What Does Income, Fame and Influence Have In Common?

We all who are born have to live our lives. Some of us live life being rich, while some of us live life-fighting poverty. In any case, we all live life in whatever form it is available to us. However, despite all this living, very few of us know the purpose of life and have no idea about what we are supposed to do in this whatever good or miserable life we have.

People think that getting rich is the purpose of their life, to me that is another name for being lavish. People think that looking better, being famous, or being known are the purposes of their lives, however, to me all these are tools, which are to be utilized to find the true purpose of life.

To me, the true purpose of life is utilizing the tools, which you have to do what brings you internal satisfaction. The entire glamor and all the riches cannot bring you the satisfaction which the feeding of poor or helping a friend would bring to you. Therefore, it is imperative that you utilize your fame, income, and influence in a way that brings you internal happiness, joy, and satisfaction, if you face all these while doing something, then you have found your purpose and understand that you were meant to do it.

Below, I shall discuss with you how you can utilize your money, influence, and fame to live a life of purpose.

How to Live a Life of Purpose


One of the major things that people strive for the most in this world is money. There is a huge number of people who have made making money the objective and purpose of their life. Suppose if you become a million dollars richer then what would you do with it? I am shearing that the charm and happiness brought by a big home, good cars, or a large property would decrease with time and you will start finding another purpose in life to utilize all the money you won.

Therefore, instead of being lavish upon yourself, you need to spend that income on things that you think would satisfy you. If you love music then funding a public music school might satisfy you, if eating good is what you like then feeding poor might satisfy you, thus, with income you have to find the things spending on which makes you happy from the inside and most of the times it would be related to spending on others.


The other important pursuit of people in the pursuit of fame. All of us want to be famous and have people discuss us, take our pictures, share what we say with others and value and notice our presence wherever we go. However, contrary to the general notion, fame should not be the purpose of life as it fades away eventually. Fame is a tool with which you can find internal satisfaction. For instance, if famous would you like to be someone of whom people give an example to others pertaining to good character and ideal human attributes and features, or you would like to be famous for all your wildness, harshness, lack of morality and corruption? Thus, use your fame in a way that brings you internal satisfaction, which would come if you see that your personality is being idealized in a positive manner.

How to Live a Life of Purpose


Whether you are a celebrity, a rich person, or a normal guy in the neighborhood, each of us wants to gain as much influence or which you can say power. The more power we have the better we feel. However, I would like to correct you on this as power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, you have to utilize your influence in a way that instead of making you feel arrogant it makes you feel good from the inside, which is only possible if your influence helps make the lives of other people easier and convenient.

To me living a purposeful life means using your power, income, and fame in a way that makes the life of people around you easier and you leave something beneficial for the generation to come after you.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What do you think is the way of living a purposeful life? Doing what brings you internal happiness? Have you ever gone tired of all the shallow fame, money and influence? If yes then please share your experience with us.

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42 responses to “What Does Income, Fame and Influence Have In Common?”

  1. Krystal says:

    Money doesn’t make me happier, but it doesn’t hurt! I feel more organized and stress-free when the bills are paid!

  2. D.J. Paris says:

    The way to a purposeful life, in my opinion, is to listen internally to your intuition and body. It will tell you what to do and will bring you the most satisfaction. Then you just have to work incredibly hard!

  3. A.M. Williams says:

    Hello Nate! Great blog post! I have recently modified my mission statement to “Live Life Fulfilled.” because I came into this understanding. Glad you wrote this article! Keep winning in life!

  4. Melissa says:

    This is a wonderful post. People do get all caught up in the glamor, and to be honest with you I was one of them. I wanted to have the recognition from others. It wasn’t until recently I learned that when I spoke from my heart and gave value to others, that is when the true fortune came to me. It didn’t come in material ways, but it came through the heart that I was enriching other peoples souls. πŸ™‚

  5. Judy Garey says:

    It’s all about being happy and being my authentic self….that’s what matters to me. πŸ™‚

  6. Krystle says:

    Living a purposeful life means being able to do what you believe in. Not so much in the physical sense but the mental sense as well. Money can come and go, but if you haven’t really achieved what you want from it then there really was no need for you to have it in the first place.

  7. Matt Ritchey says:

    Great stuff Nate!
    I experienced all the external trappings of success at an early age, and realized they wouldn’t make me happy. I was fortunate enough to keep searching until I found my purpose…
    Being in service to others is the the happiest I have been in my entire life πŸ™‚

    • Nate Leung says:

      That’s what you’re getting results you want in your life! Thanks Matt!

  8. Merle says:

    Excellent post Nate. I am not interested in fame and fortune but just to enable me to enjoy my retirement. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post… There has to be balance between them all to have true happiness. In order to have that you must have as Brendon would say “If you don’t have multiple campaigns you are not in business”

  10. I think there is a balance, we need to make enough money to take care of ourselves. Pay the bills, do the things we love but we also have to find internal fulfilment. Doing something we love that hopefully enables others or giving back instead either through time or money.

    Fame doesn’t interest me.

    Influence does in the sense of the ability to influence other to step into their own potential. To influence positive change.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Influence is something we all need to improve on and get better at. With that being said, we can use it for the greater good.

  11. elena stasik says:

    I absolutely agree with you Nate! Very inspiring blog post!

  12. This is such a timely article for me, Nate. As of late, I have searching for my purpose in life (again). I thought I knew my purpose before, but then life threw me a curve ball and I’m still trying to get back up on my feet. Let me say, first of all, that I WISH I was tired of all the fame, glory and influence. Haha! I may never get that chance. But it’s your statement that, “the true purpose of life is utilizing the tools that you have to bring you internal satisfaction” that speaks to me here. I never thought of it from that angle and I thank you for that food for thought. Peace.

  13. I think that I am living a pretty good life. Even though I have had my ups and downs over the year, I really can’t complain. I have a roof over my head, a wonderful husband who loves me for me, three beautiful children and an angel baby that watches over my whole family. No we are not rolling in money, but we have always survived and for the most part been happy.

    • Nate Leung says:

      What makes you happy is what makes you happy. That cannot be replaced by money. Thank you for the comments!

  14. Ryan Biddulph says:


    Making happy choices and loving what you do creates happiness in your life.

    Income, fame and influence flow your way in proportion to how much flows out…..meaning how much you feel good, create and give of your talents.

    Helpful insight Nate, thanks!

  15. Hey Nate,

    Very insightful post! Some great points you touched on, thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  16. Alanna says:

    WOW! I LOVE this article, Nate! I agree with you!! πŸ˜€

  17. Cindy Eidahl says:

    There is more than one way to be happy.
    You can be rich in family, friends and love what
    you do. Great post.Thank you for sharing

  18. frank joseph says:

    So right- but then what is the purpose of our living?
    A lot of people wants to get rich because they are tired of living a life of poverty and when eventually they made it, they find more and more things that will make and keep them happy.
    Thank you for this post.

  19. Hi Nate,

    A very thought-provoking post. I believe many people think if they had money ALL of their problems would be gone. I believe that is only partially true. Your money problems will be gone but unless you are happy with yourself and thankful, all of that money is not going to change a thing.

    Have a great day, Monna

  20. Jes! The day i met this wonderful man was never a waste. Nate you are such a blessing. I really enjoy this post, thanks for making me to know how fame, income and influence relates when it comes to the purpose of living.

  21. Interesting ….
    I listened to an audio recently by Tony Robbins and he talked about a necessary shift in thinking that needs to happen to be and feel wealthy where you are in your life currently. Most of us look forward and say “when I earn this, or get that, I’ll be ….” we’ll never reach it. But if we look at where we are now and see how wealthy we already are.. it can shift life experiences. As far as fame – I wouldn’t want that. To contribute to the lives of others? Absolutely.

  22. Nate,this is a great post,
    A few days ago I have been thinking about this and I realized ,that I have friends ,which I would not like to loose ,even if somebody would give me a million for it πŸ™‚ Fame ,sometimes I wonder that I am more famous than I thought πŸ™‚ and influence is good if it is done in a good way ,power in my experience and what I saw in the world is the worst thing it can make blind ,drunken , careless and even insane.
    Thank you for this thought provoking article πŸ™‚

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