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Who is Eric Caprarese?

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the most important thing is to find the right inspiration. Once an entrepreneur finds the right role model, the rest is to mold the received inspiration according to the personal skills and abilities towards the destination of success. Therefore, to be an entrepreneur, it is important to find the right entrepreneur as the role model.


Today I am going to share with you one such role model that is empowering many people all across the globe and is serving as one of the best examples for aspiring entrepreneurs. His name is Eric Caprarese.


Who is Eric CaprareseWho Is Eric Caprarese:


Those of you who are in the field of entrepreneurship and have attended one or two seminars on it must be familiar with the name of Eric Caprarese. He is an established and widely recognized entrepreneur who in his life has experimented in different niches and excelled in each of them to the highest possible level.


Eric hails from Virginia, where his first entrepreneurial venture started at the age of 9 when he started selling the Krispy Kreme doughnuts in his neighborhood door to door. After that once Eric was done with formal education, all he did was be an entrepreneur and started taking on different jobs and starting different companies. After experimenting and successfully completing various entrepreneurial ventures in different domains, Eric finally realized the potential of nutritional supplements industry and realized the great demand and supply gap that needed to be filled.


After successful pursuit and establishment of a brand name in nutritional supplements industry, Eric moved towards founding a marketing company that could market the affordable and high quality nutritional products to the market especially with the uses of internet. Thus, Eric formed Viper Marketing, Inc. that started bringing quality products to market, one of such increasingly becoming popular and of high value product is Brain Fuel Plus.


Brain Fuel Plus:


The name says it all – Brain Fuel Plus provides the necessary fuel to the brain in the form of nutrition to keep it working in an optimal state. Thus, with the use of Brain Fuel Plus, you can keep all the ordinary as well as a few major brain problems at bay. Therefore, no matter its memory loss, lack of concentration, no clarity in thought and vision, difficulty in remembering and recollecting things all can be effectively combated with the help of Brain Fuel Plus.





What is Brain Fuel PlusThe introduction of Brain Fuel Plus shows great insight of Eric Caprarese into the health and nutrition market. There is no denying the fact that at present age if there is one part of our bodies that we utilize the most and which is the most important to be successful in life is brain. Thus, with extensive use of the brain, it is quite natural that its potential in a few areas might decrease. Eric realized that in this highly competitive world, no one wants to be weak in any area, especially when it comes to the health and performance of brain. Hence, Eric helped introduce Brain Fuel Plus to the market so that those who find it hard to stay competitive with the world with regards to cognitive functions can improve their performance and become competitive.


With 13 different nutrients as ingredients and multiple types of antioxidants, Brain Fuel Plus ensures that the brain cells stay healthy; they live for longer and improve the cognitive abilities of the brain. Thus, the introduction of Brain Fuel Plus is one of the unique and greatly contributing initiatives that Eric Caprarese has taken and I am sure that it will shine like a star in the entrepreneurial portfolio of Eric.


Now it’s Your Turn!


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To your Success,

Nate Leung

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13 Responses to “Who is Eric Caprarese?”

  1. Samir

    Well seems like I’m also on the list of persons who really don’t know about eric caprarese and it was really good to know about him.


  2. Norma Doiron @Savvy Biz Solutions

    Sounds like a great guy and LOVE the entrepreneur side of him. Imaging, 9 years old. He must have been influenced young by someone around him or was born with great insight! Great post.

  3. Carele Belanger

    Thank you for your article. No i didn’t have the chance yet but I did heard about it in the past.

  4. Tina

    I have never heard of Eric Caprarese. I will google him and learn more. I am learning a lot from Norma and my new web designer, too.

  5. Veronica

    I will be googling Eric Caprarese, because honestly I haven’t heard of him before. He sounds like quite an inspiring role model. My inspiration is Tobi Fairley, she is an Interior Designer who has excelled immensely in our industry

  6. Robert

    I never heard of him, but he sounds fabulous! A lot of us would surely be inspired by him. 🙂

  7. Diane Bester

    He sounds like he would be a great mentor. That is a very inspirational story, thanks for sharing, Nate! I taught my children to sell at a very young age, because if you can sell, the world is your oyster! They are in sales today and doing very well. Thanks for your great story!

  8. A. Lynn Jesus

    This is my first introduction to Eric. Very interesting. I love stories of inspiring entrepreneurs. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Meryl Hershey Beck

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Eric Caprarese. It is always enlightening and inspiring to here of great entrepreneurs. Gives us all encourage to continue our journeys.

  10. Alexandra McAllister

    Yes, I have heard of Eric as we were both in the same MLM a few years ago. Wishing you much success with this new venture.

  11. Heather Cameron

    I haven’t heard about Eric before. It just show how many great entrepreneurial stories there are and how each person find inspiration from different role models.

  12. Frank Joseph

    Personally I have not heard of Eric Caprarese. but thank you for the post, i will be reading more about him now. He seems like a real entrepreunr

  13. Jeanne Melanson

    Good article, Nate. I have not heard of Eric Caprarese, but I have seen the name, Brain Fuel Plus around, and was curious about it. I’ll have to pay more attention to it now that you mention it. Thanks, Nate! Always providing valuable info.