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The Real Truth About Dubli and Team X-Factor – The Facts You Need To Know

The-Truth-About-Dubli-and-Team-X-Factor-Team-WukarYou have to stay on your toes if you want to make money in today’s economy. The Internet is booming, however, and more people than ever are finding smart ways to make some extra money online, or even their whole income. The sheer amount of opportunities to make money online can make it hard to choose just one out of the thousands. Smart people skip over wild claims and go for opportunities they can understand, and that have a proven track record. DubLi is exactly that kind of opportunity.


What-is-Dubli---Dubli-Review---Dubli-Scam---Dubli-Complaint---Dubli-Cash-BackWhat is DubLi?


Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of DubLi yet. It’s based on a proven marketing and networking techniques that pays real money if you’ll just put a little effort and time into it. Later I’ll clue you in about the DubLi Academy, where you can dive deep into the details of making money with every option the program offers. Right now, let’s just talk about what DubLi actually is.


DubLi isn’t a get rich quick scheme, although many members have done quite well in a short time. DubLi has layers of opportunities available for its members, but in its simplest form, it couldn’t be more straightforward: Who wouldn’t want to get cash back from their everyday purchases?


Come on! Everyone wants that! It’s the simplest concept in the world, and it’s the basis of a million different business plans. How many credit card offers and travel brochures do you receive every month offering you cash back on your purchases? If you’re like me, you get dozens. The hitch is, to get your cash back with a credit card, you’re going to have to pay high interest and high fees. You’ll have to apply, too, and if your credit isn’t perfect, the deals will get even less attractive.


Join Dubli Network Nate LeungDubLi offers cashback deals to regular people, and for regular purchases. They offer cashback opportunities for online shopping with all the biggest names in retail. Most marketing companies that have cashback deals with only a handful of companies, but with DubLi, the number of participating businesses is so long that’s it’s not practical to list them here. The easiest way to describe it is if you see a big sign for a business at the biggest malls in the country, DubLi will have a cashback deal with them.


It’s not just the United States, either. DubLi is a big name in global marketing, and their web portal has opportunities to save money using the DubLi membership in French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovenian, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, and many other languages. All you have to do to start earning cash is get a free membership, make your purchases through the Dubli web portal, and watch the cashback money roll in.


There’s more than one way to earn cashback with DubLi. There’s a Dubli Debit Card. If you were like many people, you’d rather handle online purchases without using your bank information or PayPal account. DubLi will issue you a debit card within 10 days of application, and there’s no need for a credit check. You can use their smartphone app to make shopping and earning cashback even easier and more convenient. If you’re out shopping and see an item you want to buy in a store, why not fire up the app and order it online and earn cashback? It’s simple.


Have you read my DubLi Review???

Why you should join Dubli!














DubLi offers a free toolbar download that makes shopping from your desktop super easy. It’s embedded right in your browser, and it automatically tells you when anything on a site is eligible for a cashback offer. The toolbar lets you select your purchase with one click. If you’d prefer to make sure that every purchase you make is eligible for cashback, you can shop directly from the DubLi Shopping Mall. It features the finest stores in world. The only difference is every item or service in the mall is eligible for cashback.


Dubli-Cash-Back1Use It for Everything


It’s not just buying appliances and everyday items where DubLi cashback shines. You can use your account to earn cashback rewards on things like streaming music and video, plus travel and hotel accommodations.


That’s not the end of ways to earn money with DubLi. They offer Premium and VIP memberships if you want to become an Internet marketer and take your membership to the next level. For less than five bucks a month, you’ll increase your cashback rates. For only $99 a year, you can raise your cashback rates to 6 percent, and gain access to the Customer Referral Program, which pays you for every friend you refer for membership.


Make More With DubLi by Joining Team X Factor


If you want to take DubLi to the next level, you can join the hottest marketing opportunity on the Internet today. Rich Cook, Shari Sharman, and more of the most successful Internet marketers in the world have launched Team X Factor. Depending on your level of membership, you’ll receive a percentage of the membership fees of everyone you refer for membership, and a percentage of all your downline member’s cashback rewards.


Nate-Leung---Sheri-Sharman---Dubli---Team-X-FactorHow Does Team X Factor Add Value to Dubli?


Don’t discount the importance of social networks for making money on the Internet. Smart marketers understand the importance of the support and mentorship that a group of committed and enthusiastic people can bring to any marketing enterprise. By teaming up with Team X Factor, you’ll get the support you need to be as successful as possible with the Dubli network.


Team X Factor allows you to receive the top income potential from sharing the benefits and features of DubLi. Team X Factor is a one stop shop.  It gives you all the tools and strategies you need to become successful in order to meet your goals, and teaches you how to market the cashback platform to people just like you using proven mass-marketing techniques and social media outreach.


Team X Factor Dubli Scam







Look at the benefits of joining Team X Factor and new updates coming to Dubli:


– Brand New Genealogy Viewer – Rich Cook has created Team X Factor to scale big, and that means you’ll need powerful tools to keep track of your downstream revenue from referrals, memberships, and cashback benefits. With Dubli’s genealogy viewer you can get a better view of how your organization is growing and performing.


DubLi Academy – If you just want to make a few dollars, it’s easy with DubLi’s cashback deals. You can go much further by leverage through Team X Factor. They’re proven winners in the DubLi ecosystem, and they understand exactly how it works. Use their DubLi Academy utilities to dive deep into the ins and outs of making money on DubLi. It’s all presented in easy to understand tutorials that are fun to watch. It will be fully operational in fall of 2015


Dubli Loyalty Program– New Loyalty Bonus – All Existing Members who enrolled with a PPA Package since October 1, 2014 that are active and have remained active since the date of enrollment


– Risk-Free Enrollment – If you sign up for the Dubli network after October 1, 2014, you’re guaranteed that you’ll at least get your money returned. If you remain active in the program until your 5-year anniversary, you’ll get your $2,475 original investment back. Zero risk makes it easier to bring on new business associates at the PPA level.


– Fees Waived – All you need to avoid any monthly fees and remain active is a genealogy tree of 20 active VIP customers, and you’ll skip the monthly voucher fees. That’s it!


– Million-Dollar Contract for VP/SVP  — Brand new! If you’re a vice president or senior vice president in the DubLi network, you’ll be given up to two, million-dollar contracts to give away to members of your team. It’s an amazing opportunity. If a member signs up 5,000 new BA's over a period of two years, they’ll receive a check for a million dollars! Since they will be part of your organization, you’ll also get the benefit of membership fee percentages and cashback percentages. DubLi will also give the VP/SVP $500,000 in stock for each contract that’s fulfilled


Cashback Is the Easiest Product To Market


Nate-Leung-Rich-CookLet’s face it. Convincing people to save money and get cashback on purchases they’d make anyway is the easiest sell on the Internet. If you follow Rich Cook, Shari Sharman, and the rest of the Team X Factor leaders, you’ll be signing up people you know in no time. If you’re motivated, you can easily transition to find people who are hungry for an opportunity from anywhere in the world using the power of Internet marketing techniques that are proven winners.


It's your turn!


Stop slaving away at your nowhere job making money for other people while you wonder how to pay your rent. Join Team X Factor and you’ll be able to work from home, and keep all the proceeds of your hard work. Right now, is the perfect time to get started with the Dubli Network opportunity.  Feel free to contact me if you are ready to join Dubli and what Dubli can do for you!


If you are ready to join!  You can click on the icon below!


Join Dubli Network Nate Leung






To your Success,

Nate Leung

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