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What is Dubli? Don’t Join Until You Read This Dubli Review

If you’re like most people, you could use a little more money in your bank account. But unless you get a better job, take another on or find ways to simply need less, this isn’t going to be an option.


However, now a company called DubLi is making it possible to get the things you need—and want—for less than you’re currently spending. Plus, after you find out how great DubLi is, you’ll probably want to tell family and friends. When you do, the company will provide you with a $20 referral commission. So if the economy is still causing you problems, keep reading to find out how DubLi can help.


What Is DubLi?


DubLi is a global marketing company that gives customers all across the world solutions for online shopping, travel and entertainment. Recently, they announced their Global Cashback Toolbar and eight new languages being added to its DubLi.com portal.

These languages will include French, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Kazakh, Slovenian, Italian and Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil). The total number of languages on the portal, then, is now at 15. The three English languages (US, UK, Australia), German, Danish, Russian, and Spanish were already represented.


What-is-Dubli---Dubli-Review---Dubli-Scam---Dubli-Complaint---Dubli-Cash-BackCustomers who sign up for a free DubLi.com membership get Cashback rewards every time they shop in the company’s mall, use the site to book flights and hotels or download games and software.


The DubLi Debit Card


The company also has a debit card available to members. Although members can use their own bank account or PayPal for purchases, many prefer the ease of using their DubLi debit card instead. They get their card within 10 days and don’t have to bother with a credit check.


Smartphone App


There is also a DubLi smartphone app that makes purchasing even easier. Aside from accessing DubLi through the Internet, customers can now also make purchases through the handy app on their smartphone.




What Is the Cashback Toolbar?


DubLi’s Cashback Toolbar is especially exciting because it can be downloaded and added to a customer’s browser, ensuring that every purchase they make has a chance at providing them with money in return. This money is rewarded to them immediately, too and logging in is a breeze. Basically, any time a customer visits a site affiliated with DubLi, they’re made aware that there are purchases they can make that qualify for cash back rewards.  To sign in, all a customer has to do is click a single button and they can begin purchasing.


The DubLi Shopping Mall


Introducing a brand new way to shop online. With the DubLi Shopping mall, you can buy products as you normally would from some of the world’s best online stores, but receive money back on every purchase!


On top of that, being a member of DubLi means you also get access to all kinds of special promotions, discounts and other savings, including free shipping! Every day and week there are different deals to take advantage of. Plus, you always get the highest available cashback rewards just for shopping like you normally would!


Dubli Shopping Mall MLM


What Is Cashback?


Cashback is exactly how it sounds. So long as you’re shopping on a DubLi site and are logged in, your purchase entitles you to free money in return.


There is also a premium membership that guarantees you 4% cashback annually, on top of what you’re already saving. At the end of the year, DubLi will give you back 4% of what you spent in addition to whatever you already saved.


The company’s V.I.P. Membership takes things a step further, providing you with 6% back every single month.





One of the areas the DubLi platform focuses on is entertainment. It allows you to stream millions of songs and videos by today’s top artists and gives you access to thousands of radio stations. Best of all, these come at no additional cost!


By signing up for a subscription membership, customers can also save as many songs, videos and even entire playlists. There is no limit to how many they can save either! Listen or watch whatever you like for free, hour after hour, and never worry about commercial interruptions again.




Everyone needs a reliable travel portal these days and now DubLi Travel offers one that actually pays you to take trips wherever you like.


With DubLi Travel, you have access to over 100,000 promotional rates on flights, as well as hotel bookings and car rentals. Every year there are even vacation packages that make your entire trip a no-brainer. All of this is yours as a member on top of the cashback rewards.


The DubLi Difference


As you can see, shopping with DubLi is different in a number of important ways.


✅ You can choose from thousands of name brands from all across the world.

✅ Hundreds of exclusive coupons and offers for free shipping are at your fingertips.

✅ 6% cashback is yours as a V.I.P. member in addition to what you earn as a FREE customer.

✅ Free money every single time you book travel or make a purchase online.

✅ Privacy protected thanks to TRUST e-certificates.


That’s not all, though. As a company DubLi stands out in a number of important ways, many of which distinguish it from competitors. For one thing, DubLi is actually a publicly traded company (PINKSHEETS: DUBL). Its staff consists of experts across a number of important fields as well.


Based out of Boca Raton, Florida, DubLi has been in business for over 10 years, meaning they have a reputable history you can trust. With the innovative track they’re taking toward e-commerce, you can expect they’ll be around for another 10.


Furthermore, the company’s entire business model is driven by the customer. The distributors have zero say in how the toolbar or other services work.


Lastly, there’s zero markup on any of the products you purchase through DubLi. So you don’t have to worry that using the toolbar for cash back is somehow costing you in another way.


Dubli VIP Membership




Let’s revisit the subject of different membership types for a minute. There are three different kinds, all which offer something a little different:


– Free Membership: As the name suggests, this option is completely free and provides customers with cash back as well as access to all of the digital entertainment options we mentioned earlier.

– Premium Membership: For just $4.95 a month, you can become a premium member with DubLi, which also entitles you to the 4% back every year we mentioned earlier.

– V.I.P. Membership: At just $99 a year, you can get 6% cashback annually. Plus, the company will give you $20 for every person you refer to the program.


What is the Dubli Network Toolbar - Get Cash Back on your shopping


How the Toolbar Works


Once installed, the DubLi Toolbar will appear whenever you visit the company’s merchant website. Just log in, activate it and get ready to receive free money for each purchase.


Go Shopping


Here’s the easy part: shop online like you normally would. As long as the DubLi Toolbar is green, it’s ready to use. Make your purchase and the toolbar does the rest.


Refer Dubli Cashback


Get Cashback


Whenever you want, click on the DubLi Toolbar ’s cashback icon to check in on how much money you have coming to you. The toolbar can also be used to review what the best deals available are.


Some stores have chosen to open out of the toolbar. On a site like this, you’ll notice the toolbar not activating. In that case, navigate to the store website from the direct link in the toolbar. This way you can ensure that the purchase you made is being tracked and that you’ll be receiving the rewards you’re entitled to.


Using the direct link from the DubLi shopping mall means you don’t actually have to activate your toolbar. Just shop as you normally would.


Installing the Toolbar


It couldn’t be easier to install the DubLi Toolbar no matter what kind of browser you’re using. Once it is installed, you never have to worry about visiting the DubLi Shopping Mall to make purchases again. With just a single click, the toolbar is activated and you’re capable of getting rewards on every item you buy.


Better still, whenever you use a search engine to look for the product you want to purchase, the DubLi Toolbar  will provide you with a number of approved merchants that sell the item and will qualify you for money back.


Google Chrome


– Click the green Download button just below the Chrome icon. This will cause the extension file to be downloaded to your computer.

– At the bottom of your browser window, you’ll see a download bar appear which indicates that your toolbar is being downloaded. Let the download finish before proceeding.

– Click the small arrow next to the download file in your download bar and choose “Show in Folder” if you’re using a PC or “Show in Finder” if you’re on a Mac.

– Return to the Chrome browser window and click on the menu icon. Select “Tools” > “Extensions”.

– Head back to the Explorer/Finder window and drag the downloaded extension file to the extension window of the Chrome browser.

– Now just click “Add” and you’ll see the DubLi Toolbar icon appear in your browser’s toolbar.




– Click on the green “Download” button located below the Firefox icon. Doing so will initiate the download the add-on file to your computer.

– The down arrow next to the field will then alert you that a download is in progress. Wait until the file is done downloading before proceeding.

– For PCs, use “CTRL + O” to launch the “Open File” menu.


For Macs, use “CMD + O” to launch the “Open File” menu.

– Select the new downloaded add-on file and hit “Open.”

– As soon as the confirmation window appears and the counter finishes, your download is complete. Just click “Install.”


Join Dubli Network Nate Leung


Monthly Sweepstakes Drawing


Every month, DubLi runs sweepstakes that are open to all customers over the age of 18. Some limitations—outlined herein—apply. Customers must have logged into their account sometime within the four weeks prior to the sweepstakes drawing in order to be eligible. They are entered into the sweepstakes regardless of whether or not they have a subscription. No purchase is necessary. A purchase of payment will not increase a customer’s chances of winning.


The sweepstakes is limited to one entry per email address. Monthly winners will be notified via this address on the last day of every month.


All winners must contact DubLi within seven (7) days of the monthly drawing in order to receive their prize. Any prizes not redeemed within this time will be returned to DubLi. The company reserves all rights to refuse or modify these sweepstakes and takes no liability of any kind regarding the way winners use or misuse their prize(s).


Winners need to contact customer support, attn: Monthly Sweepstakes Winner in order to discover and claim their prize. Proof of your identity is required as well. DubLi will determine the right method for delivering you your prize at this point.


Quantities for different prizes in the monthly prize purse are limited and change from month to month. All prizes are subject to availability and dates. Deadlines may also apply. Prizes will be given out on a first come, first served basis. Absolutely no substitutions are allowed. If you can’t use a prize, please consider declining it and allow the item to remain in the purse.


Employees, contractors or owners of DubLi or any of their affiliated businesses are not eligible to participate. The same goes for any spouses, family member or relatives.


This is just a small sampling of what DubLi can offer you and your family. We all shop online; we all need to travel; we all love entertainment. So why not do these things through DubLi and receive money back on top of greater savings?




The Dubli Business Opportunity


The Dubli Network is allowing their business associates to receive many benefits and share their success. Their compensation plan goes five levels deep, from a simple team member and team leader to team coordinator and sales director. The money you can make will depend on how many DubLi Network business associates you recruit and refer. You are compensated not only for the activities of the direct end users referred by you but also from the business generated by your referrals.


Among the advantages of being a DubLi Network Associate are included:


– You can get paid when you and other people do what they are already doing

– All the products involved are brand name

– You can make money from cash back deals and also by offering cash back purchases to others

– You can take advantage of a compelling service

– You can have your share on a $300 billion global market


The DubLi Network Promotion and Compensation Plan

As an Independent Business Associate with DubLi Network, you have a global opportunity to earn an exceptional income with one of the most unique and revolutionary promotion and compensation plans in the world.


Our product, DubLi.com, offers a wide variety of online shopping and travel possibilities to global customers and pays out an incredible 25% commission to Business Associates on personal customers and customer referrals to infinity on customers Cashback transactions. In addition, earn from 5% to as high as an amazing 27.5% commissions on Partner Programs that you sponsor. Furthermore, you will also earn on your sales organization and on all their personal customers and customer referals Cashback as well.


Dubli Network Compensation Plan - Nate Leung


As a DubLi Network BA you will earn commission on all of the following: 


– When your customers make purchases in the Shopping Mall

– When your customers book Travel

– When your customers purchase one of DubLi's value-rich Customer Membership packages

– Organization Commissions from your sales organizations customer's Shopping Mall and Travel purchases

– Dual Team Bonus

– Matching Bonuses

– Global Bonus Pool

– DubLi Partner Programs


What does it cost to join Dubli?


Team Member (TM) Package


Includes 12 (10 + 2 Free) annual Global VIP Rewards Membership Vouchers to send to potential and/or current customers to expand your customer base and enhance your customer interactions. All vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (plus 30 days for redemption on Dubli.com).


This costs $495, and there is an annual business license renewal fee of $39.


Partner Program Accelerator (PPA) Package


The Partner Program Accelerator Package offers new Business Associates a variety of tools to hit the ground running in building their Dubli Network business from the start. It combines the best features of the Business Package,


Membership Packages, and Partner Program into one streamlined bundle.


The PPA package includes:


• 1 x Business License


• 60 (50 + 10 Free) annual Global VIP Rewards Membership Vouchers


• 1 x BSP Rewards Partner Program Certification Training Course


• Up to 50% Discount on Partner Program Vouchers


• 10% Organizational Commission


• Access to Dubli Customer Landing Pages


This costs $2475 for the PPA package


In closing…


I hope you found the information about Dubli valuable.


 ⚠At this time, I am no longer promoting Dubli. ⚠


If you stumbled on my site looking for a business opportunity, I can recommend one that I've been with since 2006.


You may do so by clicking here.  If you have any questions regarding another business opportunity aside from Dubli, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by clicking here.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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