisor and get back to you”.

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9. Share your knowledge.

You should always share your knowledge, particularly that knowledge that can benefit your team. Sure, you may have found a 100% perfect selling technique that will get you a sale 100% of the time. So don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with your team, so that they can benefit. Remember that their sales are your sales. You’re still getting a portion of their sales, so don’t keep this special knowledge hidden.

Knowledge doesn’t have to just be about sales techniques either. It can be to help your team members to maintain a professional appearance, or perhaps to provide the pleasantries at the beginning of a sales call. The mood must be set for giving a sales pitch. Perhaps they’re having difficulty closing the deal. Everyone needs assistance with a different aspect of the sales call.

You should practice your sales calls with each other, to give your team members experience. This will give you opportunities to share enough with them, to help them out. This sharing will be enough to get them to move to action! Having some great tips or solutions to sales problems will inspire your team members into action instead of just sitting there doing nothing but staring at the computer screen all day because they got stuck.

10. Demonstrate product value.

Show the value of your products to your customers. When they can see the value of the products is when they will try and buy the products. They’ll have seen the product in action, and then they will be anxious to get it home to try it out for themselves.

Don’t just leave the Kangen water system on the table. You’ll need to show how it actually filters water, and how great it tastes. You’ll also want to back up the claims with some facts about how drinking the right alkalinity of water can help to maintain every cell in your body.

These ten ways to become successful at Enagic were initially brought forward at the 2016 Enagic Global Convention this year. Each team member may provide a slightly different interpretation of these sales techniques.

Remember to stay focused every day, and remember why you’re here. You’re here to assist your team members into being the best that they can be. Always keep going, even if you think you are getting stuck. You’ll find that inspiration will strike you along the way, whether it’s figuring out how to sell Kangen to a particular neighborhood, or selling on a Saturday.

You’ll find that as time passes you’ll become more successful at Enagic. Everyone begins at the bottom, with a total of zeros sales, and then they can work their way up to selling those 20,000 units per month. One day you could be the person who has already achieved great success and also be the person who is selling a terrific product that they believe in. Keep on going, as you can do it!

In closing…

I hope you found this information useful when it comes to learning how to become successful in Enagic.

If you made it this far, it tells me that you are looking to join Enagic.

As can see from my blog posts, you can tell that I’m very passionate about Enagic.

I’m also very passionate about the industry and I love helping people.

If you found this information helpful and valuable, I invite you to take a deeper look at the Enagic opportunity.

This opportunity has served me very well and it has not only changed my finances but it has kept me healthy.

If I can serve and support you in any way, you may contact me here.

Aside from that, click here to learn more about the Enagic opportunity.

You will not regret it! 😊

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